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Interstate 80 West - Pennsylvania to Ohio Turnpike

Interstate 80 West
This welcome to Ohio overhead greets westbound motorists as they enter the Buckeye State from the Sharon, Pennsylvania area. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Price Shaffer Road passes over Interstate 80 near the first Ohio mileage sign. Distances to Youngstown and Toledo are given. Photo taken 09/01/05.
A tourist information center and rest area resides along Interstate 80 westbound within the first mile of Trumbull County. Photo taken 09/01/05.
U.S. 62 & Ohio 7 (North Main Street) meet Interstate 80 near the city of Hubbard at Exit 234. U.S. 62 enters the state from Sharon, Pennsylvania at Masury and ventures southwest into Hubbard and Youngstown. Photo taken 09/01/05.
A five-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 80 and U.S. 62 (North Main Street) at Exit 234. Main Street carries U.S. 62 southward to Liberty Street in downtown Hubbard. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Westbound at the Exit 234 loop ramp to U.S. 62 (North Main Street) on Interstate 80. Ohio 7 splits from U.S. 62 nearby and follows Brookfield Road northward to Ohio 82 at Brookfield. The state route overall continues north to U.S. 6 at Andover and ultimately to Conneaut on Lake Erie. Photo taken 10/07/01.
The first signs of the Exit 229 directional interchange with Ohio 11 north and Ohio 711 south appear ahead of the Ohio 193 partial cloverleaf interchange at Exit 229. The next three interchanges serve Youngstown with Exit 229 serving Museum of Labor & Industry and the Butler Art Museum. Photo taken 09/01/05.

