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interstate highways (89)
interstate 4 thumbnail FL19610044interstate 4 thumbnail FL19720041interstate 4 thumbnail FL19610043interstate 4 thumbnail FL19610042interstate 4 thumbnail FL19610041interstate 4 thumbnail FL19610045interstate 4 thumbnail FL19610045interstate 4 thumbnail FL19610046
interstate 4 thumbnail FL19610047interstate 4 thumbnail FL19570041interstate 4 thumbnail FL19600171interstate 4 thumbnail FL19700041interstate 4 thumbnail FL19780041interstate 4 thumbnail FL19880043interstate 4 thumbnail FL19880042interstate 4 thumbnail FL19880041
interstate 10 thumbnail FL19610101interstate 10 thumbnail FL19610102interstate 10 thumbnail FL19790102interstate 10 thumbnail FL19790101interstate 10 thumbnail FL19790103interstate 10 thumbnail FL19790104interstate 10 thumbnail FL19790105interstate 10 thumbnail FL19790106
interstate 10 thumbnail FL19880101interstate 10 thumbnail FL19880102interstate 10 thumbnail FL19912811interstate 10 thumbnail FL19880103interstate 75 thumbnail FL19610751interstate 75 thumbnail FL19610102interstate 75 thumbnail FL19790751interstate 75 thumbnail FL19790754
interstate 75 thumbnail FL19790753interstate 75 thumbnail FL19790752interstate 75 thumbnail FL19700911interstate 75 thumbnail FL19790755interstate 75 thumbnail FL19790756interstate 75 thumbnail FL19790757interstate 75 thumbnail FL19700041interstate 75 thumbnail FL19880751
interstate 75 thumbnail FL19880752interstate 75 thumbnail FL19880753interstate 95 thumbnail FL19610953interstate 95 thumbnail FL19610952interstate 95 thumbnail FL19610951interstate 95 thumbnail FL19610954interstate 95 thumbnail FL19610955interstate 95 thumbnail FL19570951
interstate 95 thumbnail FL19620951interstate 95 thumbnail FL19790951interstate 95 thumbnail FL19790954interstate 95 thumbnail FL19790953interstate 95 thumbnail FL19790952interstate 95 thumbnail FL19700912interstate 95 thumbnail FL19790103interstate 95 thumbnail FL19700171
interstate 95 thumbnail FL19700951interstate 95 thumbnail FL19890011interstate 110 thumbnail FL19791102interstate 110 thumbnail FL19791102interstate 110 thumbnail FL19831101interstate 175 thumbnail FL19782751interstate 175 thumbnail FL19791751interstate 175 thumbnail FL19881752
interstate 175 thumbnail FL19881751interstate 175 thumbnail FL19801751interstate 195 thumbnail FL19881952interstate 195 thumbnail FL19881951interstate 275 thumbnail FL19782751interstate 275 thumbnail FL19722751interstate 275 thumbnail FL19612751interstate 275 thumbnail FL19610042
interstate 275 thumbnail FL19792752interstate 275 thumbnail FL19792751interstate 275 thumbnail FL19882751interstate 275 thumbnail FL19880042interstate 275 thumbnail FL19860411interstate 295 thumbnail FL19722951interstate 295 thumbnail FL19882952interstate 295 thumbnail FL19882951
interstate 375 thumbnail FL19782751interstate 375 thumbnail FL19883753interstate 375 thumbnail FL19883752interstate 375 thumbnail FL19883751interstate 395 thumbnail FL19613951interstate 395 thumbnail FL19883951interstate 595 thumbnail FL19885952interstate 595 thumbnail FL19885951
interstate 595 thumbnail FL20005951
U. S. highways (245)
U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19260012U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19260013U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19260011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19490011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19540011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19550011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19560015U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19560014
U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19560013U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19560012U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19560016U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19560017U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19570011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19640013U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19640015U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19700011
U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19700012U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19700912U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19700013U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19810011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19850011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19890011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19900011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19900012
U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19910011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19930011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19640011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19550271U. S. highway 1 thumbnail FL19640014U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19260171U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19560172U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19570011
U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19600171U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19640173U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19640171U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19640174U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19700171U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19710171U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19800051U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19810171
U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19810172U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19860171U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19950171U. S. highway 17 thumbnail FL19640172U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL19260191U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL19560191U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL19560194U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL19640191
