Rochester Area Roads

05/28/00, 05/10/05 & 07/02/05 photos taken by Alex Nitzman.

State Routes
New York 15A North
Heading north along East Henrietta Road as New York 15A departs the Exit 16 diamond interchange with Interstate 390. Photo taken 05/10/05.
New York 15A spans the Erie Canal between Interstate 390 and Westfall Road. Photo taken 05/10/05.
A traffic light governs the movements between Stan Yale Drive east and the entrance to Monroe Community Hospital. Photo taken 05/10/05.
New York 15A continues north from Westfall Road a short distance to its merge with New York 15 (Mt. Hope Avenue). Westfall Road heads west to New York 15 and east to New York 31 at its interchange with Interstate 590. Photo taken 05/10/05.
New York 15A South
New York 15A (East Henrietta Road) south leaves Westfall Road and enters a signalized intersection with Stan Yale Drive east and the entrance to Monroe Community Hospital. Photo taken 05/10/05.
East Henrietta Road spans the Erie Canal ahead of the diamond interchange with Interstate 390. Interstate 590 begins at the adjacent interchange of Interstate 390 south, so its reflected in this sign assembly. Photo taken 05/10/05.
The northbound on-ramp to Interstate 390 not only connects with the freeway toward Rochester International Airport, but also to adjacent New York 15 (West Henrietta Road). Photo taken 05/10/05.
New York 15A (West Henrietta Road) passes over Interstate 390 ahead of the southbound on-ramp to Geneseo, Dansville, and Interstate 86. Rochester's Outer Loop continues east from Interstate 390 via Interstate 590 north to Interstate 490 and the Sea Breeze Expressway as well. Photo taken 05/10/05.
New York 286 East
Browncroft Boulevard leaves the intersection with Merchants Road and meets the interchange with New York 590 (Seabreeze Expressway) and the eastbound beginning of New York 286. Photo taken 05/10/05.
A loop ramp carries drivers onto New York 590 south ahead of Blossom Road and Interstates 490 and 590. Photos taken 05/10/05.
New York 286 begins at the southbound on-ramp to New York 590. Browncroft Boulevard also exits the city of Rochester for Brighton. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Passing underneath New York 590, New York 286 (Browncroft Boulevard) approaches the northbound on-ramp to Irondequoit and Sea Breeze. New York 286 otherwise continues east to Ellison Park and Penfield. Photo taken 05/10/05.
New York 286 West
New York 286 (Browncroft Boulevard) westbound at the loop ramp onto New York 590 (Seabreeze Expressway) south. The state route ends here. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Browncroft Boulevard continues beyond the Exit 7 interchange of New York 590 into a tree lined neighborhood of east Rochester. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Beyond the New York 286 west end, Browncroft Boulevard splits with Merchants Road. Merchants Road meanders northwest to Culver Road's commercial strip. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Streets and Arterials
Broadway north at Meigs Street. Meigs Street crosses Interstate 490 to the left and meets New York 31 (Monroe Street) to the north. Photo taken 05/10/05.
East Inner Loop trailblazer posted along Broadway northbound between Meigs Street and Averill Avenue. Broadway provides eastbound access to the Inner Loop for travelers emanating from Interstate 490 west, as there is no direct ramp between the two freeways in that direction. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Northbound Broadway at the traffic light with Averill Avenue. Averill Avenue spans Interstate 490 on its westerly course to New York 15 (Mt. Hope Avenue). Photo taken 05/10/05.
The next block sees Broadway intersect Alexander Street. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Motorists destined for the Inner Loop east are directed onto Union Street north from its beginning on Broadway. Pictured here is the signalized intersection of Union Street north with New York 31 (Monroe Avenue). Union Street continues north to a direct ramp onto the Loop. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Culver Road
Culver Road northbound at Parsells Avenue west. Further north, Culver Road represents a historic alignment of U.S. 104 between Empire Boulevard and East Ridge Road. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Lake Avenue
Lake Avenue northbound at the intersection with Ridgeway Avenue near Kodak Park. Ridgeway Avenue provides access onto New York 104 (West Ridge Road) east to the Keeler Expressway. Photo taken 07/02/05.
A closer look at the New York 104 and Lake Ontario State Parkway shield assembly posted on Lake Avenue north at Ridgeway Avenue. The east New York 104 shield used to be a New York 283 marker. Photo taken 07/02/05.
New York 104 (West Ridge Road) crosses Lake Avenue at the next signalized intersection. New York 104 continues along West Ridge Road along an industrial corridor to New York 390 (Outer Loop) at Greece. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Another blue Lake Ontario State Parkway trailblazer posted along Lake Avenue northbound ahead of Keehl Street. Keehl Street heads east from the Kodak park area to Maplewood Drive at Maplewood Park. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Lake Avenue bisects the expansive Holy Sepulchre Cemetery north of Kodak Park and south of the Charlotte section of the city. This traffic light hangs above entrances to the cemetery. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Lake Avenue emerges from the Riverside Cemetery area in a residential area and sees this signal for Wyndham Road. