Interstate 190 / NY Thruway (Niagara Section)

Separate portions of the Niagara Section of the New York Thruway opened to traffic along Interstate 190 on July 30, 1959. A six mile segment extended northwest from I-90 to Porter Avenue near the Peac Bridge. Additionally a 1.5 mile segment was completed from Sheridan Drive north of Buffalo to the South Grand Island Bridge.1

Interstate 190 North
Interstate 190 north approaching the Peace Bridge. Fort Erie, Ontario and Buffalo are joined by the this span. It is the only international border crossing for the city of Buffalo and is tolled. Trailblazers for it can be found as far away as East Aurora along U.S. 20A. Photo taken 05/27/00.
The Peace Bridge as seen from Interstate 190 as it crosses underneath. Access to the bridge from the freeway is via city streets. Photo taken 05/27/00.
Interstate 190 northbound at the New York 198 stack interchange (Exit 11). Part of the highest flyover actually hangs over the river itself. Photo taken 05/27/00.
Interstate 190 at New York 265 to Lewistown (Exit 25A). This is the second to last exit before Interstate 190 heads into Canada. Photo taken 05/27/00.
Interstate 190 south
Southbound at the ramp to New York 198. This interchange marks the western terminus of that route. The name Scajaquada Freeway is a reference to a creek that the highway traverses. Photo taken 05/27/00.
Interstate 190 scenes
A section of the Interstate 190 viaduct in downtown Buffalo. Ramps from downtown and the New York 5 skyway tie into Interstate 190 at this location. Photo taken 05/27/00.
Interstate 190 button copy gantry at the onramps to the viaduct from downtown and New York 16 (Oak Street). The Buffalo Bisons minor league baseball stadium is to the right. Photo taken 05/27/00.
The view of the Buffalo skyline is impressive from the viaduct west of downtown. Photo taken 05/27/00.
To Interstate 190 shield on New York 266 (Niagara Street) northbound at Farmer Street in northwest Buffalo. Photo taken 05/27/00.
New York 324 westbound approaching the junction with Interstate 190 adjacent to the South Grand Island bridge toll plaza. The last interchange on Interstate 190 northbound is to New York 324 south. However, New York 324 secretly duplexes with Interstate 190 northbound onto Grand Island along the bridge. The span carries a 50 cent toll per passenger vehicle. Photo taken 05/27/00.
Panaramic view of the southern span crossing the Niagara River as seen from a park along New York 266. Photo taken 05/27/00.
Another view of the bridge looking north. This is the intersection of New York 266 and 324. New York 324 is the only state route on Grand Island north of here. Photo taken 05/27/00.
Panaramic view of the northern Grand Island Bridge crossing the Niagara River. This photo taken from a hotel parking lot on NY 384. Photo taken 05/27/00.


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