Interstate 81 Northbound (Harrisburg Vicinity)

Interstate 81 North
Posted within the Exit 57 diamond interchange at Pennsylvania 114 (Willowmill Road) is the two-mile guide sign for Exit 59 and Pennsylvania 581 (Harrisburg Expressway). Pennsylvania 581 opened to traffic in the mid 1990s to provide a direct link between Interstate 81 and the city of Harrisburg by way of Interstate 83. Photo taken 10/08/01.
An Interstate 81 state-named shield resides along northbound between Pennsylvania 114 and the eastbound beginning of Pennsylvania 581. Interstate 81 becomes part of the Harrisburg Beltway system between Exit 59 and Exit 70 (Interstate 83). The Beltway also encompasses Pennsylvania 581 (Harrisburg Expressway) and Interstate 83 to the south of Interstate 81. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Pennsylvania 581 (Harrisburg Expressway) and Interstate 81 meet at a directional T interchange (Exit 59). Pennsylvania 581 joins U.S. 11 at Sporting Hill and U.S. 15 at Camp Hill along older sections of the Harrisburg Expressway. The freeway itself ends at Interstate 83 Exit 41 near Lemoyne. It is unclear if Pennsylvania 581 was ever considered for an Interstate designation. No plans are in the cards at this time to upgrade the state route into Interstate 581 either. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Interstate 81 northbound curves northeast through Hampden Township toward Exit 61 (Pennsylvania 944). Pennsylvania 944 (Wertzville Road) crosses paths with the freeway midway between Mount Zion and West Enola in northern Cumberland County. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Traffic from Pennsylvania 581 (Harrisburg Expressway) westbound merges onto Interstate 81 northbound one half mile ahead of the Exit 61 diamond interchange with Pennsylvania 944 (Wertzville Road). Pennsylvania 944 travels 18.3 miles between Pennsylvania 233 near McCrea and U.S. 11 & 15 at West Fairview in Cumberland County. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Exit 61 departs Interstate 81 northbound for Pennsylvania 944 (Wertzville Road). Wertzville Road enters East Enola in two miles and Enola 2.6 miles to the east. Mount Zion lies one mile to the west at the intersection of Pennsylvania 944 and Lambs Gap Road. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Continuing northeast along Interstate 81 northbound on the drive toward U.S. 11 & 15 (Exit 65). U.S. 11 & 15 straddle the Susquehanna River northward from Wormleysburg to Sunbury 48 miles north of Exit 65. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Attached to the Miller Street overcrossing is the Exit 65 overhead for the full-cloverleaf interchange of Interstate 81 with U.S. 11 & 15. The US highway tandem serve Marysville nearby to the north and Enola to the south. U.S. 11 & 15 split southward at Camp Hill and Pennsylvania 581 (Harrisburg Expressway). Photo taken 06/02/04.
A collector/distributor roadway system facilitates the movements between Interstate 81 and U.S. 11 & 15. U.S. 11 & 15 cross the Perry County line just north of Exit 65 at Marysville and continue from there 11 miles to U.S. 22 & 322 at Duncannon. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Interstate 81 crosses the six-lane George N. Wade Bridge across the Susquehanna River. Pictured here is the span and what's left of a Harrisburg Exits overhead. Exit 66 joins Front Street (old U.S. 22 & 322) with the freeway along the eastern banks of the river at north Harrisburg. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Interstate 81 passes over McCormicks Island ahead of the Exit 66 off-ramp to Front Street. Front Street parallels the Susquehanna River from Interstate 83 and downtown Harrisburg northward to Rockville, Fort Hunter, and Heckton. Photo taken 06/02/04.
A directional interchange handles the movements between Front Street and Interstate 81 at Exit 66. The button copy guide signs for Front Street include a space from where U.S. 22 was once displayed in text. U.S. 22 saw relocation from Front Street onto the nearby freeway in the 1970s. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Interstate 81 northbound prepares to partition with the ramps to U.S. 22 & 322 west and U.S. 22 & Pennsylvania 230 east at Exit 67. A large symmetrical stack interchange comprises the junction between the two freeways. The interchange however does not see all of the flyovers cross at one point, but rather features sweeping ramps further out from the center of the interchange. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Pictured here is the original button copy overheads replaced by the reflectorized overheads depicted in the above photobox. U.S. 22 & 322 follow a 1970s completed freeway from Interstate 81 northward to Fishing Creek and Dauphin. In the early 2000s that freeway saw extension to the Susquehanna River crossing at Pennsylvania 147 and Duncannon. Sign replacements saw the addition of State College to Lewistown for the westbound control cities. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Interstate 81 passes over Industrial Road at the ramp departure of Exit 67. U.S. 322 eastbound merges onto Interstate 81 northbound for three miles between here and Interstate 83 (Exit 70). U.S. 22 eastbound continues southward into Harrisburg to the intersection of Cameron Street, Maclay Street, and Arsenal Boulevard. There Pennsylvania 230 (former U.S. 230) begins its eastbound journey on Cameron Street through downtown Harrisburg. Photo taken 06/02/04.
