Pennsylvania 772

Pennsylvania 772 Eastbound
Pennsylvania 23 & 772 eastbound reassurance shields posted on Main Street in Leola. Like other Pennsylvania 23 and 772 communities, it is common to encounter Amish horse and buggies when driving through the countryside and villages of Lancaster County. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Pennsylvania 772 turns southeast from Pennsylvania 23 (Main Street) via Newport Road. The state route snakes its way six miles through rural hill country to the community of Intercourse and Pennsylvania 340 (Old Philadelphia Pike). Photo taken 09/18/04.
The split of Pennsylvania 23 & 772 at Leola. Pennsylvania 772 travels another 11.5 miles to its end at U.S. 30 near the town of Gap. Pennsylvania 23 continues another 4.5 miles eastward into the borough of New Holland and 16.3 miles to Morgantown. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Venturing southeast along Newport Road and Pennsylvania 772 eastbound. The state route reaches the hamlet of Monterey in 1.6 miles. In the background is an Amish Horse and Buggy traveling along Newport Road westbound. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Eastbound reassurance shield near the intersection with Horseshoe Road just south of Leola. Horseshoe Road loops southward from Pennsylvania 23 and Leola to Pennsylvania 340 outside of Lancaster. The local highway passes under a pair of abandoned overpasses built for the Pennsylvania 23 freeway southwest of here. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Pennsylvania 772 itself passes over the abandoned Pennsylvania 23 "Goat Path Expressway" south of Leola. A diamond interchange was partially completed for the junction of the two state routes in the 1970s. Thus Newport Road widens to four-lanes to accomodate the never used ramps. For more photos of abandoned Pennsylvania 23, see Pennsylvania @ AARoads - Harrisburg Road Enthusiast Meet 2004. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Pennsylvania 772 Westbound
Pennsylvania 772 (Newport Road) westbond as it nears the merge with Pennsylvania 23 (Main Street) at Leola. The two routes share 0.2-miles of Main Street through the east Lancaster County town. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Pennsylvania 772 westbound turns left onto Pennsylvania 23 (Main Street). Pennsylvania 23 eastbound travels 17 miles to Morgantown and Interstate 176 & Pennsylvania 10. The borough of New Holland lies just four miles to the east otherwise. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Approaching the split of Pennsylvania 23 & 772 west in Leola. Pennsylvania 772 (Glenbrook Road) turns northward 3.3 miles to U.S. 222 & Pennsylvania 272 at Brownstown. Pennsylvania 23 remains on a westward trajectory 4.5 miles to Eden and the city of Lancaster. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Pennsylvania 23 (Main Street) westbound partitions with Pennsylvania 772 (Glenbrook Road) northbound. Pennsylvania 772 arcs north of Lancaster between Leola, Rothsville, Lititz, Manheim, and Mt. Joy. Both Pennsylvania 23 & 772 end at the Susquehanna River community of Marietta west of Lancaster. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Traveling Pennsylvania 772 westbound on Glenbrook Road north out of Leacock and Leola. The state route flows through the Amish countryside northward on the ride to the Conestoga River crossing near Brownstown. Photo taken 08/01/04.
Westbound reassurance shield on Glenbrook Road after the intersection with Forest Hill Road. Photo taken 08/01/04.
Heavy rains from a cluster of thunderstorms caused flooding throughout the Conestoga River valley of Lancaster County in late July 2004. Thus Pennsylvania 772's crosisng of the river near Brownstown was inundated and closed to through traffic. Photo taken 08/01/04.
Pennsylvania 772 (Newport Road) sees a parclo interchange with U.S. 222 south of Arkon and Rothsville. The U.S. 222 freeway stems northeast from Lancaster and U.S. 30 toward the city of Reading. A seamless limited-access highway between the two cities is almost complete. Photo taken 08/01/04.

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