Approved: 7/1/76
Removed: by 2008
From Nevada 604 (Las Vegas Boulevard South) northeast to Nevada 604 (Las Vegas Boulevard North); former Nevada 5, 6, and 6A Clark 3.171 Main Street, Historic Alternate U.S. 91-466
NV 602 Active From Nevada 579 (Bonanza Road) south to Stewart Avenue via Casino Center Boulevard in downtown Las Vegas; former Nevada 5B and Alternate U.S. 91/466 Clark 0.253 Casino Center Boulevard
NV 604 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
Modified: 4/27/83; 2002-2008
Routing: From Owens Street north to Interstate 15 Apex Interchange; former Nevada 6, 6B, and 738.
History: In 2002, the section of Nevada 604 between Russell Street and Sahara Avenue was decommissioned, which is much of the length of the Las Vegas Strip. By 2004, remaining segments of Nevada 604 from Sahara Avenue through the city of Las Vegas to Owens Street were also decommissioned. By 2008, the segments of Nevada 604 south of Russell Road (to the Jean interchange) were also elminated from the state signed system.
Clark 13.407 (was 45.142 in 2002) Las Vegas Boulevard; The Strip, Historic U.S. 91-93-466, Former Business Loop I-15
Approved: 7/1/76
Gone by 2001
From Nevada 593 (Tropicana Boulevard) north via Paradise Road to Nevada 589 (Sahara Avenue). The entire route of Nevada 605 was decommissioned in 2001. Clark 2.977 Paradise Road
Approved: 7/1/76
Modified: 4/27/83
Gone by 2008
From Nevada 589 (Sahara Avenue) to Nevada 574 (Cheyenne Avenue). Also called 25th Street and called Civic Center Drive north of Owens Avenue in North Las Vegas. Clark 5.237 Eastern Avenue
NV 610 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Nevada 604 (Las Vegas Boulevard North) to Interstate 15 Clark 2.028 Lamb Boulevard
NV 612 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Nevada 593 (Tropicana Boulevard) north to Nevada 604 (North Las Vegas Boulevard) Clark 9.427 Nellis Boulevard
NV 646 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
Modified: 4/27/83
From 0.090 mile west of Nevada 650 (North McCarran Boulevard) east via Prater Way to just east of intersection with Nevada 650 (North McCarran Boulevard) Washoe 0.090 Prater Way
NV 647 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
Modified: 4/29/77; 4/27/83
Routing: From Interstate 80 Exit 8 (Lawton Interchange) to East McCarran Boulevard (Nevada 650); follows former U.S. 40 and Nevada 1.
History: Old U.S. 40 follows this route; although the old road continues west of Exit 8 into the residential area of Mogul, it does not connect to Nevada 425 (Old U.S. 40/Verdi Business Loop). Nevada 647 used to extend east through downtown Reno and downtown Sparks, but that section is now maintained by the respective cities and signed as Business 80.
Guide: An eight block section of Victorian Way between 16th Street and Pyramid Way within the City of Sparks is known as Victorian Square. This area is popular for casinos, museums, parks, and annual festivals such as Hot August Nights.
Washoe 3.677 (was 8.055 as of 2002) Fourth Street, Victorian Way, Business Loop I-80, Historic U.S. 40
NV 648 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
>Modified: 4/29/77; 4/27/83
Routing: From Nevada 667 (Kietzke Lane) east to Nevada 650 (East McCarran Avenue); former Nevada 33B
History: Section between Nevada 647 (Fourth Street) and Nevada 667 (Kietzke Lane) eliminated by 2008.
Washoe 2.657 (was 3.014 in 2002) Second Street, Glendale Avenue
Approved: 7/1/76
Modified: 4/29/77; 10/26/77
Decommissioned: 1/1/10

Former Routing: From Mill Street north and then west to U.S. 395/North-South Freeway north of Reno. Together with the county-maintained section, Nevada 650 is the east half of Reno-Sparks Belt Route (known as McCarran Boulevard). The western half was known as Nevada 651 (which also used to have some locally maintained segments). This route is now part of Nevada 659, which covers the entire loop.

