Interstate 81 North - Onondaga County

05/09/05 photos taken by Alex Nitzman.

Interstate 81 North
Heading north from Interstate 481, Interstate 81 next meets a modified diamond interchange with East Calthrop Avenue at Exit 17. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Calthrop Avenue connects Interstate 81 with adjacent U.S. 11 (South Salina Street). Brighton Avenue travels north from Exit 1 of Interstate 481 to U.S. 11 five blocks north of Calthrop Avenue. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Brighton Avenue travels west from U.S. 11 (South Salina Street) to New York 175 (South Avenue); New York 175 travels south from U.S. 11 and Syracuse to Onondaga Community College and the town of Onondaga. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Interstate 81 reassurance shield posted after the Brighton Avenue underpass. Interests to downtown Syracuse and the University and Crouse Irving Hospitals area are directed to Exit 18. Photo taken 05/09/05.
The next northbound off-ramp (Exit 18) connects Interstate 81 with Adams Street east and Harrison Street west via Almond Street, a northbound side frontage street. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Interstate 81 reduces to two northbound lanes beyond the Exit 18 off-ramp onto Almond Street north. Adams Street east leads drivers to Syracuse University and the adjacent hospitals. Harrison Street west travels to the Oncenter Complex in downtown. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Just north of East Castle Street, Interstate 81 elevates onto a freeway viaduct through to the junction with Interstate 690 east. This viaduct travels over or along Almond Street through the Exit 18 split-diamond interchange with Harrison Street west and Adams Street east. Photo taken 05/09/05.

