Miscellaneous Pennsylvania Statewide Photos

Interstate 84
Interstate 84 Pennsylvania Shield on Pennsylvania 247 south at Exit 8. Photo taken 07/21/00.
U.S. Highways
U.S. 20
Westbound on U.S. 20 at the turnaround for Interstate 79 south/U.S. 20 westbound. Since there is no direct access ramp from U.S. 20 westbound to Interstate 79 south, traffic must u-turn to eastbound U.S. 20 for its ramp to Interstate 79 south. Signage is non-reflectorized with button copy lettering. Photo taken 10/07/01.
Button copy overheads on U.S. 20 westbound at Interstate 79. The "TO 12th Street" sign refers to northbound Interstate 79, which sees its last interchange at 12th Street just off to the north. Photo taken 10/07/01.
U.S. 209 Business
North Business U.S. 209 reassurance shield posted along Main Street just north of the interchange with Interstate 80 (Exit 305) at Stroudsburg. Main Street enters downtown Stroudsburg ahead. Photo taken 07/28/00.
U.S. 224
U.S. 422 west shield at the New Castle Bypass interchange on U.S. 224 eastbound. This interchange marks the eastern terminus of U.S. 224. However, there are no end U.S. 224 shields at the U.S. 422 & Pennsylvania 60 interchange. State Street continues ahead into downtown New Castle. Photo taken 10/99.
U.S. 224 westbound begins at the U.S. 422 east & Pennsylvania 60 southbound on-ramp to the New Castle Bypass. Westbound signs point to Poland, Ohio, since there are no other destinations in Pennsylvania for this route. Note that the Poland signs show a text-based U.S. 224, and they are button-copy. U.S. 224 barely even makes it into Pennsylvania, and it was curtailed from its original terminus, which was located closer to the downtown portion of New Castle at its junction with Business U.S. 422. The section of Former U.S. 224 between the U.S. 422/Pennsylvania 60 Bypass and Business U.S. 422 is a four-digit secret Pennsylvania state route that is signed as To U.S. 224 Westbound and is signed solely as "New Castle" eastbound. The older signs might have the text "US 224" scraped off. Photo taken 10/07/01.

State Routes
Pennsylvania 3
Pennsylvania 3 (West Chester Pike) westbound after its interchange with U.S. 202 & 322 (West Chester Bypass) at Concord Road. The surface arterial travels all the way to West Chester from downtown Philadelphia through suburban communities such as Upper Darby, Broomall, Newtown Square, and Willistown. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Pennsylvania 3 splits into the one-way street couplet of Gay Street (westbound) and Market Street (eastbound when entering the city of West Chester. Market Street carries Pennsylvania 3 eastbound from U.S. 322 Business (High Street) to Paoli and West Chester Pikes. Gay Street carries the state route westbound to Matlack Street. At Matlack Street, Pennsylvania 3 westbound turns north for two blocks to Chestnut Street. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Northbound on Matlack Street where Pennsylvania 3 west turns left onto Chestnut Street. Chestnut Street carries the final two blocks of westbound before Pennsylvania 3 ends at U.S. 322 Business (High Street). Photo taken 08/15/04.
Approaching High Street and U.S. 322 Business westbound on Chestnut Street westbound. Pennsylvania 3 ends at the upcoming intersection. U.S. 322 Business westbound follows High Street north three blocks from Market Street to Chestnut Street west. From here U.S. 322 Business west follows Chestnut Street five blocks to rejoin the eastbound direction of U.S. 322 Business at Hannum Avenue. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Pennsylvania 3 ends as Chestnut Street gains U.S. 322 Business west. U.S. 322 Business east travels New Street and Market Street southwest of here around downtown West Chester. The two components of U.S. 322 Business join together at the High & Market Street intersection three blocks south of here. Of historical note, until 2001 High Street was apart of Pennsylvania 100. That route saw truncation to the north to decrease through traffic in West Chester. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Pennsylvania 18
Pennsylvania 60 and Interstate 80 shield assembly on Pennsylvania 18 northbound. The two highways share an interchange near West Middlesex. Photo taken 10/06/01.
Northbound Pennsylvania 18 at the Pennsylvania 60 interchange and ramp for northbound. Interstate 80 is located one mile to the north. Photo taken 10/06/01.
Pennsylvania 52
Pennsylvania 52 forms part of a multi state route between West Chester and Wilmington, Delaware. The state route begins along Price Street in the Chester County seat of West Chester from U.S. 322 Business (High Street). Featured here is the first southbound shield as the state route traverses a residential area south of downtown. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Pennsylvania 52 turns southward from Price Street westbound onto Bradford Avenue in the city of West Chester. Bradford Avenue carries the state route southward out of town toward Lenape Road and the Brandywine Creek. Pennsylvania 52 was multiplexed with Pennsylvania 100 along both Price Street and Bradford Avenue until 2001. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Southbound Pennsylvania 52 (Bradford Avenue) on the approach to the Nields Street traffic signal. Nields Street is an east-west residential street between Pennsylvania 52 and New Street. Bradford Avenue becomes rural south of the signal. Photo taken 08/15/04.
