Pennsylvania 63 (Woodhaven Road)

A short freeway serving Northeast Philadelphia. Pennsylvania 63, known as Woodhaven Road, links Interstate 95 with U.S. 1/Roosevelt Boulevard. The freeway carries four lanes overall, with an interchange at the Franklin Mills Mall and U.S. 13/Bristol Pike. The western terminus of the freeway ends at a stub for an industrial area. This stub was originally intended to continue the freeway northward to Interstate 276/Pennsylvania Turnpike. Local oppositions has effective curtailed these plans with no extension in the works.

Pennsylvania 63 East
Original concrete glides travelers eastbound on Pennsylvania 63 after the U.S. 1 interchange. A frontage road system commences along the eastbound direction of the freeway. The adjacent roadway is named Woodhaven Road. Photo taken 05/20/00.
A slip ramp on the adjacent frontage road forms the Thornton Road off-ramp of Pennsylvania 63 eastbound. Thorton Road constitutes a short north-south road between Comly Road at the Philadelphia Northeast Airport boundary and Byberry Road northeast of Woodhaven Road. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Faded original button copy overhead for the eastbound on-ramp from the adjacent Woodhaven Road service road east of Thornton Road. The slip ramp brings Thornton Road traffic onto Pennsylvania 63 across from the westbound off-ramp. Photo taken 04/25/04.
An upcoming exits overhead posted after the Thornton Road on-ramp is the first indication of the forthcoming exit for Knights Road. Like the Thornton Road exit, a slip ramp onto the adjacent frontage road forms the eastbound off-ramp. Knights Road begins 1.5 miles to the south at U.S. 13 (Frankford Avenue). Photo taken 04/25/04.
Pennsylvania 63 eastbound at the Knights Road off-ramp. The north-south arterial travels from the Longmead Farms area of Philadelphia northward past Franklin Mills to Pennsylvania 132 (Street Road) near Philadelphia Raceway Park. Photo taken 04/25/04.
What normally is the third eastbound lane of Woodhaven Road is closed due to construction in this photograph. The right-hand lane becomes exit-only normally for the upcoming exit for Franklin Mills Boulevard and Millbrook Road Photo taken 04/25/04.
Attached to the Knights Road overpass is the exit sign for the Franklin Mills Boulevard and Millbrook Road slip ramp onto the adjacent frontage road. Millbrook Road serves a nearby residential area to the south of Woodhaven Road to become Franklin Mills Boulevard north of Pennsylvania 63. Franklin Mills Boulevard serves the outlet center Franklin Mills Mall. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Woodhaven Road lowers to pass underneath the Millbrook Road overcrossing at Franklin Mills one half mile west of the folded-cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike). U.S. 13 parallels Interstate 95 from Northeast Philadelphia to the Bucks County town of Bristol. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Construction is underway to squeeze Pennsylvania 63 across the Philadelphia city/county line as Woodhaven Road enters Bucks County. The U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) off-ramp departs ahead at the Cornwells Heights community. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Pennsylvania 63 prepares for its junction with Interstate 95 as the U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) off-ramp and adjacent Woodhaven Road frontage road depart the freeway. Although U.S. 13 parallels Interstate 95 throughout the state of Pennsylvania, there is no direct access between it and the Interstate route. Woodhaven Road thus acts as a connector between the two highways here. Photo taken 04/25/04.
With U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) passing overhead in the background, Pennsylvania 63 draws closer to its trumpet interchange with Interstate 95. The left-hand lane serves Interstate 95 northbound and the nearby Cornwells Height Park and Ride lot. An overhead guides motorists to the SEPTA Regional Railroad station via the northbound ramp. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Pennsylvania 63 (Woodhaven Road) concludes just east of the U.S. 13 (Bristol Pike) overcrossing. The mainline defaults onto Interstate 95 (Delaware Expressway) southbound for the city of Philadelphia. Northward the freeway continues to Bristol and the New Jersey capital city of Trenton in 15 miles. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Pennsylvania 63 west
Westbound Pennsylvania 63 approaching the end of the Woodhaven Road freeway as seen from the U.S. 1 overpass. Jersey barriers block a ghost ramp from southbound U.S. 1 to Westbound Pennsylvania 63 to the right. Meanwhile barriers on the mainline shunt traffic into one lane from the original three. Photo taken 05/20/00.
Terminus of the freeway for Pennsylvania 63. Most traffic turns on Evans Street to the left, while access is still allowed to the industrial area straight ahead. Notice also that freeway lighting extends on the stub portion of the roadway beyond the Evans Street turn. Photo taken 05/20/00.

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