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Interstates 80 & 90 West - Elyria to Toledo

Interstates 80 & 90 West
Shortly after the Interstate 80 and 90 merge, the Ohio Turnpike meets Ohio 58 (Leavitt Road) at Amherst (Exit 140). Ohio 58 travels north-south between Lorain and Ashland. Photo taken 09/01/05.
The first Interstate 80 & 90 reassurance markers posted along their 287-mile overlap. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Ohio 58 (Leavitt Road) travels south six miles to Oberlin and Oberlin College, and north six miles to its end at U.S. 6 in Lorain. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Interstate 80 & 90 westbound at the Exit 140 ramp departure to Ohio 58 (Leavit Road). Ohio 58 serves South Amherst via Ohio 113 to the south and Vermilion via the Ohio 2 freeway west. Photo taken 09/01/05.
The Middle Ridge Service Plaza lies along the Ohio Turnpike westbound at milepost 139.5. Gas, food, and travel information is available at the facility just west of the Ohio 58 overpass. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Exit 135 serves Vermilion via connections with Baumhart Road north from Interstates 80 & 90. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Baumhart Road heads south from Exit 135 5.4 miles to Ohio 511 and 7.3 miles to its end at U.S. 20, both intersections west of Oberlin and east of Kipton. Photo taken 09/01/05.

Westbound at the Exit 135 trumpet interchange and access road west to Baumhart Road on Interstates 80 & 90 (Ohio Turnpike). Baumhart Road north travels a short distance to Brownhelm and Ohio 2. Ohio 2 constitutes an east-west freeway from Interstate 90 to Sandusky. Photo taken 09/01/05.
17 miles westward through Erie County, Interstates 80 & 90 meet U.S. 250 at Avery. Photo taken 09/01/05.
U.S. 250 joins the Ohio Turnpike with the Sandusky and Norwalk areas from Exit 118. Sandusky, the Erie County seat, lies along the shore of Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie at the U.S. 250 junction with U.S. 6. Norwalk, the Huron County seat, lies five miles to the south at U.S. 20. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Drivers bound for Exit 118 and U.S. 250 leave Interstates 80 & 90 west. U.S. 250 ends at U.S. 6 in Sandusky, the route also serves Bogart at Ohio 2. Milan, the Thomas Edison Birthplace, lies along U.S. 250 south between Exit 118 and Norwalk. U.S. 250 overall travels east from Norwalk to Ashland, Wooster, and Wheeling, West Virginia. Photo taken 09/01/05.
The second Erie County interchange joins Interstates 80 & 90 with Ohio 4 (Exit 110). Ohio 4 follows Hayes Avenue eight miles northeast into Sandusky. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Ohio 4 (Hayes Avenue) passes over the Ohio Turnpike ahead of the Exit 110 trumpet interchange. Ohio 4 continues southwest of Interstates 80 & 90 toward the Bellevue vicinity. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Exit 110 leaves Interstates 80 & 90 westbound for Ohio 4 (Hayes Avenue). Ohio 4 travels overall between Sandusky and Cincinnati, heading south from the Bellevue area to Bucyrus, Marion, and Marysville. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Continuing westbound to the Erie Islands Service Plaza on Interstates 80 & 90 west. Situated near Vickery and the crossing of Ohio 510 and Yorktown Road, the facility provides the usual array of travel services (gas, food, tourist information). This is the longest exit less stretch of the Ohio Turnpike at 19 miles. Photos taken 09/01/05.
Now within Sandusky County, Interstates 80 & 90 draw near the Ohio 53 trumpet interchange outside of Freemont. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Interstates 80 & 90 rise on the approach to the Sandusky River crossing, one mile east of Exit 91 for Ohio 53. Ohio 53 follows the river northeast from the Sandusky County seat of Fremont to Sandusky Bay and Port Clinton. Photo taken 09/01/05.
One half mile out from the Exit 91 off-ramp to Ohio 53. Ohio 53 overall travels between Kenton and Catawba Island on the shores of Lake Erie. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Westbound the Exit 91 ramp departure to Ohio 53 on Interstates 80 & 90. Ohio 53 heads 2.3 miles south to its merge with the U.S. 20 freeway bypass of Freemont at Rawson Avenue. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Reassurance shields posted between the Ohio 53 on-ramp and the Fangboner Road overpass. The sign bridge in the background reinforces the left-lane restriction for heavy trucks. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Next in line for westbound motorists is the Exit 51 trumpet interchange to Ohio 51 at the Sandusky and Ottawa County line. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Ohio 51 serves the communities of Elmore to the north and Gibsonburg to the south. Woodville, also served by Exit 51, lies to the west along Ohio 105 at junction U.S. 20. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Swartzman Road passes over the Ohio Turnpike one half mile east of the Exit 81 off-ramp to Ohio 51. A long access road stems west from Exit 81 over Damschroder Road to Ohio 51, one mile south of Elmore and 6.5 miles northeast of Gibsonburg. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Exit 81 loops onto the Ohio 51 access road from Interstates 80 & 90 westbound. Ohio 51 totals 34 miles from U.S. 20 south of Elmore to Sylvania west of Toledo. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Nearing the Ohio 51 overpass at this westbound reassurance shield assembly. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Two miles east of the Blue Heron Service Plaza in northwestern Sandusky County on Interstates 80 & 90 west. Photo taken 09/01/05.