U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL19640193U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL19640195U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL19700191U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL19810191U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL20050192U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL20050191U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL19640192U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL19640194
U. S. highway 19 thumbnail FL19930191U. S. highway 23 thumbnail FL19560012U. S. highway 23 thumbnail FL19640015U. S. highway 23 thumbnail FL19810011U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19560271U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19570011U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19640273U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19640272
U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19640274U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19643193U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19641292U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19640275U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19640276U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19700271U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19810191U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19810271
U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19810272U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19950271U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL20058801U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL20050192U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19560194U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19640271U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19640171U. S. highway 27 thumbnail FL19810191
U. S. highway 29 thumbnail FL19560291U. S. highway 29 thumbnail FL19560293U. S. highway 29 thumbnail FL19640291U. S. highway 29 thumbnail FL19810291U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19560411U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19560412U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19560271U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19560413
U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19560416U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19560415U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19560414U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19560903U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19570011U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19620411U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19640193U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19640414
U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19740411U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19760412U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19760411U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19760413U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19760414U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19810411U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19820411U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19860411
U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL20030411U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19640411U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19640413U. S. highway 41 thumbnail FL19640412U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19490901U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19490901U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19560901U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19560902
U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19560902U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19560903U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19570011U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19640901U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19640903U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19640904U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19810901U. S. highway 90 thumbnail FL19640011
U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19260171U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19560172U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19560921U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19600171U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19640921U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19640173U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19640171U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19710171
U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19810171U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19810172U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19860171U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19860411U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19950171U. S. highway 92 thumbnail FL19640921U. S. highway 94 thumbnail FL19260941U. S. highway 94 thumbnail FL19260942
U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19640986U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19260981U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19460981U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19480981U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19480982U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19480983U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19560191U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19560981
U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19560982U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19560194U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19560921U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19560983U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19560984U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19560985U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19570011U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19640191
