Interstate 76 & Pennsylvania Turnpike

The guide for Intertate 76 is split between four pages:

Interstate 76 scenes
Two additional views of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and its abandoned interchange at Pennsylvania 10 and the newer interchange with Interstate 176 to the east. Photos taken 08/01/04.
Looking west at Interstate 76 as it travels away from the Pennsylvania 10 overpass toward Lancaster County. The original Interstate 176 freeway spur overpasses lie in the distance. These bridges now act as ramps to Interstate 176 north and from Interstate 176 south for Pennsylvania 10 & 23 at Morgantown. Photo taken 08/01/04.
This suite of photographs profiles the Interstate 76 Walt Whitman Bridge from Columbus Boulevard along the industrialized waterfront of the Delaware River in Philadelphia. The span links the Schuylkill Expressway in Philadelphia with the North-South Freeway in Camden, New Jersey. The suspension bridge is painted green. Photos taken 08/04/04.

Original button copy sign posted at the Gulph Road eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 76 westbound at King of Prussia. The short ramp links the east-west road with the U.S. 202 southbound on-ramp to the Schuylkill Expressway. Interstate 76 joins the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Interstate 276 west of the on-ramp. Photo taken 01/00.
Pre-Interstate signage at the Passyunk Avenue interchange (Exit 347B) of the Schuylkill Expressway. As of October 13, 2001, all signage had been replaced with modern Interstate 76 based signage. Len Pundt writes (12/11/00) that the intersection is the corner of Passyunk and Oregon Avenues. The top photo is looking east-bound on Passyunk Avenue. The middle photo is looking west-bound on Passyunk Avenue. The bottom photo is looking roughly northbound from Oregon Avenue. What is truly notable about these signs is that the Schuylkill Expressway formally runs east-west, not north-south. Originally, the expressway was designated north-south, which is the direction in which it actually runs in the city. When it was connected to the Pennsylvania Turnpike and designated Interstate 76, however, it was re-designated east-west, like the rest of Interstate 76 in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. These signs are believed to date to the original construction. All photos taken July 5, 2000.

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