Interstate 587 & New York 28 - Col. Chandler Drive

Interstate 587 comprises a short freeway spur linking Kingston with the New York Thruway (Interstate 87) and the U.S. 209 freeway at Catskill Park. The freeway is unusual in that it is an Interstate route, yet it is not acknowledged by its parent route. Additionally it has no exists, ending at a roundabout with Washington Avenue, New York 28's continuation, and the ramps to Interstate 87 to the west and at a traffic light with New York 32 to the east. The freeway underwent reconstruction during 2005 to replace the Esopus Creek bridge and resurface the highway in general.

Interstate 587 & New York 28 east
A trumpet interchange joins Interstate 87 with a traffic rotary at the west end of Interstate 587 (Colonel George Chandler Drive), New York 28 (Onteora Trail), and Washington Avenue. Although there is no traffic light between Interstate 87 and 587, the connection is not a high-speed one. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Once in the rotary, drivers may either turn south on Washington Avenue for west Kingston or continue to Interstate 587 & New York 28 east for downtown Kingston. Washington Avenue spurs south from the roundabout to Schwenk Drive, Front Street, and Lucas Avenue on the drive to New York 32 (Boulevard). Photo taken 07/20/05.
New York 28 east leaves the roundabout and merge with the eastbound beginning of Interstate 587. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Colonel George Chandler Drive is the official name of the Interstate 587 & New York 28 freeway between Washington Avenue/Interstate 87 and New York 32. A park and ride lot lies south of the freeway beginning between Interstate 587 and Washington Avenue. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Interstate 587 & New York 28 enter the city limits of Kingston midway between the freeway end points. Kingston was first settled in 1652 by Dutch settlers from near Albany to farm the flood plains of the Esopus Creek. The settlers named the village Esopus and then Wiltwyck before the area colony came under English control by 1664. At that time Wiltwyck became known as Kingston. In 1777, Kingston became the first capital of New York State.1 Photo taken 07/20/05.
Interstate 587 & New York 28 east pass over the Esopus Creek and turn southward toward downtown Kingston. Pictured here are the last days of the original concrete during construction to replace the creek crossing and resurface the roadway. Photo taken 07/20/05.
The freeway concludes at the signalized intersection with New York 32 (Albany Avenue and Broadway). New York 32 makes an abrupt turn from the north-south Albany Avenue to the east-west Broadway. The state route meanders southward through Kingston via Flatbush Avenue, Albany Avenue, Broadway, and Henry Street among others. Albany Avenue continues southwest from New York 32 and Interstate 587 & New York 28 to Clinton Avenue and Uptown Kingston. Photo taken 07/20/05.

Interstate 587 & New York 28 west
Interstate 587 & New York 28 leave their intersection with New York 32 (Albany Avenue / Broadway) toward the Esopus Creek crossing. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Road work pictured here involves replacing the original Esopus Creek crossing of Interstate 587 & New York 28. Esopus Creek derives its name from the native Esopus tribe of the Delaware Nation.1 The creek flows northward to Lake Katrine, Saugerties, and the Hudson River. Photo taken 07/20/05.
NYSDOT often times posts batches of reassurance shields at arbitrary locations. The shield assembly pictured here lies just west of the Kingston city limits and Esopus Creek crossing. There are no entrance or exit ramps along the short freeway, so the shields just reinforce what the signs at the beginning displayed. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Nearing the Sawkill Road over crossing on Interstate 587 & New York 28 (Colonel George Chandler Drive) west. A pair of junction shields for Interstate 87 and the New York Thruway advise motorists of the forth coming roundabout with the Exit 19 connector of the toll road. Photo taken 07/20/05.
A pair of end signs accompany a large Diagrammatic overhead heralding the conclusion of Interstate 587 at Interstate 87/New York Thruway, Washington Avenue, and the continuation of New York 28 (Onteora Trail) west. Washington Avenue enters the roundabout from west Kingston; the Exit 19 on-ramp provides direct access to Interstate 87 via a trumpet interchange; New York 28 continues west a short distance to a full-cloverleaf interchange with the U.S. 209 freeway at Catskill Park. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Colonel George Chandler Drive (Interstate 587) enters the roundabout. Departing first is the turn lane to Interstate 87 (New York Thruway). The second right provides for the continuation of New York 28 west along Onteora Trail. New York 28 heads northwest three miles to Stony Hollow. U.S. 209 follows a freeway east five miles from New York 28 to its end at U.S. 9W and New York 199; New York 199 spans the Hudson River over the Rhinecliff Bridge. Ellenville meanwhile lies 29 miles southwest at the junction with New York 52. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Toll booths await motorists bound for the New York Thruway via the Exit 19 access road. Thruway tolls use a ticketed system based upon the number of miles traveled. Photo taken 07/20/05.
A standard trumpet interchange provides for the movements between the Exit 19 access road and the New York Thruway mainline. Interstate 87 north heads 50 miles north to Interstate 787 outside of Albany. Southward, the toll road carries Interstate 87 31 miles to Interstate 84 at Newburgh and 60 miles to the merge with Interstate 287 at Suffern. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Interstate 87 shields lie at the partitioning between the Exit 19 on-ramps to Interstate 87. The New York Thruway mainline begins in the Bronx, New York and ends at the Pennsylvania state line along Interstate 90. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Interstate 587 scenes
Albany Avenue carries New York 32 south from Flatbash Avenue to Broadway and Interstate 587 & New York 28. New York 28 ends at that intersection, and Albany Avenue ends one block west at the intersection with Clinton Avenue and Pearl Street. Photo taken 07/20/05.
A 30" traffic light lies above the Albany Avenue intersection with Maiden Lane, one half block west of the intersection with New York 32 (Broadway). New York 32 turns north onto Albany Avenue at the westbound beginning of Interstate 587 & New York 28 (Colonel George Chandler Drive). Photo taken 07/20/05.
Button copy overheads direct traffic at the Albany Avenue split between Broadway (New York 32 south) east and New York 32 north to Interstate 587 west. Photo taken 07/20/05.
Separate traffic lights govern the movements between Albany Avenue (New York 32) east with Interstate 587 & New York 28's end and beginning. Col. Chandler Drive stems northwest from New York 32 1.21 miles to Washington Avenue and Interstate 87 (New York Thruway). Photo taken 07/20/05.
Washington Avenue northbound approaching the roundabout with Interstate 587 (Col. Chandler Drive) east, New York 28 (Onteora Trail), and the New York Thruway access road. Washington Avenue links west Kingston with New York 28 and the U.S. 209 freeway. U.S. 209 bypasses Kingston to the west between Hurley and Lake Katrine. Photo taken 07/20/05.
A myriad of shields lie at the entrance to the roundabout with Interstate 587, New York 28, and Interstate 87 (New York Thruway). Washington Avenue ends hers. Photo taken 07/20/05.


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