Interstate 95 North - Bucks County

Interstate 95 northbound at the Exit 32 off-ramp to Academy Avenue. The trumpet interchange features ramps to Linden Avenue, a north-south road between the Delaware River and Holme Avenue, Academy Avenue northbound, and Torresdale Avenue. The interchange serves the Torresdale, Pennypack Woods, and Bustleton neighborhoods of the city. Photo taken 10/03/04.
The Delaware Expressway departs the City and County of Philadelphia en route to Pennsylvania 63 (Woodhaven Road) and Exit 35. Woodhaven Road is a full freeway between Interstate 95 and U.S. 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard). The freeway serves the Franklin Mills Mall and Cornwells Heights. Photo taken 10/03/04.
One-mile Diagrammatic overhead for the eastern terminus of Pennsylvania 63 (Exit 35) on Interstate 95 northbound. Woodhaven Road was a planned full freeway between the Delaware Expressway and Pennsylvania Turnpike (Interstate 276). Community opposition however precluded the construction of the freeway from U.S. 1 northwestward. Therefore Pennsylvania 63 turns southward onto U.S. 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard) to Red Lion Road. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Drawing to within one half mile of the Pennsylvania 63 (Woodhaven Road) trumpet interchange of Exit 35. Woodhaven Road includes off-ramps for U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike), Franklin Mills Boulevard and the Franklin Mills Mall, Knights Road, Byberry Road, Thornton Road, and U.S. 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard). A frontage road system accompanies much of the freeway. In the background is the Tennis Avenue overpass. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Pennsylvania 63 northbound begins via Exit 35 on Interstate 95 north. The state route continues northwest from U.S. 1 via Red Lion Road and Philmont Avenue to Huntingdon Valley and Welsh Road to Willow Grove (pop. 15,932). Pennsylvania 63 intersects the first interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension (Intestate 476) at Kulpsville (pop. 8,064). Photo taken 03/23/04.
Constructed in the late 1990s, ramps and a collector/distributor roadway system joins Interstate 95 to the Amtrak & SEPTA - Cornwells Heights transit station and park and ride lot just north of Woodhaven Road. Photo taken 03/23/04.
A left-hand ramp links Interstate 95 southbound with the Cornwells Heights transit station. Posted ahead of it on northbound is the one-mile sign bridge for Exit 37 with Pennsylvania 132 (Street Road). The north-south state route begins at Interstate 95 and migrates northward to Bensalem, U.S. 1 at Interstate 276, and Feasterville (pop. 6,476). Photo taken 03/23/04.
One half mile south of Exit 37 for Pennsylvania 132 (Street Road). Street Road intersects adjacent U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) and State Road near Neshaminy State Park within one mile of the diamond interchange with Interstate 95. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Interstate 95 northbound at the Exit 37 off-ramp for Pennsylvania 132 (Street Road). A folded-cloverleaf interchange joins Street Road and U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) just north of Exit 37. Bristol Pike parallels Interstate 95 between Cornwells Heights, Croydon (pop. 10,045), and Bristol (pop. 9,902). Photo taken 03/23/04.
Interstate 95 veers northward at the upcoming interchange with Exit 40 (Pennsylvania 413). Here the Delaware Expressway ends and Interstate 95 reduces to four overall lanes. Photo taken 03/23/04.
At present there is no direct connection between Interstate 95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Interstate 276). Traffic bound for the east-west toll road is directed northward onto Exit 40 to Pennsylvania 413 (New Rodgers Road) southbound into Bristol. From there motorists turn northward onto U.S. 13 (Bristol Bypass) to the Interstate 276 Bristol interchange. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Close-up look at the one-mile Diagrammatic overhead for Exit 40 (Pennsylvania 413) on Interstate 95 north. Pennsylvania 413 (New Rodgers Road) links Interstate 95 with the Burlington Bristol Bridge and Burlington, New Jersey. The toll bridge is the last across the Delaware River between the Delaware Bay and New Jersey capital city of Trenton. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Exit 40 between Interstate 95 and Pennsylvania 413 was reconstructed in the late 1990s to provide ramps between Interstate 95 south and Pennsylvania 413 and Pennsylvania 413 and Interstate 95 north. Originally the interchange consisted of a wye interchange. Some maps from the 1980s showed the freeway spur to Pennsylvania 413 as Spur Interstate 95. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Exit 40 departs Interstate 95 northbound for Pennsylvania 413 and the city of Bristol. Pennsylvania 413 travels northward from the Burlington Bristol Bridge to Hulmeville, Penndel, Langhorne, and Newtown among other Bucks County communities. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Traveling the Exit 40 off-ramp to Pennsylvania 413 (New Rodgers Road) and Bristol. An auxiliary guide sign indicates the connections of Pennsylvania 413 south with the Burlington Bristol Bridge, Burlington, New Jersey, and Interstate 276 (Pennsylvania Turnpike). Of historical note is that a freeway and new bridge was planned in the 1970s and 1980s to build an Interstate 895 between this interchange and Interstate 295 and the New Jersey Turnpike south of Burlington, New Jersey. The project never got off the ground and was officially cancelled by 1990.1 Photo taken 03/23/04.
