Interstate 84 East

Interstate 84 east
Reassurance marker posted along Interstate 84 eastbound after the Exit 19 folded-diamond interchange with New York 312 in the town of Southeast. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Meeting the freeway next is the Interstate 684 freeway (Exits 20S/N) at Brewster. Interstate 684 begins here and travels south 29 miles to the Hutchinson River Parkway at Purchase. A freeway spur leads north to U.S. 6 & 202 and New York 22 nearby. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Drawing to within one mile of the Exit 20S/N directional-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 684. Interstate 684 provides connections with Interstate 287 at White Plains to the south. To the north, the freeway interchanges with parallel U.S. 6-202 & New York 22 in Brewster. The trio merge in east Brewster at the Main Street crossing of the East Branch of the Croton River and meet Interstate 684 at a folded-diamond interchange close by. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Connections with the Hutchinson River Parkway lead motorists southward from Interstate 684 to the Bruckner Interchange with Interstate 95 (Cross-Bronx Expressway), Interstate 678 (Whitestone Expressway), Interstate 278 (Bruckner Expressway), and Interstate 295 (Cross-Bronx Expressway Extension). Photo taken 06/26/05.
Interstate 84 spans the East Branch of the Croton River ahead of Interstate 684 at Brewster. Downtown Brewster lies west of the river along U.S. 6 (Main Street). Photo taken 06/26/05.
Nearing the Exit 20S ramp departure onto Interstate 684 south on Interstate 84 east. Interstate 684 serves the communities of Croton Falls, Somers, Katonah, Mount Kisco, and Armonk before briefly clipping extreme southwestern Connecticut near Purchase. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Exit 20S leaves Interstate 84 south for Interstate 684 south. A directional ramp from Interstate 84 west travels overhead. Interstate 684 next meets Westchester County 138 (Hardscrabble Road) near New York 22 at Croton Falls. Historically, Interstate 684 represents the planned routing of Interstate 87 from White Plains to Interstate 84. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Exit 20N follows as a loop ramp onto the Interstate 684 freeway northward for U.S. 6-202 & New York 22. U.S. 6 & 202 travel east from Brewster along a parallel alignment to Interstate 84 into Danbury, Connecticut. New York 22 parts ways with the pair for the Interstate 684 freeway spur north to Sodom. The state route downgrades into a two-lane road northward between Bog Brook and East Branch Reservoirs to New York 312 at Sears Corners and Pawling. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Leaving the Interstate 684 interchange, Interstate 84 widens and approaches the Exit 21 half-diamond interchange with New York 121 (Peach Lake Road). New York 121 begins at U.S. 6 & 202 and leads southward 15.56 miles to New York 22 at Bedford. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Eastbound mileage sign listing the distance to Danbury and Hartford, Connecticut. Interstate 84 and U.S. 6 parallel or overlap with one another on the 65-mile drive between Brewster and the Connecticut capital city. Photo taken 06/26/05.
The carriageways of Interstate 84 separate to accommodate a tree-lined median east of the Exit 21 on-ramp from New York 121 (Peach Lake Road). Photos taken 06/26/05.
Interstate 84 east within one mile of Saw Mill Road, the first interchange within Connecticut, and first of seven serving the Danbury area. Photo taken 06/26/05.
A tourist information center and rest area reside near Interstate 84 Exit 2 at Old Ridgebury Road. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Saw Mill Road stems southward from U.S. 6 & 202 (Mill Plain Road) to Ridgebury Road at the Boehringer Ingelheim plant. Photo taken 06/26/05.
Exit 1 to Saw Mill Road actually departs Interstate 84 eastbound just before the Connecticut state line. Saw Mill Road straddles the western reaches of the Union Carbide plant to Turner Road. Ridgebury Road continues the drive southward to Ridgebury in north Ridgefield. Photo taken 06/26/05.

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