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Interstate 81 Southbound

Interstate 81 South
Interstate 81 southbound near the northern terminus of Interstate 81 (Exit 70) at Lower Paxton Township. Interstate 83 begins at Exit 70 and travels southward to Oakleigh and Lawton before turning west into Harrisburg. U.S. 322 follows Interstate 81 northward from Exit 47 to Interstate 81. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Traffic to Harrisburg can access the city via interchanges on both Interstate 81 and 83. Use Interstate 83 for downtown and the Pennsylvania State Capital. Use Interstate 81 for the northern parts of the city via Front Street south and U.S. 22 (Cameron Street) east. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Diagrammatic overhead for the Exit 70 tri-level stack interchange of Interstate 81 southbound with Interstate 81 south & U.S. 322. Interstate 81 provides the main route between Harrisburg and the cities of York and Baltimore, Maryland to the south. Interstate 81 nips the northern extant of Harrisburg between Exits 67 and 66 before crossing the George N. Wade Bridge over the Susquehanna River. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Reconstruction between 2001 and 2004 improved the northern terminal interchange of Interstate 81 with expanded capacity. Two lanes now serve the southbound beginning of Interstate 83 at Exit 70. U.S. 322 eastbound joins Interstate 83 south between Interstate 81 and Oakleigh. The US route leaves Interstate 83 for Hummelstown and Hershey to the east. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Interstate 81 southbound at Exit 70. Interstate 83 southbound enters the city limits of Harrisburg in seven miles. U.S. 322 westbound merges onto Interstate 81 southbound for a three-mile overlap between Interstate 83 and U.S. 22 in north Harrisburg. The control city for Interstate 81 reflects Carlisle for the point at which the freeway meets the Pennsylvania Turnpike and U.S. 11. Photo taken 06/02/04.
Button copy guide signs posted for the Exit 67 ramp departure of U.S. 322 west from Interstate 81 south. A four-level stack interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 81 and the U.S. 22 & 322 freeway in north Harrisburg. U.S. 22 leaves the city via Cameron Street northbound from the western end of Pennsylvania 230. Pennsylvania 230 serves downtown Harrisburg south of Arsenal Boulevard. Photo taken 10/09/01.
Interstate 81 southbound splits with U.S. 322 west at Exit 67. U.S. 22 & 322 west overlap from Interstate 81 northwest 12 miles to Pennsylvania 147 at the Susquehanna River. The freeway ends at Duncannon before resuming at U.S. 11 & 15 to the west of the river. U.S. 22 & 322 overlap for 55 miles between Harrisburg and Lewistown. Photo taken 10/09/01.
Exit 67 partitions at the Crooked Hill Road overpass. U.S. 22 eastbound carries the freeway southward to the intersection of Cameron Street (Pennsylvania 230) with Arsenal Boulevard. There U.S. 22 turns east along Arsenal Boulevard. Maclay Street continues west from there to the Susquehanna Riverfront and Pennsylvania 230 (former U.S. 230) begins and follows Cameron Street southbound toward downtown. Photo taken 10/09/01.
High speed flyovers shuttle drivers between the two freeways at Exit 67. U.S. 22 & 322 upgraded from Front Street onto a freeway alignment in the 1970s. Photo taken 07/01/00.
Crossing the George N. Wade Bridge between Front Street (Exit 66) and U.S. 11 & 15 (Exit 65). U.S. 11 & 15 straddle the west banks of the Susquehanna River between Lemoyne and Duncannon. The US highways serve the communities of Marysville, Summerdale, and Enola nearby. Photo taken 07/01/00.
A full-cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 81 with U.S. 11 & 15 just west of the Wade Bridge. U.S. 11 & 15 merge at Camp Hill to the west of Harrisburg and Lemoyne and remain overlapped northward to Selingsgrove and Sunbury. Photo taken 07/01/00.

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