New Wilmington

New Wilmington, a small town located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Routes 158, 208, and 956, is home to Westminster College, a Presbyterian four-year college. Pennsylvania 158 is a north-south route from Pennsylvania 18 just north of New Castle to U.S. 62 just west of Mercer. Pennsylvania 208 is an east-west route from U.S. 422 near the Ohio State Line west to Pennsylvania 36 near Lickingville. This highway connects the small town to Interstate 79 at Exit 113, and it is the easiest way to shopping, as a large outlet mall complex is located at this interchange. Pennsylvania 956 is a comparatively minor route, leading in a northwest to southeast direction. Its northern terminus is in New Wilmington, and its southern end is at U.S. 19 just north of Harlansburg. Pennsylvania 956 is a good back way from New Wilmington to southbound Interstate 79 via Pennsylvania 108.

These pictures show some of the scenes from around the town and borough of New Wilmington, home of the Westminster Titans. All photos taken in October 1999, October 2001, or May 2002.

Pennsylvania 208 east
Eastbound Pennsylvania 208 enters the vicinity of New Wilmington. Photo taken 5/02.
Like most small towns in western Pennsylvania, the Amish have established a presence in New Wilmington, both in the community and on the rural farms. The horse drawn buggies are commonly seen in New Wilmington, and they usually have large orange caution triangle affixed to their back for ease of visibility by fast-moving automobiles on public highways. The Amish people are known for not using electricity in their way of life; Amish quilters are known throughout the world for the quality of their wares. Along the rural highways, most Amish homes have distinguished by having a light blue door and no wires connecting them to the power grid. Photo taken 5/02.
Coming into the center of town, the major intersection is between Pennsylvania 208 and Pennsylvania 158-956. The shields here show Pennsylvania 208 eastbound and Pennsylvania 158 northbound. Pennsylvania 158 and 208 briefly merge in downtown New Wilmington. This intersection is where Pennsylvania 158 and 208 split as they start to leave town. At this intersection, Southbound Pennsylvania 956 begins to the right, but this signage does not indicate that. The junction sign in the distance is the first indicator of Pennsylvania 956.
Continuing east, Pennsylvania 208 approaches the intersection with Pennsylvania 158 and 956. These shields are located just after the intersection shown above. Pennsylvania 208 continues east from the point out of New Wilmington.
At the same intersection, note the green mileage sign pointing to the nearest towns along Pennsylvania 158 (left) and 956 (right). The tiny white sign that shows "SR 158" is a milemarker used exclusively in Pennsylvania.
Eastbound Pennsylvania 208 reaches its junction with Pennsylvania 158 and Pennsylvania 956. This sign assembly shows both Pennsylvania 158 and 956. The single four-way traffic light is also visible in this picture.
Pennsylvania 208 West
Now looking west, Pennsylvania 208 reaches Pennsylvania 158 and Pennsylvania 956. This is the directional for Pennsylvania 956 and 158. It shows that Pennsylvania 158 briefly merges with Pennsylvania 208 westbound.
Westbound Pennsylvania 208 reaches Pennsylvania 158 and Pennsylvania 956. This is the junction sign in advance of the intersection.
Pennsylvania 956 North
Still in New Wilmington, northbound Pennsylvania 956 approaches the intersection with Pennsylvania 158 and Pennsylvania 208. This marks the northern terminus of Pennsylvania 956. The shield spacing here is correct, although it looks like there should be another shield to the left of Pennsylvania 158. This is the short commercial stretch of downtown shops in New Wilmington.
This shield assembly is found on northbound Pennsylvania 956 as it approaches Pennsylvania 158 and Pennsylvania 208 in New Wilmington. There should be a Pennsylvania 956 shield beneath the end banner, but it was removed and not replaced between October 1999 and October 2001. See the next photo for the replacement.
By May 2002, the Pennsylvania 956 shield was replaced beneath the end banner. Photo taken 5/02.
here is a close-up of the end signage for Pennsylvania 956. Photo taken 5/02.
A second advance sign is located along northbound Pennsylvania 956 after the end shield and before the intersection with Pennsylvania 158 and Pennsylvania 208.
This distance sign is located along northbound Pennsylvania 956 after the end shield assembly at the intersection with Pennsylvania 158 and Pennsylvania 208. Photo taken 5/02.
A rarity in most areas, the intersection between Pennsylvania 956, Pennsylvania 158, and Pennsylvania 208 is governed by a timed, four-way traffic signal. This signal is timed and does not use traffic loops or other technology to change signals based on traffic counts. Photo taken 5/02.
This picture was taken on Pennsylvania 956 in New Wilmington at the intersection with Pennsylvania 158 and 208. Note the detour sign for Pennsylvania 168.
Pennsylvania 158 North
Northbound Pennsylvania 158 approaches Pennsylvania 208. This is where northbound Pennsylvania 158 and eastbound Pennsylvania 158 briefly merge before meeting Pennsylvania 956 a few blocks to the east of the upcoming intersection.
Northbound Pennsylvania 158 reaches Pennsylvania 208. This sign assembly is at the actual intersection.

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