Washoe 6.365 East McCarran Boulevard
Approved: 7/1/76
Modified: 4/29/77
Decommissioned: 1/1/10
Former Routing: From Nevada 647 (Business Loop I-80/Fourth Street) north and then east to U.S. 395/North-South Freeway north of Reno. This route is now part of Nevada 659, which covers the entire loop. Washoe 6.630 West McCarran Boulevard
NV 653 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Nevada 667/Kietzke Lane east to Reno International Airport (Terminal Way). Nevada 653 started at Nevada 430/Virginia Street and extended east to the airport until the mid-2000s. Washoe 0.589 (was 1.343 in 2002) Plumb Lane
NV 655 Active
Approved: 1/1/96
From Interstate 80 Exit 28 (Patrick Interchange) along old Frontage Roads WA 13 & 14 then easterly and southerly across the Washoe-Storey County Line (Truckee River) to the Kal Kan Company entrance; former Nevada 45 Storey
Waltham Way
Approved: 7/1/76
Gone by 2008
Former routing extended from Interstate 80 Exit 12 (SPUI Keystone Interchange) via Keystone Avenue north to Nevada 651/North McCarran Boulevard. Washoe 0.189 as of 2002 Keystone Avenue
NV 659 Active
Approved: 1/1/10

McCarran Boulevard around Reno-Sparks (loop route) with zero milepost at Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 south of Reno
History: Nevada 659 replaces Nevada 650 and 651.

Washoe 22.978 McCarran Boulevard
NV 660 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
Nevada 660 covers Sierra Street between Maple Street and Eighth Street as it crosses Interstate 80 and also covers last 0.041 mile prior to Nevada 430/Virginia Street intersection; former Nevada 33A Washoe 0.055 Sierra Street
NV 661 DEAD Previous designation for Nevada 430 Washoe
NV 663 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Former Nevada 666/Sutro Street to Nevada 445/Pyramid Way; former Nevada 32A Washoe 2.481 Wells Avenue, Oddie Boulevard
NV 666 DEAD From Mill Street north to Nevada 651 (North McCarran Boulevard) parallel to U.S. 395 North-South Freeway; Previous designation for Nevada 443. Washoe Kirman Avenue, Sutro Street
NV 667 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From South Virginia Street (Nevada 430 and U.S. 395 Business) west on Del Monte Lane to Kietzke Lane and on Kietzke Lane from Del Monte Lane north to Victorian Way (former B Street). Washoe 4.468 (was 5.653 in 2002) Kietzke Lane, Delmonte Lane
NV 668 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Hymer Avenue to Business 80/Victorian Avenue (B Street) in Sparks; former Nevada 1 Washoe 0.314 South Rock Boulevard
NV 669 DEAD Previous designation for Nevada 445 Washoe Pyramid Way, Pyramid Lake Road
NV 671 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Nevada 430 (South Virginia Street) west via Holcomb Lane, north via Lakeside Drive, and east via Huffaker Lane back to Nevada 430 (South Virginia Street); possible 2008 reroute takes Nevada 671 north via Lakeside Drive to Del Monte Lane. Washoe 3.426 (was 4.543 in 2002) Holcomb Lane, Lakeside Drive, Huffaker Lane
NV 673 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Black Springs Road north to U.S. 395 North-South Freeway Stead Interchange; connects to local road that connects to Anderson, Black Springs, and Golden Fleece Mine; former Nevada 70 Washoe 0.397 Stead Boulevard
Approved: 7/1/76
Removed by 2008
From Enterprise Road near the University of Nevada at Reno (UNR) north to Nevada 651 (North McCarran Road) Washoe 0.105 Evans Avenue

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