U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19640981U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19643013U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19640985U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19700981U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19807001U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19810191U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19810272U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19912811
U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19960981U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19960982U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19960983U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19960984U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL20050191U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL20050981U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19560921U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19640982
U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19640983U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19643013U. S. highway 98 thumbnail FL19640984U. S. highway 129 thumbnail FL19560194U. S. highway 129 thumbnail FL19640414U. S. highway 129 thumbnail FL19641291U. S. highway 129 thumbnail FL19641292U. S. highway 129 thumbnail FL19761291
U. S. highway 129 thumbnail FL19810271U. S. highway 129 thumbnail FL19641293U. S. highway 129 thumbnail FL19641292U. S. highway 192 thumbnail FL19561921U. S. highway 192 thumbnail FL19641921U. S. highway 192 thumbnail FL19710171U. S. highway 192 thumbnail FL19951921U. S. highway 221 thumbnail FL19642212
U. S. highway 221 thumbnail FL19642211U. S. highway 221 thumbnail FL19810901U. S. highway 231 thumbnail FL19562311U. S. highway 231 thumbnail FL19642312U. S. highway 231 thumbnail FL19642311U. S. highway 231 thumbnail FL19642313U. S. highway 231 thumbnail FL19762311U. S. highway 231 thumbnail FL19790104
U. S. highway 231 thumbnail FL20022311U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19503011U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19563011U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19560012U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19560416U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19643011U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19640983U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19643013
U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19640015U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19704411U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19763011U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19763012U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19810011U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19963011U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19643013U. S. highway 301 thumbnail FL19643012
U. S. highway 319 thumbnail FL19490901U. S. highway 319 thumbnail FL19563191U. S. highway 319 thumbnail FL19643192U. S. highway 319 thumbnail FL19643191U. S. highway 319 thumbnail FL19643194U. S. highway 319 thumbnail FL19943191U. S. highway 319 thumbnail FL19643193U. S. highway 331 thumbnail FL19640903
U. S. highway 331 thumbnail FL19643311U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19484412U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19484411U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19564411U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19564412U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19560172U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19560983U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19560903
U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19600171U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19640273U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19640173U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19641921U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19644411U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19704411U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19700013U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19700951
U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19704412U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19710171U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19760412U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19760413U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19807001U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL20050981U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19640271U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19644412
U. S. highway 441 thumbnail FL19634411U. S. highway 541 thumbnail FL19325411U. S. highway 541 thumbnail FL19575411U. S. highway 807 thumbnail FL20058071U. S. highway 880 thumbnail FL20058801
state highways (131)
state highway 0 thumbnail FL19480001state highway 1 thumbnail FL19490901state highway 1 thumbnail FL19490901state highway A1A thumbnail FL19520011state highway A1A thumbnail FL19550011state highway A1A thumbnail FL19570011state highway A1A thumbnail FL19640012state highway A1A thumbnail FL19700012
state highway A1A thumbnail FL19890011state highway 1 thumbnail FL19910011state secondary highway A1A thumbnail FL19560014state highway 2 thumbnail FL19230021state highway 4 thumbnail FL19260041state highway 4 thumbnail FL19550042state highway 4 thumbnail FL19550041state highway 4 thumbnail FL19550043
state highway 4A thumbnail FL19310041state highway 5 thumbnail FL19230021state highway 5 thumbnail FL19800051state secondary highway 5A thumbnail FL19550051state highway 9 thumbnail FL19658361state highway 10 thumbnail FL19490901state highway 15 thumbnail FL19800151state highway 15 thumbnail FL19807001
state highway 15A thumbnail FL19550151state highway 15 thumbnail FL19800151state highway 18 thumbnail FL19550181state highway 19 thumbnail FL19550191state highway A19A thumbnail FL19550192state highway 21 thumbnail FL19230211state highway 22 thumbnail FL19230221state highway 22 thumbnail FL19550221
