Interstate 81

Four guides cover Interstate 81 throughout the state of Pennsylvania:

Interstate 81 scenes
Highridge Park Road westbound at the Exit 119 parclo interchange with Interstate 81 in north Schuylkill County. The interchange opened to traffic in the early 2000s to serve the nearby community of Gordon. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Church Road eastbound at the south end of Nuangola Road and on-ramp to Interstate 81 south. A modified diamond interchange joins the freeway with Church Road at Exit 159 near Rule Corners. Photo taken 09/18/04.
The south end of Nuangola Road coincides with the Interstate 81 southbound on-ramp from Church Road. Nuangola Road loops east from Lilly Lake Road at Folstown through Rule Corners to Church Road at Exit 159. The southbound off-ramp from Interstate 81 joins Nuangola Road just ahead of its end at Church Road. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Church Road westbound at Interstate 81 southbound and Nuangola Road. Church Road continues west from here one mile to Nuangola. Stairville Road links Church Road with Bliem Corners and Slocum Corners via Blue Ridge Terrace. Photo taken 09/18/04.
A closer look at the guide sign posted at Nuangola Road at Church Road for Exit 159 southbound motorists. The community of Nuangola Station lies just east of Interstate 81 via Nuangola Road's continuation east from Church Road. Church Road travels 3.9 miles southeast from Exit 159 to Pennsylvania 309 (Mountain Boulevard) otherwise. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Interstate 81 Pennsylvania shields posted on Pennsylvania 547 (Senator Ed Jones Highway) southbound at the Exit 217 diamond interchange. The village of Harford lies ahead. New Milford is to the north and Lenox is to the south via Interstate 81. Photo taken 05/30/00.

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