A traffic signal governs the movements of the Exit 40 off-ramp and Pennsylvania 413. Pennsylvania 413 passes through downtown Bristol on the 2.5 mile drive to the Burlington Bristol Bridge and New Jersey State line. Penndel lies 4.5 miles to the north via Pennsylvania 413 (New Rodgers Road). However Interstate 95 provides a faster route to the Philadelphia suburb via Exit 44 (U.S. 1 Business). Photo taken 10/03/04.
Shield and guide sign assembly for the end of the Exit 40 ramp at Pennsylvania 413 (New Rodgers Road). Note the erroneous Pennsylvania Turnpike trailblazer in black and white instead of the proper green and white. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Pennsylvania 413 and black/white Pennsylvania Turnpike trailblazer at the end of the Pennsylvania 413 ramps from Interstate 95 at Bristol. This area eventually will see Interstate 95 make a direct connection with Interstate 276/Pennsylvania Turnpike. When that occurs, the designation of Interstate 95 will switch over to the turnpike eastbound, linking Interstate 95 directly with the New Jersey Turnpike. The original Interstate 95 north of this location will become an extension of Interstate 295 from New Jersey. Photo taken 03/23/04.
Closer look at the shield assembly for Pennsylvania 413 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike at the end of Exit 40. The project to create a direct connection between Interstate 95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike is expected to cost $625 million and be complete by 2012. Part of the project entails the construction of a parallel Delaware River Bridge for the eventual Interstate 95 realignment on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.1 Photo taken 03/15/00.
Two miles south of the Exit 44 diamond interchange with U.S. 1 Business (Lincoln Highway) & Pennsylvania 413 again. Interstate 95 passes by Interstate 276 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) with no connection in between Exit 40 and this sign. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Auxiliary sign for Philadelphia Biblical University (Exit 40) and Sesame Place (Exit 46A) on Interstate 95 north. The U.S. 1 freeway interchanges with Interstate 95 north of U.S. 1 Business at Exit 46. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 1 Business & Pennsylvania 413 join together along the Lincoln Highway to pass over Interstate 95 at Exit 44. The pair cosign between Bellevue Avenue at Penndel eastward to New Rodgers Road adjacent to Interstate 95. Photo taken 10/03/04.
A mixture of old and new lighting fixtures line Interstate 95 through the U.S. 1 Business & Pennsylvania 413 (Lincoln Highway) interchange. U.S. 1 Business parallels U.S. 1 to the south between Penndel and Fairless Hills. Use the Lincoln Highway east to access the nearby community of Levittown via Woodburne Road or N Oxford Valley Road. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Next in line for Interstate 95 northbound motorists is the Exit 46A/B cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 1. The east-west freeway travels between Morrisville and Trenton westward to Langhorne and Neshaminy. Passing over Interstate 95 in the background is Pennsylvania 213 (Maple Avenue). Photo taken 10/03/04.
One half mile south of the Exit 46A off-ramp onto U.S. 1 north at Woodburne Road. Situated east of Interstate 95 and south of U.S. 1 is Sesame Place and the Oxford Valley Mall. Morrisville lies five miles to the east along U.S. 1 north. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Drawing near the Exit 46A ramp to U.S. 1 north. The freeway crosses the Delaware River into Trenton, New Jersey in 6.3 miles. The four-lane span is free in the northbound direction and continues the limited access stretch of the US route another 11.8 miles along the Trenton Freeway to the Brunswick Pike. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Interstate 95 northbound at the Exit 46 cloverleaf interchange. U.S. 1 provides a four-lane freeway through the southern Bucks County communities of Langhorne and Morrisville. Interchanges along the route serve Oxford Valley Road, Story Hill Road (Fairless Hills), U.S. 13, Pennsylvania 213 (Maple Avenue) and Bellevue Avenue among others. Photo taken 10/03/04.


  1. Delaware Expressway (I-95).

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