Interstate 76 Schuylkill Expressway East

Interstate 76 - Schuylkill Expressway East
Interstate 76 departs the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Valley Forge. Interstate 276 takes over along the toll road north of Philadelphia as Interstate 76 enters the Schuylkill Expressway. After motorists pass through the Exit 326 toll plaza they encounter Exit 327 for North Gulph Road and Valley Forge itself. Photo taken 03/23/04.
The first of many Interstate 76 reassurance shields posted along the Schuylkill Expressway eastbound. Ramps links the freeway with the adjacent North Gulph Road next to the King of Prussia Mall. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Approaching the redesigned Exit 328 junction with U.S. 202 at King of Prussia. Exit 328A serves the U.S. 202 freeway southwestward to West Chester and the nearby U.S. 422 (Schuylkill Expressway Extension). U.S. 422 stems northwestward from the first U.S. 202 exit to Pottstown and Reading. Swedesboro Road parallels U.S. 202 from here westward along the original U.S. 202 alignment. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Interstate 76 eastbound at the ramp departure of Exit 328A. The former cloverleaf interchange between the Schuylkill Expressway and U.S. 202 saw upgrading between 2001 and 2004. Widened ramps and new ramp configurations improve the flow of these two important King of Prussia area interchanges. U.S. 202 also saw redesign from Interstate 76 west toward the town of Devon. Improvements allow for an easier transition between Interstate 76 and King of Prussia to U.S. 422 west. Photo taken 03/23/04.
The Schuylkill Expressway travels underneath U.S. 202 with four lanes. Departing ahead is the loop ramp of Exit 328B onto U.S. 202 (DeKalb Pike) north for the King of Prussia Mall and borough of Norristown. Photo taken 03/23/04.
U.S. 202 northbound traffic leaves Interstate 76 east via Exit 328B. U.S. 202 (Dekalb Pike) intersects Gulph Road just east of Interstate 76 before traveling south of the King of Prussia Mall. The large shopping complex features multiple entrances onto the Dekalb Pike. U.S. 202 crosses the Schuylkill River from there into the Montgomery County seat of Norristown. Photo taken 08/04/04.
The Norfolk Southern railroad line over the Schuylkill Expressway at King of Prussia now travels over Interstate 76 via an attractive truss bridge. The span was put in place October 2002 as part of the overall King of Prussia improvement project of Interstate 76 and U.S. 202.2 Photo taken 03/23/04.
Leaving the King of Prussia on Interstate 76 eastbound 1.75 miles out from the Pennsylvania 320 interchange (Exit 330) at Gulph Mills. Before the 1991 opening of Interstate 476, Pennsylvania 320 was the de facto through route between Chester and the Delaware River and the Conshohocken, Plymouth Meeting, and King of Prussia area. Photo taken 08/04/04.
One mile out of the Gulph Mills community and Exit 330 on Interstate 76 eastbound at the Weadley Road overpass. Pennsylvania 320 travels Gulph Road, the same road that intersects the Schuylkill Expressway at Exit 327, from Montgomery Lane to Trinity Lane at Gulph Mills. Photo taken 08/04/04.
One-half mile overhead for Exit 330 (Pennsylvania 320) on Interstate 76 eastbound. The Schuylkill Expressway retains just four overall lanes from King of Prussia through to Fairmount Park in the city of Philadelphia. The corridor in which the freeway follows is narrow as it straddles the Schuylkill River from West Conshohocken into the city of Brotherly Love. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Pennsylvania 320 passes underneath Interstate 76 at Exit 330. The state route travels north from the intersection of Upper Gulph Road and Montgomery Lane to Trinity Lane and Holstein Road en route to Swedeland and Bridgeport. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Attached to the Gypsy Lane overpass is the Exit 330 overhead for Pennsylvania 320 and Gulph Mills. S. Gulph Road parallels Interstate 76 from King or Prussia to Gulph Mills. The roadway becomes part of Pennsylvania 320 from the Expressway and Trinity Lane southward to Montgomery Lane. From there Pennsylvania 320 continues southward to Villanova and U.S. 30 (Lancaster Avenue). Photo taken 03/23/04.
