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U.S. 23 scenes
St. Anthony Road leads west from Samaria to the U.S. 23 at its merge/split with U.S. 223. A diamond interchange joins St. Anthony Road and U.S. 223 with the U.S. 23 freeway below. Pictured here are U.S. 23 & 223 southbound shields for the on-ramp from St. Anthony Road west. Photo taken 09/02/05.
U.S. 223 is omitted from the U.S. 23 guide signs for the southbound freeway to Toledo. U.S. 223 travels a short distance into Sylvania, Ohio before ending at the U.S. 23 interchange with Ohio 51 (Monroe Street). Photo taken 09/02/05.
U.S. 223 northbound continues 21 miles west from U.S. 23 to Adrian and 42 miles overall to its end at U.S. 12 and 127 near Somerset. Photo taken 09/02/05.
St. Anthony Road continues east from the U.S. 223 southbound merge onto U.S. 23 to Samaria. U.S. 23 north continues 34 miles to junction Interstate 94 at Ann Arbor. Photo taken 09/02/05.

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