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Interstate 380

Interstate 380 North
Two-mile guide sign for Interstate 84 posted along Interstate 380 northbound near Moscow. Interstate 84 & 380 combine for their final four miles between Exit 24 and Interstate 81 at Dunmore. Interstate 84 wasn't always supposed to tie into Interstate 380 like it does however. Planning initially took the route southwest to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension just south of the Scranton city line near Duryea. Photo taken 07/21/00.
A tri-level stack interchange joins Interstate 84 west with Interstate 380 north at Exit 24. Interstate 84 crosses northeastern Pennsylvania between Scranton and Matamorsa at the New York state line. The freeway serves the Pocono Mountains between Interstate 380 and Milford at U.S. 6. Photo taken June of 1997.
Interstate 380 northbound merges with Interstate 84 west at Exit 24. Two lanes are afforded for the connection to Interstate 84 east for Mount Cobb, Greentown, and Milford. Interstate 84 continues east to Newbergh, New York and Danbury, Connecticut on its four-state journey. Photo taken June of 1997.
Interstate 84 west & 380 north ascend along a four to six lane freeway between Exit 24 and Interstate 81 & U.S. 6 at Dunmore. Exit 2 bringes Pennsylvania 435 (former U.S. 611) northbound onto the freeway and Exit 1 serves Tigue & Drinker Streets and Dunmore itself. Photo taken 07/21/00.
Interstate 380 scenes
Pennsylvania 307 (Scranton Pocono Highway) northbound at the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 380. Interstate 380 was signed as an east-west highway from its inception until the 2001 exit renumbering campaign. At that time sequential based exit numbers changed to mileage based exit numbers and Interstate 380 was redesignated a north-south highway. Photo taken 07/21/00.
Interstate 380 Pennsylvania eastbound shield posted at the Pennsylvania 307 (Scranton Pocono Highway) southbound turn onto the northbound freeway. Pennsylvania 307 parallels Interstate 380 from Pennsylvania 435 near Daleville northward to the city of Scranton. Photo taken 07/21/00.
Pennsylvania 690 (Madisonville Road) eastbound at the Interstate 380 (Exit 22) diamond interchange. Pictured here is an Interstate 380 & 84 shield assembly and guide sign for the northbound on-ramp. Interstate 380 merges with Interstate 84 at the next exit. Pennsylvania 690 meanwhile carries drivers east to Pennsylvania 435 (old U.S. 611) in Moscow before turning northeast to Madisonville and Hollisterville. Photo taken 07/21/00.

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