Truck advisory sign posted for the forthcoming Interstate 476 junction of Exit 331 on Interstate 76 eastbound. The ramp for Interstate 476 south features a sharp curve and trucks are advised to travel it at no more than 25 mph. Known locally as the "Blue Route", Interstate 476 provides a direct connection between the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension and Interstate 95 at Chester. Photo taken 08/04/04.
The first guide sign for the Interstate 476 junction on Interstate 76 eastbound. The directional interchange resides in West Conshohocken and therefore features ramps onto adjacent Matsonford Road for Pennsylvania 23 (Front Street). The control cities of the Blue Route include Plymouth Meeting for the original north end at Interstate 276 & Pennsylvania 9 and Chester for the southern terminus at Interstate 95. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Drawing to within one half mile of Interstate 476 (Mid-County Expressway) on Interstate 76 eastbound. Known officially as the Mid-County Expressway, Interstate 476 took over 30 years to construct due to environmental and community opposition and compromises. The four to six lane freeway is heavily traveled by commuters as it snakes through the west Philadelphia suburbs. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Auxiliary guide sign posted for Exit 331B indicating the connection to Pennsylvania 23 and town of Conshohocken. Pennsylvania 23 travels southward from Norristown via Front Street into West Conshohocken before crossing the Schuylkill River into Conshohocken via Fayette Street. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Traffic to Interstate 476 (Mid-County Expressway) southbound leaves Interstate 76 via Exit 331A. Interstate 476 interchanges with U.S. 30 (Lancaster Avenue) at Villanova next and Pennsylvania 3 at Newtown Square south of there. The freeway ends at Interstate 95 16 miles to the south. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Exit 331B leaves Interstate 76 eastbound for Interstate 476 north & Pennsylvania 23. Original button copy signs remain from the 1976-opened segment of the Blue Route. The first segment of Interstate 476, initially touted as Interstate 480, traveled between Conshohocken and Lafayette Hill. It was not until 1991 that the Mid-County Expressway opened south of Interstate 76. Photo taken 03/23/04.
A second look at the button copy overheads at Exit 331B on Interstate 76 eastbound. The control point of Plymouth Meeting was added to the sign in 1992 to reflect the completion of Interstate 476 to Interstate 276 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension (former Pennsylvania 9). There is no direct mentioning of the ramp to Pennsylvania 23 other than the auxiliary guide sign posted above. Photo taken 07/05/00.
Detail of the Interstate 76 & 476 button copy signage in the above photograph. The overall interchange and segment of Interstate 476 from Interstate 76 north to Chemical Road opened to traffic in 1976. This set of signs dates from that initial completion. Photo taken 07/05/00.
Passing underneath the Interstate 476 mainline, the Exit 331B off-ramp prepares to split with the Conshohocken ramp to Pennsylvania 23 and Matsonford Road. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Exit 331B partitions between Interstate 476 north and Matsonford Road (Pennsylvania 23). The sign bridge posted at the Interstate 76 mainline overcrossing omits a guide sign for Pennsylvania 23. Photo taken 08/04/04.
State-named Interstate 76 reassurance shield posted along the Schuylkill Expressway after the West Conshohocken interchange with Interstate 476. The stretch of highway between Exit 331 and 338 is known locally as the "Conshohocken Curve". The four-lane alignment curves sharply to adhere to the banks of the nearby Schuylkill River. The curvature of the ramp slows vehicles and is the cause of daily traffic delays on Interstate 76. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Now facing southeast, the Schuylkill Expressway is shadowed by rocky hills along the Schuylkill River. Pictured here is an Exit 339 auxiliary guide sign for Saint Joseph's University. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Two-mile overhead for Exit 338 on Interstate 76 eastbound. The forthcoming diamond interchange serves residential areas of Bala-Cynwyd in southeast Montgomery County and northwest Philadelphia. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Belmont Avenue becomes Green Lane as it crosses the Schuylkill River into northwest Philadelphia. Green Lane serves the Manayunk and Roxborough sections of the city. The surface street ends at Ridge Avenue (former U.S. 422 Alternate). Photo taken 08/04/04.