Ohio 193 follows Belmont Avenue southward from Exit 229 into the city of Youngstown. The state route ends as a part of the downtown Youngstown loop freeway at junction Interstate 680. The loop freeway serves Youngstown State University along U.S. 422 east. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Traffic to Ohio 193 (Belmont Avenue) departs Interstate 80 westbound at the Shady Road off-ramp. Ohio 193 travels northward from Youngstown to Vienna and Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport. Overall the state route travels between Youngstown and North Kingsville on Lake Erie. Photo taken 10/17/01.
Completion of the Ohio 711 (711 Connector) freeway between Interstate 680 and 80 resulted in a new westbound off-ramp in the form of Exit 229A. Drivers bound for downtown Youngstown may now utilize the 711 Connector freeway southbound to Interstate 80 and the central business district in lieu of Ohio 193 (Belmont Avenue) or remaining on Interstate 80 west to Interstate 680 east. The freeway opened to traffic in fall 2006. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Exit 228B joins Interstate 80 westbound with the Ohio 11 freeway leading north from Youngstown to Cortland and Ashtabula. Ohio 711 continues the Ohio 11 freeway southward to Interstate 680, accessible via Exit 228A. Ohio 11 south joins Interstate 80 west three miles to the Interstate 680 interchange before resuming a southward course to Canfield. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Beyond the Liberty Street underpass, Exit 228B departs for Ohio 11 north to Cortland and Ashtabula. Connections with Ohio 82 lead drivers west to the city of Warren and east to Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport. Note the Interstate 80 west & Ohio 11 south pull through panel replaced by the new Exit 228A overhead. At the time of this photograph, abandoned ramps and roadway below lied dormant awaiting the 2004-construction beginning of the 711 Connector project. Photo taken 11/17/01.
Taken before the 2006 opening of the Ohio 711 southbound freeway, Exit 228B consists of a left-hand off-ramp onto the left-hand side of Ohio 711 south. Ohio 711 takes over for the departing Ohio 11 south to Gypsy Lane, U.S. 422, and Interstate 680 north of the downtown loop (Ohio 193). Photo taken 09/01/05.
Exit 228A leaves Interstate 80 westbound for Ohio 711 south and Youngstown. Ohio 711 ends at Interstate 680 Exit 3A. Photo taken 09/01/05.
An interchange with Gypsy Lane was built along the 711 Connector, allowing motorists to access U.S. 422 to the west. Gypsy Lane also links with Ohio 193 (Belmont Avenue) to the east. Photo taken 09/01/05.
U.S. 422 follows South State Street northwest from the Mahoning County line to junction Interstate 80 & Ohio 11 at Exit 227. Photo taken 09/01/05.
The Exit 227 diamond interchange serves the city of Girard via U.S. 422 (South State Street). U.S. 422 travels north from downtown Girard to Warren and south to Youngstown. Photo taken 10/17/01.
A pedestrian bridge passes over Interstate 80 west & Ohio 11 south at the Exit 227 ramp departure to U.S. 422 (South State Street). U.S. 422 travels through both downtown Youngstown and Warren on is journey west from Pennsylvania to Cleveland. Use U.S. 422 north for east Niles as well. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Salt Springs Road (Exit 226) provides access to Interstate 680 east for Youngstown and points south. The reference decreased in usefulness with the opening of the 711 Connector at Exit 228A. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Interstate 80 west & Ohio 11 south span the Mahoning River and a CSX Railroad line one half mile east of the Salt Springs Road diamond interchange (Exit 226). Photo taken 10/17/01.
Reassurance markers for Interstate 80 & Ohio 11 posted near the Exit 226 off-ramp to Salt Springs Road. Connections with Liberty Street and Owsley Road serve the nearby town of McDonald. Salt Springs Road name changes to Meridian Road south across the Mahoning County line. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Westbound Interstate 80 & Ohio 11 at the Exit 226 off-ramp to Salt Springs Road. Salt Springs Road ventures westward to South Niles and Ohio 46. Meridian Road continues Salt Springs Road south to Interstate 680 (Exit 2) and U.S. 62 at Cornersburg in Youngstown. There is no direct access to Interstate 680 east from Interstate 80 west at Exit 224. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Exit 224 represents the departure point of Ohio 11 south and the merge with Interstate 680 west. Ohio 11 resumes along a north-south freeway routing at Exit 224, traveling south to Canfield, Columbiana, and Lisbon (junction U.S. 30). Photo taken 09/01/05.
A directional interchange joins the freeways of Interstate 80, Ohio 11 south, and Interstate 680 east at Exit 224. Interstate 80 splits with Ohio 11 from the right with Ohio 11 continuing as the mainline freeway south. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Posted at the Four Mile Road over crossing is a sign advising motorists destined to both the Ohio Turnpike and Interstate 76 west to Akron to remain on Interstate 80. There is no access between the Ohio 11 freeway and the Interstate 76 portion of the Ohio Turnpike at Canfield. Photo taken 09/01/05.
A left-hand off-ramp carries Ohio 11 southward at Exit 224. Interstate 80 turns west toward Austintown, Meander Creek Reservoir, and junction Interstate 76 / Ohio Turnpike. Interstate 80 & Ohio 11 enter Mahoning County prior to their split. Photo taken 09/01/05.
All Interstate 80 through traffic is reduced to one lane at the Ohio 11 (Exit 224) split. Ohio 11 next meets Mahoning Avenue at Austintown. The freeway overall links the Youngstown area with East Liverpool on the Ohio River (via U.S. 30). Photos taken 09/01/05.
Ohio 46 (Canfield Niles Road) crosses paths with Interstate 80 west at the Exit 223 interchange near Mineral Ridge. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Interstate 680 west merges from the left onto Interstate 80 west, three quarters of a mile east of the Exit 223 partial-cloverleaf interchange with Ohio 46. Unfortunately, Interstate 80 mainline drivers must merge left one lane as the lone through lane from Exit 224 becomes exit-only. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Ohio 46 joins Interstate 80 with the cities of Niles and Warren to the north. Ohio 46 parallels the Ohio 11 freeway southward through Austintown, Canfield, and Columbiana. Interests to Meander Creek Reservoir and William McKinley National Memorial should use Exit 223. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Exit 223 originally consisted of two separate off-ramps to Ohio 46 north and south. Those movements were combined into one with the elimination of the northbound (Exit 223B) off-ramp and reconfiguration of the Exit 223A loop ramp to accommodate both movements. Photos taken 10/17/01 & 05/25/02.
Ohio 46 (Canfield Niles Road) comes into view at the former Exit 223B off-ramp, the grassy area to the right. Ohio 46 reaches Mineral Ridge just north of the Trumbull County line. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Interstate 80 finally reaches the Exit 223 loop ramp to Ohio 46 (Canfield Niles Road). North of Mineral Ridge, Ohio 46 follows Main Street to downtown Niles. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Interstate 80 spans the Meander Creek Reservoir along an older causeway and bridge with no shoulder. All trucks must use the right-hand lane on the approach to junction Interstate 76. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Nearing the Ohio Turnpike exchange of Interstate 76 and 80. Interstate 76 follows the Ohio Turnpike from the Pennsylvania border to the bump with Interstate 80. Interstate 80 continues the Ohio Turnpike westbound toward Cleveland, Toledo, and the Indiana state line. Interstate 76 meanwhile leaves the toll road for the 35-mile drive to Akron. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Interstate 76 (Ohio Turnpike / Pennsylvania Turnpike) travels southeast from the Youngstown area to greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photos taken 09/01/05.
Lipkey Road passes under Interstate 80 ahead of the merge with the Ohio Turnpike. A trumpet interchange joins the turnpike with Interstate 76 west and Interstate 80 east near North Jackson. Ramps also tie the turnpike with Mahoning Avenue, but not from Interstate 76 east or Interstate 80 west. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Interstate 76 west continues the Interstate 80 freeway toward Ravenna and Akron. The freeway meets Interstate 77 in Akron and ends at Interstate 71 in 60 miles. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Passing through the Ohio Turnpike toll plaza at Exit 218. Photo taken 09/01/05.
The Exit 218 ramps provide two lanes to Interstate 80 west to Cleveland and one lane for the loop ramp east to Pittsburgh. This interchange represents the original Ohio Turnpike bump between Interstate 80 and Interstate 80S. Photos taken 09/01/05.

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