Pennsylvania 272

Pennsylvania 272 North
Crossing over the Oxford Bypass (U.S. 1) on Pennsylvania 272 (Christine Road) northbound near the community of Nottingham. A parclo interchange joins Christine Road with the four-lane U.S. 1 freeway below. Photo taken 07/25/04.
Pennsylvania 272 (Christine Road) northbound at the loop ramp onto U.S. 1 southbound for Rising Sun and Baltimore, Maryland. The U.S. 1 freeway ends just before the state line at Ridge Road to the west. From there U.S. 1 travels through Sylmar en route to Rising Sun, Conowingo, Bel Air, and Baltimore. Photo taken 07/25/04.
Pennsylvania 272 South
Pennsylvania 272 (Oregon Pike) southbound at the U.S. 222 southbound on-ramp near Roseville. A modified diamond interchange joins the freeway with Oregon Pike and Butler Road via slip ramps. Both U.S. 222 and Pennsylvania 272 continue southwest to U.S. 30 at Lancaster. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Continuing south on Pennsylvania 272 to the U.S. 30 freeway interchange just outside of Lancaster. U.S. 30 bypasses the city of Lancaster via a six-lane freeway to the north. A collector/distributor roadway system parallels the freeway between Pennsylvania 272 (Oregon Pike), Pennsylvania 501 (Lititz Pike), Fruitville Pike, and Pennsylvania 283. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Nearing the westbound c/d roadway for the U.S. 30 freeway. Reconstruction of the former four-lane highway occurred in the late 1990s and early 2000s to significantly improve the traffic flow of U.S. 30. The project resulted in the widening of the freeway, creation of c/d roadways, and interchange modifications that greatly improved U.S. 30. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Pennsylvania 272 (Oregon Pike) southbound at the westbound c/d roadway for U.S. 30, Pennsylvania 501 (Lititz Pike), and Pennsylvania 283. U.S. 30 and Pennsylvania 283 both travel freeways west from Lancaster on their respective journeys to York and Harrisburg. Pennsylvania 501 travels northward from U.S. 222 and downtown Lancaster to Overlook and Lititz. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Pennsylvania 272 (Oregon Pike) southbound at the eastbound c/d roadway for U.S. 30. Two things occur here. U.S. 222 northbound merges onto the U.S. 30 freeway between Oregon Pike and the next exit. Secondly, U.S. 222 & Pennsylvania 272 southbound merge together from U.S. 30 along the Oregon Pike and Lititz Pikes into downtown Lancaster. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Pennsylvania 272 scenes
A modified diamond interchange exists between U.S. 222 and Pennsylvania 272 (Oregon Pike) & Butler Road just northeast of Lancaster. Slip ramps exist along U.S. 222 northbound with adjacent Butler Road nears its intersection with Jake Landis Road. Butler Road stems north from Pennsylvania 23 (New Holland Pike) to Creek and Pinetown Roads nearby. U.S. 222 trailblazers are posted for the Butler Road northbound on-ramp and the Pennsylvania 272 southbound on-ramp to the freeway nearby. Photos taken 09/18/04.
Butler Road northbound at Jake Landis Road. Drivers destined for either Pennsylvania 272 (Oregon Pike) or U.S. 222 southbound should turn left onto Jake Landis Road northbound. Butler Road continues north otherwise to its U.S. 222 northbound on-ramp and the split between Creek and Pinetown Roads. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Jake Landis Road northbound at Pennsylvania 272 (Oregon Pike). The on-ramp to U.S. 222 southbound for Lancaster exists to the left. Oregon Pike comprises the pre-freeway alignment of U.S. 222 between Lancaster, Ephrata, and Adamsville. Landis Valley Road curves westward from Pennsylvania 272 to Kissell Hill Road. Photo taken 09/18/04.

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