Interstate 76 reassurance shield posted after the Hollow Road on-ramp of Exit 337. A half-diamond interchange represents Exit 337 in the westbound direction of the Schuylkill Expressway. Photo taken 08/04/04.
One mile northwest of the Belmont Avenue interchange on Interstate 76 east. Belmont Avenue ascends from the Schuylkill River and Expressway to Rock Hill Road and U.S. 1 (City Line Avenue) through the community of Bala-Cynwyd (pronounced 'Bala-Kin-Wood'). Photo taken 08/04/04.
Exit 338 traffic departs Interstate 76 eastbound for Belmont Avenue south and Green Lane north. Belmont Avenue continues south from U.S. 1 (City Line Avenue) into the city limits of Philadelphia. From there the north-south roadway enters Fairmount Park before intersecting U.S. 30 (Girard Avenue) in West Philadelphia. Photo taken 08/04/04.
The Schuylkill Expressway passes under a decommissioned concrete arch bridge of the SEPTA Regional Rail line just south of Belmont Avenue. Built in the early 20th century, the viaduct once carried the R6-Manayunk line of the Regional Rail system until 1990.2 Photo taken 08/04/04.
Interstate 76 nears the Philadelphia city line one mile north of Exit 339 (U.S. 1) and Exit 340A (Lincoln Drive). The upcoming interchange complex serves the City Line Avenue corridor of U.S. 1. As the name implies, City Line Avenue represents the boundary between the City and County of Philadelphia and Montgomery County between the Schuylkill River and Cobbs Creek Park. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Lincoln Drive continues northward from City Line Avenue and the Schuylkill River into northwest Philadelphia. The surface arterial passes through the Germantown and Wissahicken Park neighborhoods of the city. Photo taken 08/04/04.
The interchange with City Line Avenue features directional ramps and left-hand entrance and exit ramps. Exit 339 departs in one-half mile to the right for U.S. 1 southbound to Bala-Cynwyd, Merion Station, and the Overbrook neighborhood of the city. Exit 340A leaves Interstate 76 on the left for the Lincoln Drive continuation of City Line Avenue over the Schuylkill River. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Interstate 76 eastbound expands to four overall lanes in anticipation of the City Line interchange. U.S. 1 joins Interstate 76 for a short distance between City Line Avenue and the Roosevelt Expressway (Exit 340B) junction ahead. Lincoln Drive interchanges with Kelly Drive and Ridge Avenue across the river. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Traffic destined for Germantown and Wissahicken Park via Lincoln Drive leaves Interstate 76 via Exit 340A. Kelly Drive stems southward from Lincoln Drive along the Schuylkill River through Fairmount Park. The north-south road continues all the way to the confluence of Spring Garden Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Exit 339 leaves Interstate 76 eastbound for U.S. 1 and City Line Avenue. U.S. 1 passes through the heavily developed suburbs of Philadelphia such as Concordville, Chester Heights, Lima, Media, Springfield, Drexel Hill, Havertown, Upper Darby, and Penn Wynne. The US route is not a recommended through route. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Passing over City Line Avenue on Interstate 76 eastbound one half mile out from the Exit 340B ramp for the Roosevelt Expressway. A dual carriageway between the Schuylkill Expressway and U.S. 1 exists between City Line Avenue and the Roosevelt Expressway. The two highways remain segregated with slip ramps between the two roadways. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Eastbound Interstate 76 amid the City Line Avenue and Roosevelt Expressway interchanges. Traffic merges from the left bringing Lincoln Drive motorists onto Interstate 76 east. To the right is the U.S. 1 southbound mainline segregated from the Schuylkill Expressway. A slip ramp allows drivers to access the Roosevelt Expressway in one quarter mile at Exit 340B. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Interstate 76 east and U.S. 1 northbound part ways at the Roosevelt Expressway interchange (Exit 340B). U.S. 1 travels northeast as a full freeway between the Schuylkill Expressway and U.S. 13 (Roosevelt Boulevard) near the Feltonville and Niceville neighborhoods of the city. From there U.S. 1 & 13 overlap along the four carriageway Roosevelt Boulevard northeastward. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Taking the Exit 340B slip ramp brings motorists onto U.S. 1 northbound. For U.S. 1 itself a ramp is provided for Interstate 76 eastbound to carry City Line Avenue drivers southward to Central Philadelphia. U.S. 1 otherwise sinks below the Schuylkill Expressway mainline before crossing the Schuylkill River itself. Photo taken 08/04/04.
