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U.S. Highway 23

U.S. 23 north
U.S. 23 leaves Interstate 475 after a 14-mile overlap for a freeway of its own northward through Sylvania. A folded-diamond interchange joins U.S. 23 with Ohio 51 (Monroe Street) at the western terminus of Ohio 184 (Alexis Road). Photo taken 09/02/05.
0.25 miles south of the Ohio 51 (Monroe Street) off-ramp on U.S. 23 north. Ohio 184 splits with Ohio 51 from the interchange area along Alexis Road east. Alexis Road carries the state route 9.5 miles to its other end at Exit 210 of Interstate 75. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Northbound at the Ohio 51 (Monroe Street) ramp departure on U.S. 23 in Sylvania. Ohio 51 enters Sylvania by way of Monroe Street northwest. The state route follows Monroe Street northwest from downtown Toledo all the way to its northern terminus at the U.S. 23 interchange. Monroe Street west continues as an unnumbered highway into downtown. Photo taken 09/02/05.
U.S. 23 northbound shield, posted on the three-quarter mile stretch between Monroe Street and the Michigan state line. U.S. 223 begins at the Ohio 51 interchange and joins U.S. 23 northbound to Exit 5 in Michigan. U.S. 223 originally traveled north along Main Street into Michigan, but now follows the U.S. 23 freeway. Photo taken 09/02/05.
U.S. 23 south
U.S. 23 south & 223 east enter Sylvania, Ohio on the 0.75 mile stretch to Ohio 51 (Monroe Street). Monroe Street enters the interchange from Downtown Sylvania to the west. Sylvania is home to Lourdes College. Photo taken 09/02/05.
U.S. 223 is omitted from the first U.S. 23 southbound marker in Sylvania, Ohio. The US highway travels a short distance overall between Somerset, Michigan and Sylvania, utilizing the U.S. 23 freeway for its final six miles. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Ohio 51 also ends / begins at the Monroe Street interchange with U.S. 23. The state route heads southeast from Sylvania to Downtown Toledo, Oregon, and Northward on a 34-mile routing. Ohio 184 (Alexis Road) begins and splits from Monroe Street within the U.S. 23 folded-diamond interchange. Photo taken 09/02/05.

Another guide sign posted for Ohio 51 (Monroe Street) to Ohio 184 (Alexis Road). Ohio 184 entails all 9.5 miles of Alexis Road between Sylvania and Exit 210 of Interstate 75 in northeast Toledo. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Ascending along the loop ramp of U.S. 23 south & 223 west to Monroe Street in Sylvania. Small guide signs direct drivers onto Monroe Street east for the beginning of both Ohio 51 south and Ohio 184 east. Ohio 51 (Monroe Street) enters the city of Toledo in 1.75 miles. Monroe Street west intersects Main Street (former U.S. 223) within three-quarters of a mile. Photo taken 09/02/05.
End U.S. 223 shield posted at the U.S. 23 southbound off-ramp to Monroe Street. Glasgow Road ties into the signalized intersection from the north. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Continuing south, U.S. 23 leaves Sylvania for unincorporated Lucas County. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Diagrammatic overhead for the upcoming merge with Interstate 475 south posted at the Holland Sylvania Road under crossing. Interstate 475 enters the tri-level stack interchange from Wildwood Preserve Metropark and central Toledo. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Traffic bound for the Ohio Turnpike (Interstates 80 & 90) are advised to remain on U.S. 23 & Interstate 475 south to Maumee. While direct access between the two freeways is not present, connections with Dussel Drive and U.S. 20 allow drivers to join the Turnpike at Exit 59. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Interstate 475 & U.S. 23 south are signed with the control city of Dayton for the connection with Interstate 75 south at Perrysburg. Interstate 475 overall encircles Perrysburg, Maumee, and Toledo. U.S. 23 follows all of the freeway southward to Interstate 75 north. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Southbound at the eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 475 for Toledo. Interstate 475 ends six miles eastward at Interstate 75 northwest of the Toledo central business district. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Following the southbound ramp onto Interstate 475, motorists partition between the freeway mainline and an exit-only lane to U.S. 20 & Ohio 120 (Central Avenue). Exit 13 joins Interstate 475 & U.S. 23 with Central Avenue via a folded-diamond interchange just south of their merge. U.S. 20 & Ohio 120 serve the western suburbs and the village of Ottawa Hills. Photo taken 09/02/05.
U.S. 23 & 223 scenes
Ohio 51 (Monroe Street) north approaches the merge with Ohio 184 (Alexis Road), outside of the U.S. 23 & 223 freeway interchange. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Beyond the signalized intersection with Ohio 184's west end (Alexis Road), Ohio 51 (Monroe Street) reaches the northbound on-ramp to U.S. 23 & 223. U.S. 223 begins here and travels northward with U.S. 23 six miles into Michigan. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Ohio 51 ends at the U.S. 23 southbound on-ramp to Toledo and Maumee. Monroe Street west continues into downtown Sylvania. Photo taken 09/02/05.
Ohio 51 begins at the U.S. 23 & 223 interchange and follows Monroe Street east to its split with the beginning of Ohio 184 (Alexis Road). Ohio 184 east serves north Toledo; Ohio 51 turns southward toward central Toledo. Photo taken 09/02/05.
The partition of Ohio 184 (Alexis Road) east from Ohio 51 (Monroe Street) south. Ohio 184 intersects Secor Road in 3.2 miles south of Lambertville, Michigan. Ohio 51 turns south and quickly meets Acres Road at the northbound on-ramp to U.S. 23 & 223. Photo taken 09/02/05.
The westbound beginning of U.S. 223 departs Ohio 51 (Monroe Street) for U.S. 23 north. U.S. 23 heads 36 miles north to Ann Arbor; U.S. 223 west continues to Adrian, Michigan in 25 miles. Photos taken 09/02/05.
Ohio 51 (Monroe Street) leaves the U.S. 23 & 223 and Ohio 184 confluence. The state route reaches Interstate 475 in 4.2 miles. Photo taken 09/02/05.

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