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Interstate 470

Interstate 470 West
Interstate 470 crosses the Ohio River into Belmont County, Ohio ahead of the Exit 6 trumpet interchange with Ohio 7 (Jefferson Street). Ohio 7 follows the west banks of the Ohio River southward into Bellaire and northward to junction Interstate 70 & U.S. 40-250 at Bridgeport. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Button copy overheads positioned on Interstate 470 westbound at the Exit 6 ramp departure. A short access road joins the freeway with Ohio 7 (Jefferson Street) below the Ohio River Bridge nearby. Ohio 7 comprises a lengthy state route between Chesapeake at the southern tip of the state and Conneaut in extreme northeastern Ohio. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Interstate 470 westbound reassurance marker posted between Ohio 7 (Exit 6) and Belmont County 214 (Exit 3). The shield features button copy numerals. Photo taken 10/15/04.
The one-mile guide sign for Belmont County 214 (Rock Mount Road) on Interstate 470 westbound. A diamond interchange facilitates the movements between Rock Mount Road and the freeway between High Ridge Road and Kirkwood Heights Road. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Interstate 470 westbound features a third truck climbing lane for the ascent from the Ohio River valley and South Wheeling. Rock Mount Road meanwhile ventures northwest from Bellaire-High Ridge Road to junction U.S. 40 (National Road) near Blaine. Photo taken 10/15/04.

Exit 3 departs Interstate 470 west for Belmont County 214 (Rock Mount Road). Kirkwood Heights Road (Belmont County 30) stems east from the interchange 3.2 miles to West Wheeling. Use Rocky Mount Road south for Blainesville and connections to Ohio 149 near McClainville. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Interstate 470 westbound mileage sign featuring the Interstate 70 destinations of St. Clairsville, Cambridge (junction Interstate 77), and Columbus (junction Interstate 71). Photo taken 10/15/04.
Westbound at the high-level overpass for Dixon Hill Road midway between Exit 3 and the western terminus near Blaine. Dixon Hill Road joins Rock Mount Road nearby to Ohio 149 (Bellaire Neef Pike) at Neffs. Photo taken 10/15/04.
The final exit of Interstate 470 serves Banfield Road and Mall Road beyond the merge with Interstate 70. Exit 1 resides on the outskirts of St. Clairsville at the Ohio Valley Mall. Both Banfield and Mall Roads stem south from U.S. 40 (National Road) toward one another south of Interstate 70 Exit 218. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Nearing the Interstate 470 westbound merge onto Interstate 70 westbound near St. Clairsville. A wye interchange joins the two freeways. Exit 1 meanwhile leaves the westbound lanes of Interstate 470 along Interstate 70 westbound to Banfield Road. A half-diamond interchange joins the road with Interstate 70 one mile to the west. Photo taken 10/15/04.
The western terminus of Interstate 470 as traffic merges onto the Interstate 70 mainline for Cambridge and Columbus. Exit 1 leaves the scene for a parallel alignment through to Banfield Road. Mall Road interchanges with Interstate 70 just west of Banfield Road at Exit 218. However traffic using the Banfield Road off-ramp can access Mall Road at the Ohio Valley Mall nearby. Photo taken 10/15/04.

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