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U.S. Highway 322

U.S. 322 west
U.S. 322 (Mayfield Road) westbound after the intersection with Coventry Road. Photo taken 08/10/06.
Nearing the turn of Mayfield Road at Kenilworth Road on U.S. 322 west. Kenilworth Road continues the Mayfield Road trajectory southwest to Euclid Heights Boulevard, a divided residential parkway. Photo taken 08/10/06.
U.S. 322 continues along Mayfield Road west along Lakeview Cemetery. Photo taken 08/10/06.
Descending toward the Norfolk Southern Railroad under crossing at East 119th Street on U.S. 322 (Mayfield Road) west. Photo taken 08/10/06.
U.S. 322 leaves its brief overlap with U.S. 20 (Euclid Avenue) for Chester Avenue. Shortly after the turn, Chester Avenue intersects Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, a north-south parkway linking U.S. 20 & 322 with Interstate 90 & Ohio 2. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Westbound reassurance marker posted after East 105th Street on U.S. 322. U.S. 322 follows Chester Avenue west from U.S. 20 (Euclid Avenue) to East 13th Street. Photo taken 08/10/06.
Another U.S. 322 west reassurance shield posted ahead of the signalized intersection with East 93rd Street. Photo taken 08/10/06.

Chester Avenue westbound at the intersection with East 79th Street. East 79th Street (Cuyahoga County 390) links U.S. 322 with St. Clair Avenue to the north and U.S. 422 & Ohio 8 (Kinsman Road) to the south. Photo taken 08/10/06.
Continuing west to East 75th Street, a short residential street, on U.S. 322 (Chester Avenue) west. Photo taken 08/10/06.
Closer look at another westbound reassurance marker on Chester Avenue near East 73rd Street. U.S. 322 is surprisingly well signed along its surface street routing. Photo taken 08/10/06.
East 55th Street represents another north-south through route through central Cleveland. The four-lane street carries Ohio 283 between U.S. 6 (Superior Avenue) and St. Clair Avenue along its route to junction Interstate 90 & Ohio 2 at Marginal Road. East 55th Street otherwise carries the designation of Cuyahoga County 382 southward to U.S. 422 & Ohio 8 (Kinsman Road) and northward to Interstate 90. Photo taken 08/10/06.

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