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interstate highways (153)
interstate 78 thumbnail NY19880781interstate 81 thumbnail NY19720812interstate 81 thumbnail NY19720813interstate 81 thumbnail NY19720811interstate 81 thumbnail NY19610811interstate 81 thumbnail VT19570891interstate 81 thumbnail NY19884811interstate 84 thumbnail NY19610841
interstate 84 thumbnail NY19720871interstate 84 thumbnail NY19720841interstate 84 thumbnail NY19610842interstate 84 thumbnail NY19580841interstate 84 thumbnail NY19586841interstate 84 thumbnail NJ19590231interstate 84 thumbnail NJ19590231interstate 86 thumbnail NY19880862
interstate 86 thumbnail NY19880863interstate 86 thumbnail NY19880864interstate 86 thumbnail NY19880864interstate 86 thumbnail NY19880865interstate 86 thumbnail NY19880861interstate 86 thumbnail NY19800171interstate 87 thumbnail NY19610871interstate 87 thumbnail NY19610841
interstate 87 thumbnail NY19720871interstate 87 thumbnail NY19610873interstate 87 thumbnail NY19580871interstate 87 thumbnail NY19580903interstate 87 thumbnail NY19580901interstate 87 thumbnail NY19610902interstate 87 thumbnail NY19660871interstate 87 thumbnail NY19790871
interstate 87 thumbnail NY19880871interstate 87 thumbnail NY19885871interstate 88 thumbnail NY19610881interstate 88 thumbnail NY19720881interstate 88 thumbnail NY19610882interstate 88 thumbnail NY19790881interstate 88 thumbnail NY19790882interstate 88 thumbnail NY19790883
interstate 88 thumbnail NY19790884interstate 88 thumbnail NY19880881interstate 90 thumbnail NY19720901interstate 90 thumbnail NY19610901interstate 90 thumbnail NY19587901interstate 90 thumbnail NY19580903interstate 90 thumbnail NY19580902interstate 90 thumbnail NY19580901
interstate 90 thumbnail NY19610902interstate 90 thumbnail NY19610902interstate 90 thumbnail NY19650901interstate 90 thumbnail NY19886901interstate 90 thumbnail NY19880901interstate 95 thumbnail NY19610952interstate 95 thumbnail NY19610951interstate 95 thumbnail NY19722872
interstate 95 thumbnail NY19582871interstate 95 thumbnail NY19582951interstate 95 thumbnail NY19580952interstate 95 thumbnail NY19580953interstate 95 thumbnail NY19580951interstate 95 thumbnail NY19580951interstate 95 thumbnail NY19580951interstate 95 thumbnail NY19670951
interstate 95 thumbnail NY19790951interstate 95 thumbnail NY19886951interstate 190 thumbnail NY19881901interstate 190 thumbnail NY19882901interstate 278 thumbnail NY19580953interstate 278 thumbnail NY19612781interstate 278 thumbnail NY19612782interstate 278 thumbnail NY19792781
interstate 278 thumbnail NY19792782interstate 278 thumbnail NY19888951interstate 287 thumbnail NY19582871interstate 287 thumbnail NY19722871interstate 287 thumbnail NY19722872interstate 287 thumbnail NY19722873interstate 290 thumbnail NY19612901interstate 290 thumbnail NY19722901
interstate 290 thumbnail NY19882901interstate 290 thumbnail NY20032901interstate 295 thumbnail NY19582951interstate 295 thumbnail NY19580951interstate 295 thumbnail NY19580951interstate 295 thumbnail NY19722953interstate 295 thumbnail NY19722951interstate 390 thumbnail NY19723901
interstate 390 thumbnail NY19723902interstate 390 thumbnail NY19793901interstate 390 thumbnail NY19793902interstate 390 thumbnail NY19793903interstate 390 thumbnail NY19883901interstate 390 thumbnail NY19883902interstate 481 thumbnail NY19724811interstate 481 thumbnail NY19724812
interstate 481 thumbnail NY19884811interstate 490 thumbnail NY19584901interstate 490 thumbnail NY19614901interstate 490 thumbnail NY19724903interstate 490 thumbnail NY19724902interstate 490 thumbnail NY19724901interstate 490 thumbnail NY19724904interstate 490 thumbnail NY19614902
interstate 490 thumbnail NY19704901interstate 495 thumbnail NY19584951interstate 495 thumbnail NY19724952interstate 495 thumbnail NY19724951interstate 495 thumbnail NY19724953interstate 495 thumbnail NY19674951interstate 495 thumbnail NY19794951interstate 495 thumbnail NY19884951
interstate 495 thumbnail NY19884952interstate 587 thumbnail NY19885871interstate 587 thumbnail NY19885872interstate 590 thumbnail NY19795901interstate 590 thumbnail NY19885901interstate 678 thumbnail NY19580953interstate 678 thumbnail NY19586781interstate 678 thumbnail NY19586782
interstate 678 thumbnail NY19726781interstate 678 thumbnail NY19796781interstate 678 thumbnail NY19886781interstate 684 thumbnail NY19580841interstate 684 thumbnail NY19586841interstate 684 thumbnail NY19720871interstate 684 thumbnail NY19726843interstate 684 thumbnail NY19726843
interstate 684 thumbnail NY19726844interstate 684 thumbnail NY19726841interstate 684 thumbnail NY19726842interstate 684 thumbnail NY19616841interstate 684 thumbnail NY19639872interstate 684 thumbnail NY19796841interstate 690 thumbnail NY19726901interstate 690 thumbnail NY19720812
interstate 690 thumbnail NY19726902interstate 690 thumbnail NY19886901interstate 695 thumbnail NY19886951interstate 787 thumbnail NY19580902interstate 787 thumbnail NY19727871interstate 787 thumbnail NY19727873interstate 787 thumbnail NY19727872interstate 787 thumbnail NY19797871