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Within the Charlotte neighborhood of north Rochester, Lake Avenue intersects the westbound beginning of the Lake Ontario State Parkway at the Col. Patrick O'Rorke Memorial Bridge east to Pattonwood Drive. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Latta road travels west from River Street on the Genesee River to a partial interchange with Lake Ontario State Parkway. Further west, the road becomes a part of New York 18. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Lake Avenue spans a defunct railroad line ahead of the equally defunct Fast Ferry terminal. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Portside Drive spurs east to North River Street and the Fast Ferry terminal area from Lake Avenue north. The Fast Ferry service ran between 2004 and 2005 between Rochester and Toronto, Ontario. Funding woes cancelled the service once in 2005 and again for good by early 2006.1 Photo taken 07/02/05.
East Main Street
East Main Street bee lines for downtown Rochester from Goodman Street westward. Pictured here is the signalized intersection at Birch Crescent. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Approaching the intersection with Prince Street with the downtown skyline in the background on East Main Street west. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Alexander Street heads north from University Avenue to cross East Main Street before its end at Kenilworth Terrace. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Inner Loop trailblazer located on East Main Street west at University Avenue west. Pitkin Street heads south from the signalized intersection as a frontage road to the freeway to provide access to the loop south. Photo taken 05/28/00.
Merchants Road
Merchants Road north at Wisconsin Street south and Wyand Crescent north. Merchants Road provides a cut-off between Browncroft Road west from New York 286 & 590 to Culver Road north. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Southbound Merchants Road at the five point intersection with Winton Road and Elm Drive east. Winton Road heads south to Interstate 490 (Exit 20) and north to New York 404 near its interchange with New York 590 (Seabreeze Expressway). Photo taken 05/10/05.
Merchants Road southbound ends at Browncroft Boulevard west of its parclo interchange with New York 590. Browncroft becomes New York 286 east from the Seabreeze Expressway into Penfield. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Plymouth Avenue
Traveling south on Plymouth Avenue from the Inner Loop to West Main Street at Church Street. Church Street connects Plymouth with State Street. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Southbound Plymouth Avenue at West Main Street. Travelers bound for Interstate 490 east and the Inner Loop are directed one block further south to New York 31 (Broad Street). Photo taken 05/10/05.
State Street North
State Street north at Commercial Street within the High Falls area of downtown Rochester. Commercial Street travels two blocks to Browns Race within the High Falls Heritage Area. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Westbound at the north end of Factory Street within the shadow of the Kodak Building. Factory Street travels between State and Mill Streets. Photo taken 05/10/05.
State Street South
Southward facing view of State Street at Platt Street. Platt Street flows northward from the Frontier Field area to the Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge across the Genesee River. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Nearing the Inner Loop freeway, State Street intersects Commercial Street. A truss bridge carries the CSX Railroad above State Street between the traffic light and Central Avenue west. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Central Avenue connects the split diamond interchange of the Inner Loop between State Street and Plymouth Avenue. The westbound frontage street provides access to the Inner Loop on-ramp to Interstate 490 west. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Winton Road
Winton Road represents a through street in east Rochester. Pictured here is the northbound intersection with Main Street; Main Street stems west from Winton to downtown. Photo taken 05/10/05.
The next traffic light along Winton Road north is at Merchants Road, a through street between Browncroft Boulevard near New York 590 and Culver Road. Photo taken 05/10/05.
High Falls Area
Looking east down Mill Street within the High Falls Heritage Area. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Northerly view from Mill Street, with Factory Street's intersection at State Street in front of the Kodak Building. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Platt Street at Browns Race, near the Pont de Rennes (Bridge of Rennes). Photo taken 05/10/05.
The Pont de Rennes is a pedestrian bridge high above the Genesee River between the High Falls Heritage Area and the Genesee Brewing Company area on St. Paul Street. The bridge commemorates the friendship between Rochester and Rennes, France, the first sister city, established in 1958. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Views of the High Falls from the Pont de Rennes. Traveling just above the waterfall are the CSX Railroad and Inner Loop freeway bridges. Photos taken 05/10/05.
The westerly view from the Pont de Rennes at the Genesee River and the Bausch Street bridge. Photos taken 05/10/05.
The Genesee Brewing Company rises above the north banks of the Genesee River. Photo taken 05/10/05.
Southerly views of the High Falls Heritage Area buildings. Photos taken 05/10/05.


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