Interstate 590 & New York 590 Southbound

New York 590 south
New York 590 leaves the New York 286 (Browncroft Boulevard) parclo interchange at east Rochester. Fairhaven Road acts as a southbound street between Browncroft Boulevard and Blossom Road (Exit 6). Photo taken 05/10/05.
A diamond interchange facilitates the movements between Blossom Road and New York 590 (Sea Breeze Expressway) at Exit 6. Blossom Road travels east from University Avenue in Rochester to Ellison Park and New York 286 at Creek Street. Photo taken 05/10/05.
The freeway passes over Blossom Road ahead of the "Can of Worms" interchange with Interstates 490 and 590. A Diagrammatic overhead advises motorists that both movements to Interstate 490 (East Expressway) depart in unison at Exit 5. Interstate 490 provides a direct route to downtown Rochester from the northeast suburbs in conjunction with the Sea Breeze Expressway. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Exit 5 departs the New York 590 transition to Interstate 590 via a left-hand off-ramp. High flyovers direct motorists onto Interstate 490 west for downtown and east for Victor and the New York Thruway east to Syracuse. Photo taken 05/10/05.
A parting shot of the Exit 5 off-ramp to Interstate 490. Interstate 490 next meets Culver Road (Exit 19) to the west and Penfield Road (Exit 22) to the east. Downtown Rochester is three miles to the west while Victor is a 13-mile drive to the southeast. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Interstate 590 South
An Interstate 590 reassurance marker lies at the Sea Breeze Expressway transition to the Outer Loop freeway. Interstate 590 travels underneath the New York Central Railroad, Interstate 490 mainline, New York 96 (East Avenue), and associated ramps of the Can of Worms interchange ahead. Photo taken 05/10/05
Interstate 590 briefly nips the Rochester city limits at the Can of Worms interchange. Traveling above in this scene is Interstate 490 and New York 96 (East Avenue). New York 96 shadows Interstate 490 east from downtown Rochester to Victor. There is no direct access onto New York 96 from Interstate 590. Photo taken 05/10/05.

The Can of Worms interchange replaced a pair of tri-level stack interchanges between Interstate 590, Interstate 490, and New York 590. The independent exits were consolidated to serve a seamless Interstate 590 and New York 590 freeway. Pictured here are flyover ramps to/from Interstate 490/ Photo taken 05/10/05.
Interstate 590 leaves the Can of Worms interchange for Brighton and points south. A half-diamond interchange lies ahead with Highland Avenue (Exit 4 for northbound). Photo taken 05/10/05
Attached to the Highland Avenue overpass is the one-half mile guide sign for Elmwood Avenue. Elmwood Avenue serves the Brighton village center at Twelve Corners to the west and Penfield and East Rochester to the east via New York 441 (Linden Avenue) and New York 96 (East Avenue). Photo taken 05/10/05.
Six lanes of Interstate 590 pass underneath Elmwood Avenue at the Exit 3 half-diamond interchange. Elmwood Avenue travels west from New York 96 & 441 4.5 miles to New York 15 (Mt. Hope Avenue) and 5.6 miles to New York 383 (Genesee Street). Photo taken 05/10/05.
Interstate 590 continues one half mile south from Elmwood Avenue to New York 31 (Exits 2A/B). New York 31 (Monroe Avenue) travels southeast from downtown Rochester through Brighton to Pittsford and Fairport. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Exit 2A leaves Interstate 590 for New York 31 (Monroe Avenue) just north of its intersection with Allens Creek Road. Monroe Avenue travels northwest to Twelve Corners on the 2.25-mile drive to Interstate 490 (Exit 18). The state route travels overall between Buffalo and Syracuse. Photo taken 05/10/05
Interstate 590 passes over both Allens Creek Road and Monroe Avenue ahead of the Exit 2B loop ramp onto New York 31 east. New York 31 continues along Monroe Avenue to State Street and the suburb of Pittsford. Pittsford lies at the New York 31 junction with New York 96 (Main Street) 2.5 miles to the southeast. Photo taken 05/10/05.
The Outer Loop freeway turns west after the interchange with New York 31 (Monroe Avenue). Photo taken 05/10/05.
Edgewood Avenue passes over Interstate 590 one half mile east of the Winton Road diamond interchange (Exit 1). Winton Road travels in a north-south fashion between New York 404 (Empire Boulevard) at east Rochester to Pinnacle Road at Henrietta.
Work will commence in March 2011 to upgrade Exit 1 into the state's first Diverging Diamond interchange (DDI). The $4-million project, expected to be completed by Summer 2012, will alter the traffic pattern of Winton Road to allow for free-flowing movements onto Interstate 590. This design shifts north and southbound Winton Road counter intuitively above the freeway to eliminate signalized left-hand turns for the on-ramps.1 Photo taken 05/10/05
Exit 1 departs Interstate 590 south for Winton Road. Winton Road north heads to Westfall Road and Twelve Corners in Brighton. Winton Road south spans the Erie Canal ahead of the intersections with Brighton Henrietta Town Road and New York 252 (Jefferson Road).Photo taken 05/10/05.
Interstate 590 south (westbound at this point) continues toward the tri-level stack interchange with Interstate 390. The Outer Loop freeway continues west and northwest to Rochester International Airport and Gates via Interstate 390 north. Interstate 390 south leaves the metropolitan area via Henrietta and Rush. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Interstate 590 partitions into the two-lane continuation of the Outer Loop freeway onto Interstate 390 and a two-lane flyover ramp onto Interstate 390 south. Interstate 390 south travels five miles to Interstate 90 (New York Thruway) and 29 miles to the Livingston County seat of Geneseo. The freeway joins the Rochester metropolitan area with Interstate 86 & New York 17 (Southern Tier Expressway) for points south such as Corning and Elmira. Photo taken 05/10/05.
A trailblazer reminds motorists of the Interstate 590 south transition into Interstate 390 north. Interstate 390 continues the Outer Loop freeway west to Interstate 490 near Gates. New York 390 continues north from there to Greece and the Lake Ontario State Parkway. Photo taken 05/10/05
The junction between Interstates 590 and 390 was designed to be a four-level symmetrical stack interchange with the unconstructed Genesee Expressway. The Genesee Expressway was to travel north from here to downtown Rochester and Interstate 490 (Inner Loop). Had it been built, Interstate 390 would have followed it northward and Interstate 590 would have continued west to Interstate 490 at Gates. The project was shelved in the 1970s. Photo taken 05/10/05.
The next exit for Interstate 590 travelers merging on Interstate 390 north is that of Exit 16 with New York 15A (East Henrietta Road) and New York 15 (West Henrietta Road). New York 15 and 15A combine north of Interstate 390 in south Rochester. From there New York 15, former U.S. 15, continues along Mt. Hope Avenue to the University of Rochester and downtown. New York 15 and 15A south diverge from Henrietta on respective paths to Avon and Rush. Photo taken 05/10/05.
A look at the end Interstate 590 shield assembly and its state-named predecessor ahead of the Interstate 390 northbound merge. There is no end sign posted at the north end, nor for Interstates 390 or 490, so this sign is sort of an anomaly. Photos taken 05/10/05 & 05/28/00.
Auxiliary guide signs exist both on the Interstate 590 mainline and the Interstate 390 ramp for Exit 16. New York 15 and New York 15A serve the area points of interest Monroe Community College, the University of Rochester, and Strong Memorial Hospital. Photo taken 05/10/05.


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