A few views of the Syracuse high rises to the west and east of the four-lane viaduct of Interstate 81. Recent discussion involves tearing down or replacing the aging viaduct with a surface boulevard or reconfigured freeway. While securing money to make changes is difficult, talks to address the viaduct and its effect on downtown continue to be a hot topic in area news. Photos taken 05/09/05.
A Diagrammatic sign posted for the Interstate 81 northbound ramps to Interstate 690 advises motorists. Interstate 690 enters a brief parallel alignment with Interstate 81 from East Syracuse west to Solvay. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Interstate 690 meets Interstate 81 at a three "wye" interchange from the east and splits via a wye interchange to the west. The freeway travels an industrial corridor east to Interstate 481 at DeWitt. Photos taken 05/09/05.
A high flyover carries westbound Interstate 690 traffic onto Interstate 81 south as the eastbound ramp to East Syracuse departs I-81 north. Interstates 81 and 690 parallel one another but never formally merge together on the north side of downtown Syracuse. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Turning west, Interstate 81 north passes under Interstate 690 east ahead of the connector ramp onto parallel Interstate 690 west. Interstate 690 leaves Syracuse for the New York State Fairgrounds along Onondaga Lake. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Adjacent Interstate 690 west sees its connector ramp to Interstate 81 north depart at the Willow Street underpass. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Passing over U.S. 11 (North State Street), Interstate 81 north partitions with the westbound on-ramp to Interstate 690. Interstate 690 joins Syracuse with the New York Thruway at Van Buren, its western terminus. New York 690 provides a seamless freeway link to Baldwinsville beyond Interstate 90. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Curving northwestward, Interstate 81 north travels under Interstate 690 westbound in this scene. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Nearing the Butternut Street overpass on Interstate 81 north at a reassurance marker. Photo taken 05/09/05.
New York 298 meets Interstate 81 at Exit 21 via Court Street south from U.S. 11 (North Salina Street). The state route begins at Interstate 690 (Exit 9) nearby along Bear Street. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Buildings line the northbound frontage of Interstate 81 ahead of the Spencer Street bridge. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Exit 22 follows onto Sunset Avenue north to New York 298 (Court Street). New York 298 east ventures along Court Street to Salina and Syracuse Industrial Park. The state route partitions into a one-way couplet (Genant Drive east / Sunset Avenue west) along Interstate 81 to Bear Street south. Photo taken 05/09/05.
New York 370 stems north from U.S. 11 (Wolf Street) to meet Interstate 81 at Exits 23A/24A of Interstate 81. The state route constitutes 35.09 miles between Syracuse and New York 104 at Red Creek. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Tractor trailers bound for New York 370 west into Liverpool are directed onto Old Liverpool Road (Onondaga County 137) west in lieu of the state route's Onondaga Lake Parkway alignment. Old Liverpool Road stems northwest from New York 370 and Buckley Road to Oswego Street, New York 370 in Liverpool. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Exits 23-24A/B depart Interstate 81 north in unison for New York 370 (Park Street east / Onondaga Lake Parkway west) and the adjacent Carousel Center shopping mall. Park Street carries New York 370 between U.S. 11 and the ramp split with Buckley Road north and Onondaga Lake Parkway west. Photo taken 05/09/05.
A freeway spur carries traffic northwest from Interstate 81 to New York 370 (Onondaga Lake Parkway) west and Old Liverpool Road. Exit 23 departs quickly for New York 370 (Park Street) east at the Central New York Regional Market. Photo taken 05/09/05.
A parting shot of the Exit 23-24B-24A ramp split to New York 370 and Old Liverpool Road. Hiawatha Boulevard is referenced for its connection to Alliance Bank Stadium (home of the Syracuse Chiefs AAA Baseball club) and the Carousel Center. Use Exit 23 also for the regional transportation center. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Turning northeast, Interstate 81 crosses Ley Creek and enters the town of Salina on the one mile approach to Interstate 90 (New York Thruway). Photo taken 05/09/05.
Interstate 81 expands to eight overall lanes through south Salina. Exit 25 departs next for 7th North Street (Onondaga County 45). Photo taken 05/09/05.
7th North Street becomes 7th North Avenue east in Syracuse to New York 298 (Court Street). Westward the arterial ends at Electronics Parkway opposite its interchange with the Thruway. Photo taken 05/09/05.
One half mile ahead of the trumpet interchange (Exit 25A) with the New York Thruway on I-81 north at Exit 25. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Travelers pass over Interstate 90 ahead of the Exit 25A loop ramp to the Exit 36 toll plaza. Interstate 90 follows the New York Thruway west to the Pennsylvania state line and east to Albany and Interstate 87. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Northbound at the Exit 25A ramp departure to Interstate 90. Interstate 90 connects Syracuse with Rochester and Buffalo to the west and Utica and Schenectady to the east. Six interchanges on the Thruway serve the greater Syracuse area. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Continuing north through Salina, the freeway parallels Beartrap Creek. Photo taken 05/09/05.
U.S. 11 (Brewerton Road) crosses paths with Interstate 81 between Mattydale and Pitcher Hill in northern Salina. U.S. 11 partitions into separate carriageways at the Exit 25 interchange. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Beyond U.S. 11 (Exit 25) are two interchanges serving Syracuse Hancock International Airport and adjacent Hancock Field Air National Guard Base. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Exit 25 consists of a two-lane off-ramp to U.S. 11 (Brewerton Road) at Northern Lights Mall. U.S. 11 follows Brewerton Road north from Wolf Street in Syracuse. Photo taken 05/09/05.
U.S. 11 (Brewerton Road) north splits with South Bay Boulevard (Onondaga County 208) just north of Interstate 81. Both commercial arterials lead northward through North Syracuse. Photo taken 05/09/05.
A collector/distributor roadway leaves Interstate 81 north next for the passenger terminal (via Col. Eileen Collins Boulevard) and general aviation facilities (via Taft Road) of Syracuse Hancock International Airport (Exits 27-28). Photo taken 05/09/05.
Interstate 81 north at the c/d roadway departure to the airport. Col. Eileen Collins Boulevard spurs east from South Bay Boulevard to the main terminal of the airport. Exit 27 connects with just the eastbound direction. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Exit 28 follows as a diamond interchange with Taft Road (Onondaga County 19) on the north side of the airport. Taft Road travels east to the military base and Cicero and west to Bear Road in Clay. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Interstate 81 straddles the Village of North Syracuse and Town of Cicero on the approach to Interstate 481 (Exit 29S) south and New York 481 (Exit 29N) north. The freeway is known as the American Legion Memorial Highway on this stretch. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Interstate 481 begins and heads southeast from North Syracuse to DeWitt. The freeway provides an eastern bypass of Syracuse. Photo taken 05/09/05.
New York 481 continues the Interstate 481 freeway northwest through Clay to Fulton. The state route totals 31.79 miles between Interstate 81 and New York 104 at Oswego. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Leaving the full-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 481 & New York 481 along Interstate 81 north. A trumpet interchange originally connected the freeway with New York 481 to the northwest. Photo taken 05/09/05.
The next three exits of Interstate 81 north serve the Oneida Lake region, beginning with New York 31 (Seymour Street) at Cicero. Photo taken 05/09/05.
A diamond interchange connects Interstate 81 with New York 31 (Seymour Street) at Exit 30. New York 31 heads west to Clay and east to Bridgeport as part of its 208.74-mile alignment between Niagara Falls and Vernon Center. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Descending upon the New York 31 off-ramp (Exit 30) from Interstate 81 north. Cicero's town center lies one mile to the southwest via U.S. 11. Bridgeport is an eight-mile drive to the east. Onondaga County 235 (Pardee Road) also begins and travels north along side Interstate 81 to Sneller Road. Photo taken 05/09/05.

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