Interstate 78 Pennsylvania West

Interstate 78 West
Westbound Interstate 78 at the crossing of Saucon Creek and Saucon Park within the city limits of Bethlehem. The early 1990s completed freeway takes on a scenic aura as it ascends west from its interchange with Pennsylvania 412 (Hellertown Road). Photos taken 04/23/04.
Button copy mileage sign for Allentown and Harrisburg on Interstate 78 westbound after the Saucon Creek bridges. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Interstate 78 departs Northampton County for Lehigh County on the drive to Allentown. Displayed here is the two-mile guide sign for Exits 60B/A (Pennsylvania 145 north & Pennsylvania 309 south). Interstate 78 utilizes the original Pennsylvania 309 freeway between Exit 60 and Exit 53 southwest of Allentown. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Drawing to within one mile of the Exit 60 interchange with Pennsylvania 309 south to Quakertown and Pennsylvania 145 (South 4th Street) into Allentown. Pennsylvania 309 (former U.S. 309) merges onto Interstate 78 west for a seven-mile overlap. Oakhurst Drive passes over the freeway ahead. Photo taken 04/23/04.
0.50-mile guide sign for Exits 60B/A on Interstate 78 west. Pennsylvania 145 begins and stems north from the Interstate 78 & Pennsylvania 309 interchange along South 4th Street into downtown Allentown. The state route enters the Mountainville section of the city within two miles. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Exit 60B departs for Pennsylvania 145 (South 4th Street) northbound. Use Pennsylvania 145 for Vera Cruz Road, Rock Road, and the Summit Lawn community. Rock Road travels northeast from South 4th Street to South Mountain and Honeysuckle Road. Photo taken 04/23/04.
An overhead gore point assembly complete with a lighting fixture on Interstate 78 westbound at the Exit 60B off-ramp. Photo taken 04/23/04.
One quarter mile east of the loop ramp onto Pennsylvania 309 southbound (Exit 60A). Pennsylvania 309 represents a major corridor between Allentown-Bethelehem and the north Philadelphia suburbs of Quakertown, Sellersville, Hatfield, Montgomeryville, Ambler, and Fort Washington. The state route varies between a four to six lane surface arterial and full freeway on the 34-mile drive to Interstate 276 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) at Fort Washington. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Six lanes of Interstate 78 & Pennsylvania 309 skirt the southern reaches of the Allentown city limits between South Mountain Park and the Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport. The overlapped routes encounter Emmaus Avenue (Exit 58) in the Waldheim Park section of the city. Photo taken 06/01/04.
One half mile out from the loop ramp of Exit 58 onto Emmaus Avenue southbound. Emmaus Avenue becomes Dalton Street at the Allentown and Emmaus (pop. 11,242) city line south of Interstate 78 & Pennsylvania 309. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Traffic to Emmaus Avenue southbound to Emmaus itself departs Interstate 78 west & Pennsylvania 309 northbound at Exit 58. There are no other ramps (on or off) associated with Exit 58 between the freeway and surface street below. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Lehigh Street intersects Interstate 78 & Pennsylvania 309 at the second Waldheim Park area interchange of south Allentown. The north-south street travels between Emmaus and the Queen City Airport between State Avenue and Pennsylvania 145 (South 6th Street). Photo taken 06/01/04.
Flash exposed button copy signs for Exits 55 (Pennsylvania 29) and Exit 54 (U.S. 222 & Pennsylvania 222). Interstate 78 west & Pennsylvania 309 cross Little Lehigh Park ahead of the parclo interchange with Pennsylvania 29 (Cedar Crest Boulevard). Pennsylvania 29 is unusual in that it exists in two segments within the Commonwealth. The southern segment ends at Exit 55. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Interstate 78 west & Pennsylvania 309 southbound at the north end of Pennsylvania 29 (Cedar Crest Boulevard) and Exit 55. Pennsylvania 29 stems southward from here to west of Emmaus, Shimerville, Hereford, and Pennsburg among other places. Cedar Crest Boulevard meanwhile continues north into Dorneyville and west Allentown. Photo taken 06/01/04.
The first sign of the impending split of Pennsylvania 309 northbound from Interstate 78 west (Exit 53) is posted ahead of the junction with U.S. 222 & Pennsylvania 222 (Exits 54B/A). There is no direct connection between Interstate 78 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension (Interstate 476). Motorists must still use the original Lehigh Valley Interchange of the Turnpike with U.S. 22 (Lehigh Valley Thruway). Pennsylvania 309 interchanges with the Lehigh Valley Thruway just east of Interstate 476. Photo taken 06/01/04.
The Exit 54B off-ramp for Pennsylvania 222 (erroneously signed as U.S. 222) northbound (Hamilton Boulevard) departs Interstate 78 west at the Hillview Road overpass. U.S. 222 used to continue northwest into Allentown itself to meet its parent U.S. 22. However the route saw truncation some time ago and now Pennsylvania 222 continues Hamilton Boulevard northward to Pennsylvania 145 in downtown Allentown. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Traffic from U.S. 222 (Hamilton Boulevard) northbound merges onto Interstate 78 west & Pennsylvania 309 north ahead of the loop ramp of Exit 54A. The southbound beginning of U.S. 222 carries travelers out of Dorneyville to Wescosville, Trexlertown, and Breinigsville in the western suburbs of Allentown. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Interstate 78 scenes
Pennsylvania 412 (Main Street) departs Hellertown (pop. 5,615) to interchange with Interstate 78 within the city limits of Bethlehem. A folded diamond interchange joins the two highways as Pennsylvania 412 transitions into Hellertown Road on the northbound drive to Northampton Heights and East 4th Street. Photo taken 04/23/04.

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