The Schuylkill Expressway expands to six overall lanes between U.S. 1 (Exit 340B) and Interstate 676 (Vine Street Expressway). After the merge of the U.S. 1 southbound on-ramp to Interstate 76 east, the Expressway presses toward the Montgomery Drive (Exit 341) interchange. The right-hand lane becomes exit only for Exit 341. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Attached to the Greenland Drive overpass is the first overhead for Exit 341 (Montgomery Drive). The Schuylkill Expressway is routed wholly through Fairmount Park at this point and the next three exits serve the park grounds. Montgomery Drive provides a short connector between Belmont Avenue and West River Drive. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Auxiliary overhead for the Montgomery Drive diamond interchange (Exit 341) on Interstate 76 east. As mentioned above, Montgomery Drive serves the western reaches of Fairmount Park. Included within this segment of the park is the Mann Center for the Performing Arts. The outdoor concert venue resides at 1700 52nd Street Drive within Fairmount Park. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Drawing to within one fifth of a mile of the Exit 341 off-ramp to Montgomery Drive. Commercial trucks and buses are prohibited from using the diamond interchange because of Fairmount Park. Like Kelly Drive along the east banks of the Schuylkill River, West River Drive straddles the west banks. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Eastbound on Interstate 76 at the Exit 341 off-ramp to Montgomery Drive. Connections with Belmont Avenue serve the Overbrook and West Philadelphia neighborhoods of the city. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Curving southward through Fairmount Park on the approach to Exit 342 for Girard Avenue (U.S. 13 & 30). An upcoming exits sign includes the first mentioning of Interstate 676 (Vine Street Expressway) for Central Philadelphia. U.S. 30 joins Interstate 76 between Exit 342 and the Vine Street Expressway. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Girard Avenue carries U.S. 13 across the Schuylkill River into East Fairmount Park from Exit 342 and Interstate 76. Attractions along the eastern banks of the river include Lemon Hill and Boathouse Row. Photo taken 04/10/04.
U.S. 13 & 30 intersect at the junction of Girard Avenue and North 34th Street adjacent to Interstate 76 and Exit 342. The corner is home to the Philadelphia Zoological Gardens and end of Zoological Street. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Traffic congestion allows for a detail of the 0.20-mile overhead of Exit 342. U.S. 30 travels Lancaster Avenue into the city limits of Philadelphia from U.S. 1 to Girard Avenue. At Girard Avenue, U.S. 30 turns easterly to Exit 342 and U.S. 13 (N. 34th Street). The US highway joins the Schuylkill Expressway southward to Center City as U.S. 13 overtakes Girard Avenue to cross the Schuylkill River to N. 33rd Street. Photo taken 08/04/04.
The westbound on-ramp to Interstate 76 and a parallel railroad line pass over the Schuylkill Expressway ahead of the Exit 342 off-ramp to Girard Avenue. The eastbound exit intersects U.S. 30 (Girard Avenue) one-quarter mile west of U.S. 13 (N. 34th Street). Photo taken 04/10/04.
Traffic from Girard Avenue (U.S. 30) merges onto Interstate 76 eastbound at the stone arch overcrossing of the SEPTA Regional Rail corridor. Girard Avenue (U.S. 13) itself parallels the span in to the south. Photos taken 04/10/04.
Eastbound reassurance shield and milepost 343 posted ahead of the westbound off-ramp to Girard Avenue/North 34th Street on Interstate 76. An auxiliary sign directs motorists to the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University in the background. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Auxiliary guide signs for the upcoming junction of Interstate 76 and 676. The Vine Street Expressway begins at Exit 344 and carries Interstate 676 and U.S. 30 eastbound through the heart of Philadelphia. The center city area is home to Independence Hall and the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Independence Hall was the place where both the Declaration of Independence was adopted and the U. S. Constitution was drafted. Opened in July of 1993, the Convention Center is home to various events, meetings, and conferences. Photo taken 08/04/04.