state highway 23 thumbnail FL19940231state highway 25 thumbnail FL19520251state highway 27 thumbnail FL19550272state highway 27 thumbnail FL19550271state highway 29 thumbnail FL19520291state highway 29 thumbnail FL19550291state highway 29 thumbnail FL19880752Alabama 4 thumbnail FL19800301
state highway 30A thumbnail FL19550301state secondary highway 33 thumbnail FL19550051state highway 44 thumbnail FL19484411state highway 44 thumbnail FL19910011state highway 44 thumbnail FL19950271state highway 45 thumbnail FL19860411state highway 50 thumbnail FL19490501state highway 60 thumbnail FL19700012
state highway 60 thumbnail FL19704412state highway 64 thumbnail FL19557891state highway 70 thumbnail FL19550701state highway 70 thumbnail FL19610954state highway 70 thumbnail FL19880753state highway 75 thumbnail FL19800751state highway 77 thumbnail FL19550771state highway 79 thumbnail FL19960791
state highway 80 thumbnail FL19484412state highway 80 thumbnail FL19560983state highway 80 thumbnail FL20050981state highway 81 thumbnail FL19560811state highway 84 thumbnail FL19490841state highway 87 thumbnail FL19800871state highway 87 thumbnail FL19912811Florida's Turnpike thumbnail FL20160911
state highway 100 thumbnail FL19560903state highway 100 thumbnail FL19561001state highway 100A thumbnail FL19551001state highway 121 thumbnail FL19551211state highway 177 thumbnail FL19551771state secondary highway 179A thumbnail FL19481791state highway 189 thumbnail FL20011891state highway 221 thumbnail FL19550181
state highway 224 thumbnail FL19562241state secondary highway 250 thumbnail FL19482501state highway 267 thumbnail FL19492671state highway 281 thumbnail FL19912811state highway 281 thumbnail FL19912812state highway 281 thumbnail FL19790105Olive Road thumbnail FL19912901state highway 293 thumbnail FL19912931
state highway 293 thumbnail FL19912932state highway 293 thumbnail FL20112932state highway 293 thumbnail FL20112931state highway 294 thumbnail FL19560982state highway 327 thumbnail FL19613271state highway 389 thumbnail FL19553891state highway 391 thumbnail FL19823911state highway 400 thumbnail FL19880043
Challenger Memorial Parkway thumbnail FL20115281state highway 408 thumbnail FL19914083East-West Expressway thumbnail Fl20114081state highway 414 thumbnail FL19944141central florida greeneway thumbnail FL19884171state highway 417 thumbnail FL19914172state highway 429 thumbnail FL19944291state highway 451 thumbnail FL20114511
state highway 471 thumbnail FL19554711state highway 500 thumbnail FL19235001state highway 500 thumbnail FL19484411state highway 527 thumbnail FL19555271state highway 528 thumbnail FL19705281state highway 528 thumbnail FL19720041state highway 528 thumbnail FL19735282state highway 528 thumbnail FL20115281
state secondary highway 530 thumbnail FL19600171state highway 532 thumbnail FL19555321state highway 535 thumbnail FL19951921state highway 542 thumbnail FL19555421state highway 586 thumbnail FL19555861state highway 589 thumbnail FL19945891veterans expressway thumbnail FL20115891state highway 600 thumbnail FL19260171
state secondary highway 605 thumbnail FL19550051state highway 684 thumbnail FL19620411state highway 688 thumbnail FL19756881state highway 700 thumbnail FL19807001state secondary highway 717 thumbnail FL19550151state highway 750 thumbnail FL19807501state highway 750 thumbnail FL19807502Englewood Rd thumbnail FL20097761
state highway 789 thumbnail FL19557891state secondary highway 806 thumbnail FL19708061state secondary highway 809A thumbnail FL19550051state highway 814 thumbnail FL19528141state highway 826 thumbnail FL19560015state highway 826 thumbnail FL19700951state highway 827 thumbnail FL19484412state highway 836 thumbnail FL19620951
state highway 838 thumbnail FL19700013state highway 997 thumbnail FL19809971state highway 9336 thumbnail FL19809331
turnpikes, bridges and other named roads (25)
 41 thumbnail FL19890411Florida Cracker Trail thumbnail FL19950641Alligator Alley thumbnail FL19650841DeSoto Trail thumbnail FL19800901Florida's Turnpike thumbnail FL19700913Orlando Orange County Expressway thumbnail FL19664081East-West Expressway thumbnail FL19734082East-West Expressway thumbnail FL19734081
East-West Expressway thumbnail FL19734083Seminole County Expressway thumbnail FL19904171Greeneway thumbnail FL19914172Greeneway thumbnail FL19914171Osceola Parkway thumbnail FL19734241Osceola Parkway thumbnail FL20034241Bee Line Expressway thumbnail FL19720041Bee Line Expressway thumbnail FL19735281
Bee Line Expressway thumbnail FL19735282Selmon Crosstown Expressway thumbnail FL19736181Tampa Crosstown Expressway thumbnail FL19756182Tampa Crosstown Expressway thumbnail FL19756181Tampa Crosstown Expressway thumbnail FL19880042Dolphin Expressway thumbnail FL19658361Sawgrass Expressway thumbnail FL19868692Sawgrass Expressway thumbnail FL19868691
Leeway Midpoint Memorial Bridge thumbnail FL19978841
county and other numbered roads (24)
county route 2 thumbnail FL20010021 2 thumbnail FL19550021county route 10A thumbnail FL19550101county route 10 thumbnail FL19550121Collier County route 29 thumbnail FL19880752Pasco County route 41 thumbnail FL19740412Pasco County route 41 thumbnail FL19963011Escambia County route 95A thumbnail FL19810291
 110 thumbnail FL19561101Pinellas County route 132 thumbnail FL19501321county route 157 thumbnail FL19551571Holmes County route 160 thumbnail FL19831601 177 thumbnail FL19961771county route 185 thumbnail FL20091851 191 thumbnail FL19701911county route 275 thumbnail FL19552751
county route 361A thumbnail FL19642212county route 376 thumbnail FL19553761Santa Rosa County route 399 thumbnail FL19703991Orange County route 437 thumbnail FL19704371Orange County route 438A thumbnail FL19704381Lake County route Old 441 thumbnail FL20034411Orange County route 506 thumbnail FL19800151Bruce B. Downs Boulevard thumbnail FL19705811
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