New Tyburn Road Expressway

New Tyburn Road comprises a four-lane arterial / expressway between U.S. 1 (Lincoln Highway) at Fallsington and Pennsylvania Avenue south of Morrisville. The east-west road is found in eastern Bucks County south of the U.S. 1 freeway and north of the US Steel Industrial Park. Four interchanges and three at-grade intersections exist along the 3.8-mile long highway. Special thanks goes to Doug Kerr and Lou Corsaro for the road enthusiast meeting of October 3, 2004 involving exploration of the Tyburn Road Expressway.

Tyburn Road east
New Tyburn Road ventures one mile southeast from the intersection of U.S. 1 (Lincoln Highway) and Woolston Drive to a full-cloverleaf interchange with the U.S. 13 freeway. U.S. 13 begins nearby at U.S. 1 in Morrisville. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Use the southbound on-ramp to U.S. 13 for Tullytown and Bristol. The freeway ends at the Bristol Pike merge with U.S. 13 near Levittown Parkway in Tullytown. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Construction was underway along the entire U.S. 13 freeway in Bucks County at the time of these photographs. Formwork is visible on the overpasses for the US route above New Tyburn Road eastbound. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Northbound drivers bound for U.S. 13 depart New Tyburn Road eastbound. U.S. 13 sees interchanges with Lower Morrisville Road and U.S. 1 before ending at Morrisville. Pine Grove Road stems north from the terminus to Yardley Morrisville Road and the community of Yardley. Photo taken 10/03/04.
All of the exits along New Tyburn Road are mysteriously unsigned. The first of two eastbound off-ramps departs New Tyburn Road as a slip ramp onto adjacent Old Tyburn Road. Old Tyburn Road parallels New Tyburn Road from here eastward to the intersection of Newbold Road & Old Bristol Pike. Photo taken 10/03/04.
New Tyburn Road straddles wetlands areas between the Newbold Road parclo interchange and New Ford Mill Road. A traffic signal governs the movemenets between the north end of New Ford Mill Road and New Tyburn Road. New Ford Mill Road serves the US Steel Industrial Park between here and Bordentown Road. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Expressway ends sign posted along New Tyburn Road eastbound after New Ford Mill Road. The US Steel Industrial Park fronts the eastbound lanes of the four-lane expressway. Photo taken 10/03/04.
A trumpet interchange lies at the eastern end of New Tyburn Road. The off-ramps carry traffic onto River Road south for the Fairless Works and Pennsylvania Avenue north into Morrisville. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Diagrammatic overhead posted at the conclusion of New Tyburn Road eastbound. River Road enters the US Steel Industrial Park to the south. Pennsylvania Avenue continues River Road north 1.75 miles to U.S. 1 in Morrisvlle. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Tyburn Road West
Westbound New new_tyburn Road at the unsigned trumpet interchange with Bristol Pike. Bristol Pike stems north from the expressway 1.5 miles to Pennsylvania Avenue in Morrisville. The surface street name changes to Philadelphia Avenue upon entering the town. Photo taken 10/03/04.
A parclo interchange facilitates the movements between Newbold Road and New new_tyburn Road just west of Bristol Pike. The northbound off-ramp departs the expressway for Newbold Road to Lower Morrisville Road in an unsigned fashion. Photo taken 10/03/04.
New new_tyburn Road westbound at the loop ramp onto Newbold Road southbound. Newbold Road becomes Old Bristol Pike south of its nearby intersection with Old new_tyburn Road. Old Bristol Pike continues southward to Wheat Sheaf and Tullytown. The only sign found at the off-ramp is a "Wastes Trucks Prohibited" sign. Photo taken 10/03/04.
Nearing the full-cloverleaf interchange with the U.S. 13 freeway near Fallsington. U.S. 13 follows a limited access highway south from its beginning at U.S. 1 near Morrisville to Levittown Parkway in Tullytown. Photo taken 10/03/04.
U.S. 13 northbound ends and Pine Grove Road begins at the cloverleaf interchange with the U.S. 1 freeway. From there Pine Grove Road continues northward to Trenton Avenue two miles to the north of New new_tyburn Road. Pine Grove Road becomes Yardley Morrisville Road en route to Yardley. Photo taken 10/03/04.
New new_tyburn Road westbound at the U.S. 13 over crossing. U.S. 13 southbound remains a freeway for another 2.5 miles before transitioning into the Bristol Pike surface arterial through Tullytown. Photo taken 10/03/04.
New new_tyburn Road westbound at U.S. 13 southbound. U.S. 13 interchanges with Interstate 276 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) five miles to the south on the 5.8-mile drive to Bristol. The US highway was once touted as the future corridor for Interstate 95 during the planning days of the Interstate System. Photo taken 10/03/04.
New new_tyburn Road curves northwest from U.S. 13 to New Falls Road, Trenton Roads, and U.S. 1 Business (Lincoln Highway). New new_tyburn Road ends at the traffic light with Lincoln Highway and Woolston Drive. Woolston Drive continues the road north of U.S. 1 Business to Stony Hill Road and U.S. 1 southbound. Photo taken 10/03/04.
The end of New new_tyburn Road and beginning of Woolston Drive at U.S. 1 Business (Lincoln Highway). U.S. 1 Business parallels the U.S. 1 freeway from Morrisville westward through Fairless Hills, Oxford Valley, and Langhorne. Use Lincoln Highway east for the U.S. 1 freeway north. Photo taken 10/03/04.

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