The magnificent skyline of downtown Philadelphia finally comes into view on Interstate 76 eastbound. Pictured here is an upcoming exits sign bridge for Spring Garden Street (Exit 343), 30th Street Station (Exit 345), and Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 east (Exit 344). Photo taken 04/10/04.
One fifth of a mile from the half-diamond interchange with Spring Garden Street on Interstate 76 east. Spring Garden Street travels between West Philadelphia, Fairmount, and Columbus Boulevard along the Delaware River. The east-west street also serves the nearby Philadelphia Museum of Art and provides a direct connection to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The museum itself is visible to the southeast from Interstate 76. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Exit 343 departs Interstate 76 eastbound for Spring Garden Street. To the west Spring Garden Street intersects the one-way street couplet of U.S. 13 at North 33rd and 34th Streets. Two blocks north of Spring Garden Street is the parallel Haverford Avenue. Haverford Avenue represents an east-west surface arterial between West Philadelphia and Penn Wynne outside the city limits. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Interstate 76 eastbound at the half-diamond interchange (Exit 343) with Spring Garden Street. Photos taken 04/10/04.
Exit 345 for the 30th Street Station and Market Street (Pennsylvania 3) departs Interstate 76 & U.S. 30 east ahead of the Exit 344 left-hand off-ramp for the Vine Street Expressway (Interstate 676). The configuration is such that Market Street bound traffic leaves the Schuylkill Expressway ahead of the Vine Street Expressway interchange 0.20 miles to the south. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Exit 345 partitions from Interstate 76 & U.S. 30 eastbound. Above and to the left is the Vine Street Expressway westbound on-ramp carrying U.S. 30 onto the Schuylkill Expressway. Photo taken 04/10/04.
A Diagrammatic sign directs traffic onto the Vine Street Expressway (Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 east) from Interstate 76 east at Exit 344. The Schuylkill Expressway again reduces to four overall lanes southward to the 30th Street Station tunnels. Constructed between the 1960s and 1990, the Vine Street Expressway is named for the street in which is parallels (Vine Street). The urban freeway is depressed throughout the central business district and directly ties into both the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and Interstate 95 (Delaware Expressway) east of downtown. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 diverge from Interstate 76 into downtown Philadelphia. The Vine Street Expressway consists of four overall lanes and exits for the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Broad Street (Pennsylvania 611). Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 remain overlapped across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge into the city of Camden, New Jersey. Photo taken 08/04/04.
The only Interstate 676 stand alone shields posted on the Vine Street Expressway eastbound reside on the respective ramps from Interstate 76. These signs were posted in 2003. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Meanwhile tucked out of view is the Exit 345 ramp to 30th Street Station and Market Street (Pennsylvania 3). The off-ramp departs Interstate 76 and lowers below the Schuylkill Expressway mainline to tie into the Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 westbound on-ramp to Interstate 76 east. The configuration is such so that both Schuylkill and Vine Street Expressway movements exist to the 30th Street transit hub of SEPTA and AMTRAK. Photo taken 04/25/04.
An eastbound Interstate 76 reassurance shield lies on the Exit 345 off-ramp/Interstate 676 & U.S. 30 eastbound on-ramp. To the right lies AMTRAK's Northeastern Corridor and the entrance to 30th Street Station. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Traffic partitions between Interstate 76 east and 30th Street Station. Exit 345 ascends to meet Arch Street (Pennsylvania 3) just west of 30th Street itself. 30th Street travels south from there to John F. Kennedy Boulevard (Pennsylvania 3) and Market Street (Pennsylvania 3). Market Street in turn crosses the Schuylkill River en route to City Hall in downtown Philadelphia. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Underneath the superstructure of 30th Street Station is the 0.25-mile guide sign for Exit 346A (South Street). The forthcoming off-ramp serves South Street and Franklin Field of the University of Pennsylvania. Exit 346A features left-hand on and off-ramps orientated as a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI). Photo taken 08/04/04.