The previous set of overheads for U.S. 22, U.S. 322, and Pennsylvania 230 posted at Exit 67A/B of Interstate 81 north. New signs for Exit 67A include Harrisburg to go with U.S. 22 & Pennsylvania 230 east and Cameron Street. Pennsylvania 230 serves the Pennsylvania State Capital via Cameron Street as U.S. 22 turns easterly along Arsenal Boulevard toward Progress. Photo taken 10/08/01.
Exits 67A/B partition for U.S. 22 & 322 west to Dauphin, Duncannon, Lewistown, and State College from the U.S. 22 eastbound ramp to Pennsylvania 230 (Cameron Street) and Harrisburg. The U.S. 22 & 322 freeway provides a direct connection to the U.S. 11 & 15 corridor along the Susquehanna River for points north such as Selinsgrove, Sunbury, Lewisburg, Milton, and Williamsport. Photo taken 10/08/01.
A couple more shots of the flyover ramps associated with the U.S. 22 & 322 stack interchange with Interstate 81. Photos taken 06/02/04.
Crooked Hill Road passes over Interstate 81 & U.S. 322 as they merge from Exit 67. Exit 69 exists nearby between the freeway and Progress Avenue. Progress Avenue stems northward from Derry Street in Paxtang to Pennsylvania 39 (Linglestown Road). Photo taken 06/02/04.
0.75 miles west of the Progress Avenue folded-diamond interchange of Interstate 81 north & U.S. 322 east. The first overhead for the upcoming northern terminus of Interstate 83 interchange (Exit 70) accompanies the sign bridge. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Drawing closer to the future exit-only lane for Progress Avenue (Exit 69) on Interstate 81 north & U.S. 322 east. Progress Avenue serves the nearby communities of Progress and Pennbrook to the south and Susquehanna Township to the north. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Exit 69 leaves Interstate 81 north & U.S. 322 east for Progress Avenue. Progress Avenue intersects Elmerton Avenue just south of the freeway and Paxton Church Road one mile north of Exit 69. A separate on-ramp from Progress Avenue joins the southbound beginning of Interstate 83 independent of Exit 70. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Diagrammatic overhead for the Exit 70 split of U.S. 322 eastbound from Interstate 81 northbound at Interstate 83 southbound. U.S. 322 leaves Interstate 81 for a four-mile overlap with Interstate 83 southward to Oakleigh. The US route turns east from the Dwight D. Eisenhower Interchange with Interstate 83 & 283 along Paxton Street to Hummelstown and Hershey. Interstate 83 meanwhile cuts through the southern reaches of Harrisburg en route to Lemoyne, York, and Baltimore, Maryland. Interstate 283 carries motorists southward from the Eisenhower Interchange to Interstate 76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) and Pennsylvania 283 for interests eastward to Harrisburg International Airport and Lancaster. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Now east of the Interstate 83 tri-level stack interchange, Interstate 81 next encounters the Colonial Road overpass and Exit 72 at Mountain Road. Mountain Road serves the communities of Paxtonia and Linglestown nearby. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Interstate 81 reduces to four lanes as nears the six-ramp parclo interchange with Mountain Road. Paxtonia lies along the U.S. 22 (Allentown Boulevard) corridor to just west of Mountain Road. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Exit 72A departs Interstate 81 northbound for Mountain Road south to U.S. 22 (Allentown Boulevard). U.S. 22 parallels Interstate 81 from Harrisburg eastward to the western terminus of Interstate 78. Mountain Road meanwhile continues a short distance south of Allentown Boulevard to its end at Jonestown Road (original U.S. 22). Photo taken 09/18/04.
A loop ramp carries drivers onto Mountain Road northbound at Exit 72B. Mountain Road ends 1.2 miles to the north at Pennsylvania 39 (Linglestown Road) in Linglestown itself. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Neutered Interstate 81 reassurance shield posted after the Mountain Road on-ramp and Blue Ribbon Avenue overpass. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Mileage sign with the Interstate 81 northbound control city of Hazleton and Interstate 78 eastbound control city of Allentown. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Pennsylvania 39 (Linglestown Road) crosses paths with Interstate 81 at the Exit 77 diamond interchange. The state route ventures 9.5 miles east from its beginning at U.S. 22 & 322 to Interstate 81 near Manada Hill. Photo taken 09/18/04.
