NV 206 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Nevada 88 (Woodfords Road) north via Foothill Road and Genoa Lane to U.S. 395; former Nevada 57 and Nevada 19. Douglas 15.432 Fairview Lane; Foothill Boulevard; Genoa Lane; Jacks Valley Road
NV 207 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From U.S. 50 to Nevada 206 (Foothill Boulevard); former Nevada 19. Nevada 207 follows the route of the old Kingsbury Grade toll road, which was built in 1860 over Daggett Pass (elevation 7,334 feet) between the Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe. Today, this route is the only direct connection between these two areas. Douglas 11.092 Kingsbury Grade Road
NV 208 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From U.S. 395 near Topaz Lake east via Wellington and Smith to U.S. 95 Alternate in Yerington; former Nevada 3 Douglas
Topaz-Yerington Road; Main Street (Yerington)
I-215 Active Interstate 215 is the Las Vegas Beltway from Interstate 15 to Interstate 515 and U.S. 95. Along with the section of beltway from Tropicana Avenue east to Interstate 15, AASHTO approved the Interstate 215 designation for a total of 18.9 miles on April 17, 1993. The freeway was then completed in segments: Interstate 15 to Warm Springs Road in 1996, Warm Springs to St. Rose Parkway in 2000, and Stephanie Street to Interstate 515 in 2006. NDOT only maintains the segments between I-15 and Warm Springs Road and between Stephanie Street and Interstate 515. The remaining segments of Interstate 215 and Clark County 215 are maintained by Clark County. The entire 53-mile beltway opened as an initial facility (with frontage roads serving as the beltway pending eventual construction of freeway) in 2003. Clark 4.628 Clark County Commissioner Bruce L. Woodbury Beltway; Las Vegas Beltway
NV 221 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Nevada 278 near Interstate 80 Exit 279 (West Carlin) east through Carlin to Interstate 80 Exit 282 (East Carlin); former Nevada 1 Elko 2.991 Business Loop I-80; Chestnut Street; Historic U.S. 40
NV 223 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Interstate 80 Exit 351 (West Wells) via Humboldt Avenue and Sixth Street to U.S. 93 in Wells; former Nevada 1 Elko 1.989 Business Loop I-80; Humboldt Street; Sixth Avenue; Historic U.S. 40
NV 224 DEAD From Interstate 80 Exit 410 (West Wendover) via Wendover Boulevard to Utah State Line with connection to Utah 58; returned to local control in early 1990s. Look for the tall “Wendover Will” waving you into the Stateline Casino. The Utah-Nevada state line is painted on the pavement as the business loop passes between the two states. Elko Business Loop I-80; Wendover Boulevard; Historic U.S. 40
NV 225 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Nevada 535 (Business Loop I-80; Idaho Street) north via Mountain City and Owyhee to the Idaho State Line (Idaho 51); former Nevada 51 Elko 100.301 Mountain City Highway
NV 226 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Nevada 225 (Mountain City Road) northwest to Deep Creek; former Nevada 11 Elko 39.017 Deep Creek Road
NV 227 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Nevada 535 (Business Loop I-80; Idaho Street) southeast via Spring Creek to Lamoille; former Nevada 46. For a magnificent drive, take the Lamoille Canyon Road past Lamoille into the Ruby Mountains and Humboldt National Forest. This area is known as the “Yosemite of Nevada.” Elko 20.134 Lamoille Highway; Fifth Street
NV 228 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Jiggs north to southern urban limits Spring Creek then north to Lamoille Road; former Nevada 46. North of Jiggs, the unpaved road passes over the 7,247-foot Harrison Pass. Elko 26.814 Jiggs Road
NV 229 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Interstate 80 Exit 321 (Halleck Interchange) southeast via Secret Pass to Ruby Valley Road south of Smithers Creek and then northeast to U.S. 93; former Nevada 11 Elko 50.360 Halleck and Secret Pass Road
NV 230 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Interstate 80 Exit 333 (Deeth Interchange) east via Starr Valley Road to Interstate 80 Exit 343 (Welcome Interchange) Elko 13.055 Starr Valley Road
NV 231 Active
Approved: 7/1/76

From Angel Lake northeast to Interstate 80 Exit 351 (West Wells, Junction Business 80)

Elko 11.702 Angel Lake Road
NV 232 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From five miles south of Steeles Creek to U.S. 93 Elko 14.531 Clover Valley Road
NV 233 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Interstate 80 Exit 378 (Oasis Interchange) northeast via Montello to Utah 30 at the Nevada-Utah State Line; former Nevada 30 Elko 34.234 Montello Road
NV 264 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From California 266 at the Nevada-California State Line north via Fish Lake Valley and the Dicalittle Cutoff to U.S. 6; former Nevada 3A. Esmeralda 33.667 Fish Lake Valley Road and Dicalite Cutoff
NV 265 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Silver Peak north to U.S. 6 and U.S. 95 at Blair Junction; former Nevada 47 Esmeralda 20.500 Silver Peak Road
NV 266 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From California 266 at the Nevada-California State Line east via Lida to U.S. 95 near Esmeralda-Nye County line; former Nevada 3 Esmeralda 40.338 Lida Road; Midland Trail
NV 267 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From the Nevada-California State Line northeast to U.S. 95 at Scotty’s Junction; former Nevada 72 Esmeralda 9.355
Scotty’s Castle Road; Grapevine Canyon Road
NV 278 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From U.S. 50 north to Interstate 80 Exit 279 (West Carlin); former Nevada 51. Nevada 278 passes through the beautiful Palisade Canyon along the right-of-way of the Eureka and Palisade Railroad. Elko
Eureka-Carlin Road
NV 289 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
Modified: 2/7/84
From U.S. 95 at Melarkey Street east Nevada 795/Reinhart Lane; former Nevada 1 Humboldt 1.637 Business Loop I-80; Winnemucca Boulevard; Second Street
NV 290 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From U.S. 95 north to Paradise Valley; former Nevada 8B Humboldt 18.012 Paradise Valley Road
NV 292 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
Modified: 1/22/79
From Nevada 140 at Denio Junction north to the Oregon State Line at Denio Humboldt 2.935 Denio Road
NV 293 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Kings River Valley southeast to U.S. 95 at Orovada Humboldt 23.989 Kings River Valley Road
NV 294 Active
Approved: 3/26/81
From Muddy Road north of the Pershing-Humboldt County Line north to Nevada 794/East Winnemucca Boulevard (Business I-80). Humboldt 8.973 Grass Valley Road; Haskell Street

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