The South Street off-ramp departs Interstate 76 eastbound at Exit 346A. Traffic from Market Street (Pennsylvania 3) and 30th Street Station enters the Schuylkill Expressway from the right. South Street is significant in that it was once touted as the corridor for an urban freeway between Interstate 76 and 95. Residents opposed this idea due to the impacts on the communities it would displace. Since the freeway's cancellation, parts of South Street have blossomed into an urban street mall. Bars, shops, and other amenities line the street east of Broad Street (Pennsylvania 611) through to Front Street. Photo taken 08/04/04.
A narrow stretch of Interstate 76 passes underneath the South Street SPUI and overpass. Attached to the structure is the 0.40-mile button copy overhead for the Exit 346B off-ramp onto University Avenue. Photo taken 08/04/04.
University Avenue travels northward from the 34th Street Bridge to the University of Pennsylvania campus and U.S. 13 (Baltimore Avenue and S. 38th Street). This part of the city is known as University City. The 35-acre campus of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia also calls University City home. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Interstate 76 ascends towards its crossing of the Schuylkill River and Exit 346B. The upcoming interchange features directional ramps onto University Avenue at S. 34th Street and a return ramp for Interstate 76 west. The 34th Street Bridge crosses the Schuylkill River and intersects Grays Ferry Road to the southwest. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Exit 346B leaves Interstate 76 eastbound for University Avenue and S. 34th Street. The Schuylkill Expressway continues into South Philadelphia and the industrial areas that line the river. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Eastbound Interstate 76 reassurance shield on the narrow four-lane span over the Schuylkill River. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Interstate 76 gains frontage roads (Warfield & S. 34th Street) as it nears the Philadelphia Gas Works complex. Attached to a pedestrian overcrossing is the Exit 346C overhead for the 28th Street off-ramp. The Schuylkill Expressway expands to six overall lanes between Grays Ferry Road and 28th Street with the addition of two auxiliary lanes. Photo taken 04/10/04.
Row homes line the streets east of Interstate 76 and a hodgepodge of industrial and worn down neighborhoods front the Schuylkill Expressway to the west. Pictured here is the slip ramp onto adjacent Vare Avenue for 28th Street and Exit 346C on Interstate 76 eastbound. 28th Street provides a main north-south route between Grays Ferry Road and Passyunk Avenue through western South Philadelphia. Photo taken 04/10/04.
The signs do not lie, Interstate 76 eastbound partitions into three one-lane ramps at Exits 347A/B. The left-hand lane becomes the westbound beginning of Pennsylvania 291 (Penrose Avenue) for Interstate 95 south and the Philadelphia International Airport. The center lane becomes the Exit 347B off-ramp to the intersection of Oregon and Passyunk Avenues. Through traffic is relegated to one overall lane to pass over the Exit 347A/B confluence on the right. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Interstate 76 veers to the right over Passyunk Avenue and Pennsylvania 291 (S. 26th Street). The signs should not include a "TO" next to the Interstate 76 shield. Exit 347A carries motorists underneath Passyunk and Oregon Avenues onto Pennsylvania 291 (S. 26th Street) westbound. Pennsylvania 291 turns onto Pennrose Avenue to cross the Schuylkill River via the George Platte Bridge in 1.50-miles. The route is recommended for Interstate 95 southbound interests including the airport. Photo taken 08/04/04.
A look at the Pennsylvania 291 (S. 26th Street) intersection with Pennrose Avenue south of Exit 347A. S. 26th Street features controlled access between Interstate 76 and Pennrose Avenue. Asides the traffic light at the north end of the George Platte Bridge, motorists are offered a non-stop routing to Interstate 95 and Philadelphia International Airport. Photo taken 04/25/04.
The end of the Exit 347B ramp at Passyunk and Oregon Avenues. Continuing straight through the traffic light brings one onto Oregon Avenue southbound. Passyunk Avenue links Essington Avenue and the Gulf Oil and Sun Oil industrial areas with the Schuylkill Expressway and South Philadelphia. See also the original Schuylkill Expressway pre-Interstate signs that once stood here on the Schuylkill Expressway Westbound guide. Photo taken 04/10/04.