What was once the southbound split of Pennsylvania 52 & 100 is no more. Instead Pennsylvania 52 turns west to cross the Brandywine Creek at Creek Road. Lenape Road continues the state route southwest toward the community by the same name. Creek Road constitutes the original Pennsylvania 100 alongside the Brandywine to Chadds Ford and U.S. 1 (Baltimore Pike). Photo taken 08/15/04.
Pennsylvania 52 (Lenape Road) traverses a narrow bridge across the shallow Brandywine Creek west of Creek Road (old Pennsylvania 100). The community of Lenape lies ahead. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Lenape Road ends at U.S. 1 (Baltimore Pike) and the trumpet interchange to Longwood Gardens. Pennsylvania 52 southbound here turns eastward for a 0.75-mile overlap with U.S. 1 to Kennett Pike. U.S. 1 upgrades to a full freeway in less than a mile to the west. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Pennsylvania 82
First Pennsylvania 82 northbound shield, located almost two miles to the north of the Delaware state line. As is the case with Pennsylvania 41, 52, 100, 261, 491, and 896, Pennsylvania 82 retains its number upon entering the first state. Delaware 82 terminates just south of the state line at Delaware 52 near Yorklyn. Photo taken 12/21/01.
Pennsylvania 132
Pennsylvania 132 follows Street Road on a northwest to southeast alignment between Pennsylvania 611 (Easton Road) and Interstate 95 (Exit 37). The four to six-lane surface arterial serves the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. Pictured here is the approach to Pennsylvania 513 (Hulmeville Road) on Street Road southbound in Bensalem Township. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Street Road southbound at the signalized intersection with Pennsylvania 513 (Hulmeville Road). Hulmeville Road ends 1.6 miles to the southwest at U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike). The state route continues north 3.7 miles to the Borough of Penndel and Bellevue Avenue. Photo taken 10/03/04.
A folded-diamond interchange joins U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) with Pennsylvania 132 (Street Road) outside of its interchange with Interstate 95 (Exit 37). Bristol Pike parallels Interstate 95 between the city of Philadelphia and Bensalem to the south and Bristol to the northeast. Photo taken 10/03/04.
The Bristol Pike exit ramp is signed as "TO U.S. 13" from Pennsylvania 132 (Street Road) southbound. There is no direct access between U.S. 13 and Interstate 95 within the state of Pennsylvania. Use Bristol Pike southbound for Eddington, Bensalem, and Andalusia. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Pennsylvania 132 concludes at its diamond interchange with Interstate 95. Street Road however continues southeast to State Road and the Delaware River. Interstate 95 follows the Delaware Expressway northeast from central Philadelphia to southeastern Bucks County and Pennsylvania 132. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Pennsylvania 132 passes over U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) ahead of the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 95. Interstate 95 reaches downtown Philadelphia 15 miles to the south. Northbound curves toward Langhorne and Trenton in the next 15 miles. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Pennsylvania 179
Pennsylvania 179 continues New Jersey 179 across the Delaware River between Lambertville, New Jersey and New Hope. The state route follows Bridge Street and intersects Pennsylvania 32 (Main Street) upon entering Bucks County. Photo taken 10/03/04.
An older mast arm signal assembly governs the movements between Pennsylvania 179 (Bridge Street) and Pennsylvania 32 (Main Street). Pennsylvania 32 straddles the Delaware River between Morrisville, Yardley, and Washington Crossing to the south northward to New Hope. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Pennsylvania 179 ends 1.2 miles west of the New Jersey state line at U.S. 202 (Lower York Road). The state route (York Road) meets the US route just outside of New Hope. An end sign is placed alongside the junction shield for U.S. 202 at the western terminus. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Traffic partitions for U.S. 202 northbound to Lambertville, Flemington, and Somerville, New Jersey from U.S. 202 southbound to Buckingham and Doylestown. Photo taken 10/03/04.
A set of button copy signs lie at the western terminus of Pennsylvania 179 (York Road) for U.S. 202 (Lower York Road). U.S. 202 maintains four lanes from the Lambertville Freeway southwest to the Doylestown Bypass. An entrance to a local subdivision coincides with the signalized intersection. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Pennsylvania 208
Eastbound Pennsylvania 208 mileage to Pulaski and New Wilmington, just east of its intersection with U.S. 422. Photo taken 5/02.
Eastbound Pennsylvania 208 approaching Southbound Pennsylvania 551. These routes merge at this point into Pulaski along the Shenango River. Photo taken 5/02.