One-mile guide sign for Pennsylvania 39 (Linglestown road) posted on Interstate 81 northbound. Pennsylvania 39 follows Hershey Road 1.4 miles south to U.S. 22 (Allentown Boulevard) and 5.1 miles south to the city of Hershey. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Exit 77 leaves Interstate 81 northbound at the Fairville Avenue over crossing. Pennsylvania 39 (Hershey Road) intersects Jonestown Road (former U.S. 22) nearby. Jonestown Road parallels both U.S. 22 and Interstate 81 between Pennsylvania 39 ad Pennsylvania 743 through the communities of Manada Hill and Shellsville. Photo taken 09/18/04.
The next exit serves Laudermilch Road and Pennsylvania 743 at Exit 80 near Grantville. Laudermilch Road sees a diamond interchange with Interstate 81 0.75 miles north of U.S. 22 (Allentown Boulevard). Photo taken 09/18/04.
Use Exit 80 for Penn National Race Course. The horse racing facility resides along Laudermilch Road one half mile north of Interstate 81. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Drawing to within three quarters of a mile of the Exit 80 off-ramp to Pennsylvania 743 and Laudermilch Road. According to to and Tim Reichard's PA Junction List, Pennsylvania 743 ends at Pennsylvania 443 (Mountain Road) to the north of Interstate 81. However indicates that the terminus resides at U.S. 22 (Allentown Boulevard) one mile west of Grantville. With that stated, all guide signs for Exit 80 indicate the state route as "TO Pennsylvania 743". Photo taken 09/18/04.
A rest area lies just west of Exit 80 along Interstate 81. The return ramp from the rest area forms an exit-only lane to Laudermilch Road at Exit 80. Connections with Pennsylvania 743 to the south carry drivers onto the state route for its southward journey to Hershey. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Exit 80 leaves Interstate 81 north for Grantville, Hershey, and Penn National Race Course. Laundermilch Road ends 1.5 miles north at Pennsylvania 443 (Mountain Road) to the east of Manada Gap. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Interstate 81 leaves Dauphin County for Lebanon County on the approach to Exits 85A/B with Pennsylvania 934 (Fisher Avenue). Pennsylvania 934 constitutes a north-south route between U.S. 322 near Fontana and Interstate 81 at Indiantown. Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation lies to the north along Fisher Avenue. Photo taken 09/18/04.
One mile west of the six-ramp parclo interchange with Pennsylvania 934 (Fisher Avenue) at the Harrison School Road overpass. Pennsylvania 934 interchanges with U.S. 22 (William Penn Highway) just south of Exit 85 at Harper Tavern. The state route meets U.S. 422 in downtown Annville 7.2 miles south of Harper Tavern. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Exit 85A departs Interstate 81 northbound for Pennsylvania 934 (Fisher Avenue) southbound to Harper Tavern, Bellegrove, and Annville. Connections with U.S. 422 and 322 serve the towns of Lebanon and Corwall in southern Lebanon County. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Northbound at the loop ramp onto Fisher Avenue northbound to Fort Indiantown Gap. Former Pennsylvania 934 continues northwest into Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation to Pennsylvania 443 (Clement Avenue) at Asher Miner Road. According to, Pennsylvania 934 saw truncation from the intersection with Pennsylvania 443 to Interstate 81 in 1976. Photo taken 09/18/04.
The eastbound beginning of Interstate 78 departs Interstate 81 northbound in two miles. Interstate 78 links the Harrisburg metropolitan area with Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton in eastern Pennsylvania. A tri-level stack interchange constitutes the junction between the two freeways at Exit 89. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Travelers destined for Pennsylvania 72 south to Lebanon should remain on Interstate 81 north for Exit 90. There is no access between Interstate 78 and Pennsylvania 72 otherwise. Photo taken 09/18/04.
One-mile Diagrammatic overhead posted along Interstate 81 northbound at the Biddle Road overpass for Exit 89. Interstate 78 eastbound meets Hamburg (Pennsylvania 61) 29 miles to the east of Interstate 81. Pennsylvania 61 provides access to Reading. Otherwise the freeway continues another 36 miles to the city of Allentown. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Widening of Interstate 81 provides for two lanes to both Interstate 78 eastbound and the northbound continuation of Interstate 81. Interstate 78 overtakes the U.S. 22 corridor at Exit 8 and remains overlapped with the US highway through to Exit 51. U.S. 22 and Interstate 78 split and serve the northern and southern reaches of the Lehigh Valley cities respectively. Photo taken 09/18/04.
The eastbound beginning of Interstate 78 parts ways with Interstate 81 northbound at Exit 89. Interstate 78 continues east from Pennsylvania to Clinton, Newark, and Jersey City, New Jersey. The eastern terminus lies in Lower Manhattan, New York via the Holland Tunnel. Interstate 81 meanwhile turns northerly on the 45-mile drive to Hazleton. Photo taken 09/18/04.

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