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Interstate 490 Ohio

Interstate 490 Ohio Guide

Interstate 490 East
Interstate 490 leaves a symmetrical stack interchange with Interstate 77 and quickly nears a premature end at East 55th Street. Two sets of overheads advise both the eastbound mainline and the eastbound on-ramps of the forthcoming intersection with East 55th Street. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Three eastbound lanes of Interstate 490 end at a signalized intersection with East 55th Street. The freeway was intended to continue eastward as Interstate 290 to Interstate 271 at the suburb of Beachwood. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Nearing the end of Interstate 490 east, two lanes default onto East 55th Street north to junction U.S. 422 & Ohio 8 (Kinsman Road). The right-hand lane carries drivers onto East 55th Street south to Ohio 14 & 43 (Broadway). Photo taken 08/12/06.
Milepost 2.4 represents the final distance of Interstate 490 signed before East 55th Street. A discontinuous section of Bower Street stems east from Interstate 490 at East 55th Street to East 61st Street. For those destined to continue east, roughly along the path of Interstate 290, a turn onto East 55th Street to Union Avenue (Cuyahoga County 233) via Francis Avenue / East 65th Street (Cuyahoga County 386) is the main option. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Interstate 490 West
East 55th Street southbound at the signalized east end of Interstate 490 and Bower Street. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Drivers turning onto Interstate 490 east from East 55th Street south are provided with a segregated lane before the merge with those emanating from East 55th Street northbound. A concrete slab occupies what would have been the third westbound lane of unconstructed Interstate 290. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Interstate 490 westbound carries three overall lanes initially to the Interstate 77 stack interchange. Traffic destined for Interstate 77 north into downtown for south to Cuyahoga Heights, Independence, and Akron depart Interstate 490 west in unison. Photo taken 08/12/06.

The first and only westbound reassurance marker posted for Interstate 490 lies ahead of the Interstate 77 (Exit 2) stack interchange. All hazardous cargo is prohibited on Interstate 490 west. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Ramps to Interstate 77 north and south leave Interstate 490 westbound ahead of a railroad overpass. Interstate 77 north continues a short distance to its northern terminus at Interstate 90 outside of downtown. Interstate 77 south continues 4.8 miles to junction Interstate 480 at Independence. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Interstate 490 narrows to four lanes on the lower level of the Interstate 77 symmetrical stack interchange. Akron lies 31 miles southward via Interstate 77. Interstate 490 utilizes Toledo as a control point because of the connection with Interstate 90 at the west end. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Interstate 77 travels the highest level of the stack interchange with Interstate 490. Photo taken 08/12/06.
A half-diamond interchange joins Interstate 490 with Broadway Avenue (Ohio 14 & 43) just west of Interstate 77. The next westbound off-ramp meanwhile joins the freeway with West 7th Street (Exit 1B). Photo taken 08/12/06.
One quarter mile east of the Exit 1B off-ramp to West 7th Street. Eight lanes of Interstate 490 span the Cuyahoga River on the one-mile approach to junction Interstates 71 & 90. Photo taken 08/12/06.
West 7th Street connects Interstate 490 with Quigley Road and industrial areas to the south and University Road and residential areas to the north. There is no return access to westbound, nor access from Interstate 490 east. Interstate 490 otherwise prepares to partition into two-lane off-ramps to Interstate 90 west and Interstate 71 south to Ohio 176 (Jennings Freeway) south. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Attached to the West 7th Street overpass is an auxiliary guide sign for Exit 1A touting the connection to Ohio 176 (Jennings Freeway) south. Ohio 176 joins Interstate 71 south with Interstate 480 near Brooklyn Heights. Interstate 71 south meanwhile heads west to the Brookside Reservation and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo before resuming a southward course at Brook Park and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Photo taken 08/12/06.
A proclamation sign displays Interstate 490 as the Troy Lee James Highway on the westbound approach to junction Interstates 71 & 90. The designation was signed into law by the Ohio General Assembly in 2002 after the former Ohio House of Representative member. Photo taken 08/12/06.
The right-hand lanes default onto Interstate 71 southbound as the freeway leaves Interstate 90 west. Interstate 71 serves the southern reaches of Cleveland, Brooklyn, Brook Park, and Strongsville among the suburbs. The capital city of Columbus is a 137-mile drive southward. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Exit 1A leaves Interstate 490 westbound for Interstate 71 and Ohio 176 south. The westbound mainline defaults onto Interstate 90 west to Lakewood, Rocky River, Westlake, and ultimately Toledo. Photo taken 08/12/06.
West 14th Street spans both Interstate 490 west to Interstate 90 and the Interstate 71 and Ohio 176 southbound off-ramp (Exit 1A). The interchange between both freeways is a full symmetrical interchange with the exception of the movement to Interstate 90 east for downtown. Motorists continuing along Exit 1A otherwise partition again with a direct ramp onto Ohio 176 freeway south. Interstate 71 and Ohio 176 (Jennings Freeway) part ways in three quarters of a mile. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Turning southward along the Exit 1A ramp and passing underneath the Clark Avenue overpass. Drivers either merge onto Interstate 71 southwest to Brooklyn and Linndale or continue onto the southbound beginning of Ohio 176 for Interstate 480 at Brooklyn Heights. Photo taken 08/12/06.
A wye interchange (Exit 246) facilitates the movements between Interstate 71 south and Ohio 146 south. Ohio 146 provides a direct connection with Interstate 480 west for interests to Parma. Photo taken 08/12/06.

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