Eastbound Pennsylvania 208 approaching Pennsylvania 60 between Pulaski and New Wilmington. Photo taken 5/02.
Eastbound Pennsylvania 208 at Pennsylvania 60 (Shenango Valley Expressway). Northbound connects to Interstate 80 and Sharon; southbound leads to New Castle and Pittsburgh. Photo taken 5/02.
Pennsylvania 230
End Pennsylvania 230 shield assembly at the junction of U.S. 22. U.S. 22 make an "L shaped" turn as it becomes a freeway to the north and follows Arsenal Avenue to the east. Photo taken 07/01/00.
Westbound U.S. 22 original button copy overhead on Pennsylvania 230. This intersection marks the western terminus of the former U.S. route. Photo taken 07/01/00.
Detail of the U.S. 22 button copy overhead in the above photograph. Photo taken 07/01/00.
Pennsylvania 261
The first northbound Pennsylvania 261 stands just beyond the Delaware state line along Foulk Road. The state route advances a half mile north to meet Pennsylvania 491 (Naamans Creek Road) at the community of Booths Corner. Photo taken 10/12/01.
Standard PennDOT end shield assembly located on northbound Pennsylvania 261 (Foulk Road) approaching U.S. 322. Photo taken 12/21/01.
Pennsylvania 261 ends at this old fashioned interchange with U.S. 322. A local highway acts as a frontage road from Pennsylvania 261 to the west, allowing for an alternate route to access U.S. 322. Photo taken 12/21/01.
U.S. 322 shield assembly on the frontage road that connects eastbound U.S. 322 with Pennsylvania 261 in Delaware County. Photo taken 12/21/01.
Pennsylvania 452
Intersection of Pennsylvania 452 (Market Street) south at U.S. 13 in Marcus Hook. This marks the southern terminus of the state route. Photo taken 10/13/01.
Pennsylvania 472
Northbound on Pennsylvania 472 at old U.S. 1 in Oxford. Pennsylvania 10 begins to the right at the point where Pennsylvania 472 leaves old U.S. 1. Old U.S. 1 and Pennsylvania 472 share a block together. Photo taken 05/00.
Pennsylvania 472 southbound at the southern terminus of Pennsylvania 10 at Oxford. This marks the historic southern terminus of U.S. 122 (which followed the current Pennsylvania 10 routing northward to Reading). The intersecting street in the photograph is that old U.S. 1. Photo taken 05/00.
Pennsylvania 491
Eight inch lenses on this four-way traffic light assembly on westbound Pennsylvania 491 (Naamans Creek Road) at Pennsylvania 261 (Foulk Road) at Booths Corners. Modern mast arm traffic signals with LED lens now govern the movements between the two state routes. Photo taken June 2000.
Pennsylvania 491 (Naamans Creek Road) westbound at the terminus with U.S. 202 (Wilmington Pike) north of the Delaware state line. Photo taken 12/21/01.
Pennsylvania 663
Erroneous Pennsylvania Turnpike 476 trailblazer for Interstate 476 posted on Pennsylvania 663 (John Fries Highway) southbound as it departs the junction of Pennsylvania 309 & 313 in Quakertown. Pennsylvania 663 intersects the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 3.3 miles. The Pennsylvania 63 and 663 interchanges of Interstate 476 are the only two between Interstate 276 and Allentown on the Northeast Extension. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Pennsylvania 663 (John Fries Highway) southbound at the entrance ramp to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension. Interstate 476 travels 13 miles south to the Lansdale Interchange (Pennsylvania 63) and 12 miles northward to Interstate 78, U.S. 22, and Pennsylvania 309 at Allentown. Photo taken 04/23/04.
Norristown Scenes
Old mast arm traffic signal assembly in place at the Airy Street westbound intersection with Cherry Street in downtown Norristown. Airy Street flows westbound only two blocks north of Main Street (former U.S. 422). Photo taken 08/15/04.
Airy Street westbound at the signalized intersection with Barbadoes Street. Ahead is the Airy Street viaduct over U.S. 202 (Markley Street) southbound. Markley Street comprises a four-lane surface boulevard but only carries U.S. 202 southbound shields. U.S. 202 northbound travels Dekalb Street to the east. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Descending from the viaduct over Markley Street into the intersection with Astor Street on Airy Street westbound. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Main Street eastbound at U.S. 202 southbound (Markley Street). Markley Street transitions into the Dannehower Bridge over the Schuylkill River to the right with an interchange at Pennsylvania 23 (Schuylkill Parkway) beyond the crossing. Main Street continues east into downtown four blocks ahead to U.S. 202 north (Dekalb Street). Main Street represents the original alignment of U.S. 422 through Norristown. Photo taken 08/15/04.

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