Interstate 81 South - Cortland County

05/09/05 & 05/11/05 photos taken by Alex Nitzman.

Interstate 81 South
New York 281 travels south from Tully Center and Cummings Crossing to cross paths with Interstate 81 at Exit 13. Photo taken 05/09/05.
A diamond interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 81 and New York 281 at Exit 13. The state route continues to parallel the freeway southward from Preble to Little York and Cortland. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Interstate 81, U.S. 11, and New York 281 all travel in a valley east of Mount Toppin and west of Carl and East Hills parallel to the Tioughnioga River. Photos taken 05/09/05.
Upper Little York Lake kisses the southbound frontage of Interstate 81 south; Goodale Lake lies just to the east. Photos taken 05/09/05.
Interstate 81 turns east along East Hill to bypass the village of Homer. U.S. 11 crosses back to the west side of the freeway onto Main Street. Photos taken 05/09/05.
The next two exits serve the Cortland County seat of Cortland. Exit 12 constitutes a trumpet interchange for U.S. 11 & New York 41 (South Main Street) and New York 281 (South West Street) at Homer. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Exit 12 consists of a freeway spur between Interstate 81 and New York 281 (South West Street) roughly along the Cortland and Homer town lines. Connections with New York 281 lead drivers along the west side of both Homer and Cortland to New York 90 and New York 13 respectively. New York 13 provides the main route to Ithaca and Elmira; New York 90 begins and heads west to New York 38 near Fillmore Glen State Park. Photo taken 05/09/05.

Albany Street passes over Interstate 81 ahead of the Exit 12 off-ramp. U.S. 11 & New York 41 share 5.46 miles together between Homer and Cortland. From a parclo interchange with the Interstate access road, the tandem follow Homer Avenue south into Cortland. Their shared alignment used to also carry New York 90 before that route was truncated to Homer. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Interstate 81 winds around East Hill into the city of Cortland on the one-mile approach to New York 13 (Clinton Avenue). New York 13 joins Cortland with east Homer and Cazenovia to the northeast. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Southbound shield posted for Interstate 81 on the eastward turn to the Exit 11 diamond interchange with Clinton Avenue. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Exit 11 departs Interstate 81 south for New York 13 (Clinton Avenue). New York 13 follows Clinton Avenue southwest to a brief merge with U.S. 11 & New York 41 on Church Street. New York 222 stems west from U.S. 11 & New York 41 to SUNY Cortland via Groton Avenue as well. Photo taken 05/09/05.
New York 13 shields posted on the Exit 11 off-ramp from Interstate 81. New York 13 follows an arc-shaped alignment 152.61 miles between Interstate 86 & New York 17 at Horseheads and New York 3 at Port Ontario. Locally the route follows Port Watson Street and Tompkins Street west from U.S. 11 & New York 41 (Church Street) to Munsons Corners and South Cortland. Photo taken 05/09/05.
Spanning the East Branch of the Tioughnioga River near the East River Road (Cortland County 114) overpass. Photo taken 05/11/05.
14 miles separate Cortland from Marathon via Interstate 81 south. Photo taken 05/11/05.
U.S. 11 & New York 41 cross the Tioughnioga River and travel 1.5 miles to their split at a folded-diamond interchange with Interstate 81 (Exit 10). Photo taken 05/11/05.
Interstate 81 lines Carr Hill on the approach to Exit 10. Hicks and South Hill rise along the eastern horizon. Photo taken 05/11/05.
A loop ramp carries drivers from Interstate 81 south onto U.S. 11 just south of its partition with New York 41. New York 41 follows Cortland-McGraw Road east into the village of McGraw. U.S. 11 continues south along the Tioughnioga to Messengerville. Photo taken 05/11/05.
A truck climbing lane joins Interstate 81 south as the freeway climbs South Hill. Photos taken 05/11/05.
Some of the scenery along Interstate 81 as the freeway follows the hills east of U.S. 11 and the Tioughnioga River. The freeway enters Hoxie Gorge State Forest through the town of Virgil. Photos taken 05/11/05.
U.S. 11 and Interstate 81 come together again at Exit 9 in Marathon. In Marathon, U.S. 11 intersects New York 221 at a modified diamond interchange with the freeway. Photo taken 05/11/05.
Exit 9 descends onto parallel U.S. 11 (Cortland Street) ahead of New York 221 (Main Street). New York 221 is a 18.71-mile state route leading west to New York 38 at Harford and east to New York 26 and 41 at Willet. Connections with County Route 5 lead drivers east from Willet to Bowman Lake State Park. Photo taken 05/11/05.
Traveling through Marathon, Interstate 81 passes over New York 281 (Main Street). Ramps directly connect with Main Street on the east side, but utilize U.S. 11 further out on the west side. Photos taken 05/11/05.
Southbound motorists continue another seven miles to Whitney Point, the first Broome County exit of Interstate 81. Photos taken 05/11/05.

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