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Interstate 80 East - Warren and Youngstown area

Interstate 80 East
Interstate 80 (Ohio Turnpike) crosses the Trumbull County line and nears the Exit 209 trumpet interchange for Ohio 5. Ohio 5 travels northeast from the Newton Falls area through Exit 209 to Warren. Photo taken 5/17/02.
Eastbound at the Exit 209 ramp departure to Ohio 5. Ohio 5 west meets Ohio 534 north of Newton Falls. The state route continues west to Michael Kirwan Reservoir and Ravenna. At Warren to the east, Ohio 5 combines with Ohio 82 on the freeway Warren bypass north of town before the northeast turn to Cortland. Photo taken 5/17/02.
Eastbound Interstate 80 approaching Exit 218, Junction Interstate 76, two miles. The three-lane segment of the Ohio Turnpike comes to an end at the Interstate 76/80 interchange. Photo taken 5/17/02.
Mahoning County Route 18 (Mahoning Avenue) is accessible from eastbound Interstate 80 approaching Exit 218. Mahoning Avenue travels east-west between Austintown and North Jackson nearby. Ramps tie into Mahoning County 18 directly from the Interstate 76 & 80 trumpet interchange. Photo taken 5/17/02.
One half mile west of the Ohio Turnpike switch from Interstate 80 to Interstate 76 east. Interstate 80 moves onto a free road for the first time since northwestern Indiana. Exit 218 serves Niles, Youngstown, and Hubbard before Interstate 80 exits Ohio toward Sharon, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 5/17/02.
Three miles east of the partition with Interstate 76, Interstate 90 meets Ohio 46 (Canfield Niles Road) at the Exit 223 partial-cloverleaf interchange. Ohio 46 travels south parallel to the Ohio 11 freeway from Columbiana, Canfield, and Austintown. New York City meanwhile is the control city for Interstate 80 east throughout the Youngstown area. The control city reverts to local Pennsylvania cities upon crossing the state line, reflecting Mercer and Clarion initially within the Keystone State. Photo taken 10/7/01.
Exit 223 departs Interstate 80 east bound for Ohio 46 (Canfield Niles Road). Ohio 46 travels north to Mineral Ridge and Niles within Trumbell County. The state route continues from there again parallel to the Ohio 11 freeway to Cortland and Jefferson. Interstate 80 merges with Ohio 11 north at the following interchange. Photo taken 10/7/01.

A directional interchange joins Interstate 80 east with the Ohio 11 southbound freeway and the eastbound beginning of Interstate 680 at Exit 224. Ohio 11 constitutes a full freeway between Exit 224A and East Liverpool along the Ohio River. Interstate 680 provides an urban loop through downtown Youngstown, emerging south of the city at Interstate 76 near North Lima. Interstate 680 would be better suited as Interstate 676, but was numbered when Interstate 76 was designated Interstate 80S. Photo taken 10/7/01.
Interstate 80 eastbound expands to four overall lanes in anticipation of the Exit 224 off-ramps to Ohio 11 south and Interstate 680 south respectively. Ohio 11 stays west of Youngstown, serving Canfield at junction U.S. 224. Interstate 680 meanwhile travels east to the Ohio 711 north freeway to U.S. 422 and southeast to the Youngstown central business district. Photo taken 10/7/01.
Exit 224A departs Interstate 80 east for Ohio 11 south. Canfield lies six miles to the south, followed by Columbiana in 11 miles. Ohio 11 ends at the U.S. 30 junction east of Lisbon. The freeway continues from there to East Liverpool as U.S. 30 eastbound only. A diagrammatic overhead otherwise readies motorists for the eastbound split with Interstate 680 via Exit 224B. In the upcoming movement, Interstate 80 actually turns northeast in the wake of Interstate 680 east. Photo taken 10/7/01.
Nearing the split of Interstate 680 east from Interstate 80 east & Ohio 11 north. Interstate 680 heads five miles east into Youngstown before turning south to the suburbs of Campbell, Struthers, and Poland. The freeway ends at the final Ohio Turnpike interchange eastbound. Ohio 11 north shares four miles of pavement with Interstate 80 east. Photo taken 10/7/01.
Interstate 80 east & Ohio 11 north split with Interstate 680 east (Exit 224B). Interstate 680 meets Meridian Road, Ohio 711 east, and Belle Vista Avenue within three miles. The freeway totals 16.43 miles between Interstate 80 and Interstate 76. Photo taken 10/7/01.
Eastbound Interstate 80 in a traffic jam as a result of bridge reconstruction east of Ohio 193 north of Youngstown. This back up lasted for over seven miles at speeds of less than five miles an hour. Photo taken 5/25/02.

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