The first sign of Exit 71, the joint terminus of Interstate 280 south and Ohio 420 west, on Interstates 80 & 90 west. Ohio 420 continues the Interstate 280 freeway south as an expressway to Genoa Road west to Stony Ridge and 2.25 miles to junction U.S. 20 at Lemoyne. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Interstate 280 provides a direct connection to downtown Toledo and Interstate 75 north to Detroit from Exit 71 of the Ohio Turnpike. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Exits 71, 64, and 59 serve the greater Toledo area from the Ohio Turnpike. Interstates 80 & 90 mainly stay south of the city, crossing the Maumee River between Perrysburg and Maumee. Photo taken 09/01/05.
One mile east of the Exit 71 trumpet interchange complex at the Ohio 163 underpass. Interstate 280 totals 12.41 miles between the Ohio Turnpike and its north end at Interstate 75 near downtown. The freeway serves the eastern suburbs of Walbridge, Northwood and Oregon. Photo taken 09/01/05.
The interchange between Interstates 80 & 90 with Interstate 280 north & Ohio 420 south was redesigned from a compact trumpet interchange into larger trumpet with sweeping ramps. Also underway in 2006-07 is a six-laning project of the Ohio Turnpike between Exits 71 and 64. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Pemberville Road and the Exit 71 access road pass over Interstates 80 & 90 west at the off-ramp to the northbound beginning of Interstate 280 and Ohio 420 south. Recently completed along Interstate 280 is the Veterans' Glass City Skyway bridge across the Maumee River. The span replaced an aging draw bridge between downtown and east Toledo. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Interstate 280 north and Ohio 420 southbound guide signs at the gore point for the Exit 71 trumpet interchange to the north-south freeway. Detroit is a 61-mile drive north via Interstate 280 north to Interstate 75 north. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Rare state named shields for Interstate 75 and 280, posted at the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 280 from the Ohio Turnpike. Photo taken 09/01/05.
A cutout meant for a freeway-style guide sign is used for Ohio 420 above a U.S. 20 trailblazer on the southbound on-ramp to Ohio 420 from Interstates 80 & 90. Photo taken 09/01/05.
Replaced state-named shields for Interstates 80 & 90 westbound, posted ahead of the Lemoyne Road over pass at the split Hanley Road (visible to the right). Photo taken 09/02/05.
Chicago appears for the first time along Interstates 80 & 90 westbound at this mileage sign outside of Perrysburg. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Interstates 75, 80, and 90 cross paths at the Exit 64 trumpet interchange. Interstate 75 meets the Ohio Turnpike just north of its interchange with Ohio 795 (Moline-Martin Road) at the Toledo suburb of Perrysburg. Interests to Fifth Third Field, home of the Toledo Mud Hens Minor League Baseball team, the Toledo Museum of Art, and the Toledo Zoo are directed to use Exit 64 onto Interstate 75 north. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Lime City Road and Ohio 795 (Moline-Martin Road) pass over the Ohio Turnpike ahead of the Exit 64 off-ramp to Interstate 75. Interstate 75 travels northeast 6.5 miles to downtown Toledo and 16.5 miles to the Michigan state line. The freeway serves the city of Rossford at the next two northbound interchanges. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Travelers bound for Interstate 75 north to Toledo or south to Perrysburg leave Interstates 80 & 90 west at Exit 64. Interstate 75 stays in the western portion of Ohio, connecting Toledo with Detroit, Michigan to the north and Findlay, Lima, Dayton, and Cincinnati to the south. Photo taken 09/02/05.

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