The Schuylkill Expressway turns from a north-south trajectory eastward one mile out from the Pennsylvania 611 (Broad Street) interchange of Exit 349. Passing over Interstate 76 here is another SEPTA Regional Rail corridor. Pennsylvania 611 follows all of Broad Street between Interstate 95 and the Girard Point Bridge northward to Old York Road in the Fern Rock section of the city. The alignment south of Market Street and City Hall was once a part of Pennsylvania 291. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Now one half mile west of the parclo interchange with Pennsylvania 611 (Exit 349) on Interstate 76 east. The Schuylkill Expressway elevates here over the intersection of S. 20th Street and W. Moyamensing Avenue. Broad Street provides the main north-south arterial for the city of Philadelphia. Beginning at Interstate 95, Broad Street passes by the Wachovia Center (home of the Philadelphia 76ers and Flyers) and Wachovia Spectrum (home of the Philadelphia Phantoms) en route to Interstate 76. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Sign bridge featuring auxiliary overheads for the Bridge Administration Building, Philadelphia Ports, and Permit Vehicles for commercial traffic using the Walt Whitman Bridge. Entering from the right is the Pennrose Avenue eastbound on-ramp. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Sound barriers shuttle Interstate 76 through residential areas between W. Moyamensing Avenue and Pennsylvania 611 (Broad Street). The upcoming Exit 349 off-ramp to Pennsylvania 611 features a sharp curve to adjacent Packer Avenue and Broad Street. Packer Avenue parallels the Schuylkill Expressway between Moyamensing Avenue and Front Street. The surface street provides access to Citizens Bank Ballpark (home of the Philadelphia Phillies) and Lincoln Financial Field (home of the Philadelphia Eagles). Photo taken 08/04/04.
Interstate 76 eastbound at the Exit 349 off-ramp to Pennsylvania 611 (Broad Street) and South Philadelphia. Northward Broad Street bisects Marconi Plaza on the route to center city, City Hall, and Pennsylvania 3 (Market Street). Pennsylvania 611 was a part of U.S. 611 north of Market Street until 1976. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Exit 350 represents the final departure point for Interstate 76 eastbound drivers in the city of Philadelphia and state of Pennsylvania. Traffic otherwise defaults onto the Walt Whitman suspension Bridge into Camden, New Jersey. Variable Speed Limits are posted on the approaches and the span itself as maintained by the Delaware River and Ports Authority. There is no direct access otherwise between Interstate 76 and Interstate 95 below. Packer Avenue acts as a conduit between the two freeways in conjunction with ramps to nearby Front Street. Photo taken 08/04/04.
The Exit 349 on-ramp from Pennsylvania 611 (Broad Street) forms the exit-only lane for Packer Avenue (Exit 350) on Interstate 76 east. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Interstate 76 eastbound at the Packer Avenue off-ramp (Exit 350). Packer Avenue parallels Interstate 76 to Front Street where it ends. From there drivers can turn southward toward Lincoln Financial Field or Citizens Bank Ballpark or northward to the ramps for Interstate 95 (Delaware Expressway). Front Street otherwise intersects Oregon Avenue north of the Walt Whitman Bridge. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Ascending on the Interstate 76 eastbound approach to the Walt Whitman Bridge. The span features seven overall lanes that can be adjusted according to traffic flow and demands. Lane control signals and variable speed limit and message signs are found throughout the suspension bridge and approaches. Opened on May 16, 1957, the bridge spans 11,981 feet from abutment to abutment.1 Photos taken 08/09/04.
Views of the first tower on the Walt Whitman Bridge eastbound. Exit 354 overheads are posted along the Delaware River span for the eastern terminus of Interstate 676 and U.S. 130 (via Interstate 76C). While the interchange exists wholly in New Jersey, the Delaware River Port Authority signs based upon Pennsylvania mileage. Construction on the Walt Whitman Bridge commenced August of 1953 and the roadway deck is 79 feet in width.1 Photos taken 08/09/04.

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