interstate 787 thumbnail NY19887872interstate 787 thumbnail NY19887871interstate 790 thumbnail NY19587901interstate 790 thumbnail NY19887901interstate 790 thumbnail NY19887902interstate 890 thumbnail NY19888901interstate 895 thumbnail NY19588951interstate 895 thumbnail NY19888951
interstate 990 thumbnail NY19799901
U. S. highways (105)
U. S. highway 1 thumbnail NY19310011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail NY19310012U. S. highway 1 thumbnail NY19520011U. S. highway 1 thumbnail NY19610952U. S. highway 3 thumbnail NY19800031U. S. highway 4 thumbnail NY19701491U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NY19270061U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NY19310061
U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NY19580871U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NY19580841U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NY19600061U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NJ19590231U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NY19630061U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NY19700061U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NY19702021U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NJ19590231
U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NY19720871U. S. highway 6 thumbnail NY19900061U. S. highway 9 thumbnail NY19270093U. S. highway 9 thumbnail NY19520091U. S. highway 9 thumbnail NY19520093U. S. highway 9 thumbnail NY19700096U. S. highway 9 thumbnail NY19600091U. S. highway 9 thumbnail NY19700091
U. S. highway 9 thumbnail NY19700095U. S. highway 9 thumbnail NY19900061U. S. highway 9W thumbnail NY19270091U. S. highway 9W thumbnail NY19270092U. S. highway 9W thumbnail NY19290091U. S. highway 9W thumbnail NY19310061U. S. highway 9W thumbnail NY19460091U. S. highway 9W thumbnail NY19520092
U. S. highway 9W thumbnail NY19520094U. S. highway 9W thumbnail NY19610842U. S. highway 9W thumbnail NY19630061U. S. highway 9W thumbnail NY19700092U. S. highway 9W thumbnail NY19700093U. S. highway 9H thumbnail NY19800091U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19270113U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19270111
U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19270112U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19350111U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19350112U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19350113U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19350011U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19350114U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19460111U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19520112
U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19600111U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19700111U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19884811U. S. highway 11 thumbnail NY19800111U. S. highway 15 thumbnail NY19390151U. S. highway 15 thumbnail NY19520151U. S. highway 15 thumbnail NY19600151U. S. highway 15 thumbnail NY19700151
U. S. highway 15 thumbnail NY19700152U. S. highway 15 thumbnail NY19883901U. S. highway 20 thumbnail NY19270201U. S. highway 20 thumbnail NY19350202U. S. highway 20 thumbnail NY19350201U. S. highway 20 thumbnail NY19350203U. S. highway 20 thumbnail NY19570201U. S. highway 20 thumbnail NY19580901
U. S. highway 20 thumbnail NY19700202U. S. highway 20 thumbnail NY19887871U. S. highway 44 thumbnail NY19270441U. S. highway 44 thumbnail NY19310441U. S. highway 44 thumbnail NY19350441U. S. highway 44 thumbnail NY19390441U. S. highway 44 thumbnail NY19530902U. S. highway 44 thumbnail NY19700093
U. S. highway 44 thumbnail NY19700441U. S. highway 44 thumbnail NY19700442U. S. highway 62 thumbnail NY19350621U. S. highway 62 thumbnail NY19390621U. S. highway 62 thumbnail NY19700622U. S. highway 62 thumbnail NY19800621U. S. highway 62A thumbnail NY19700621U. S. highway 62A thumbnail NY19800621
U. S. highway 100 thumbnail NY19801001U. S. highway 104 thumbnail NY19351042U. S. highway 104 thumbnail NY19351041U. S. highway 104 thumbnail NY19391041U. S. highway 104 thumbnail NY19700622U. S. highway 104 thumbnail NY19701041U. S. highway 125 thumbnail NY19801251U. S. highway 199 thumbnail NY19701991
U. S. highway 202 thumbnail NY19310061U. S. highway 202 thumbnail NY19580841U. S. highway 202 thumbnail NY19630061U. S. highway 202 thumbnail NY19702021U. S. highway 202 thumbnail NY19720871U. S. highway 202 thumbnail NY19801001U. S. highway 202 thumbnail NY19900061U. S. highway 209 thumbnail NY19552092
U. S. highway 209 thumbnail NY19552091U. S. highway 209 thumbnail NY19702092U. S. highway 209 thumbnail NY19702093U. S. highway 209 thumbnail NY19702091U. S. highway 209 thumbnail NY19802091U. S. highway 209 thumbnail NY19885871U. S. highway 219 thumbnail NY19352191U. S. highway 220 thumbnail NY19602201
U. S. highway 404 thumbnail NY19804041
state highways (139)
state highway 2 thumbnail NY19520021state highway 3 thumbnail NY19600031state highway 5 thumbnail NY19310491state highway 5 thumbnail NY19587901state highway 5 thumbnail NY19887901state highway 7 thumbnail NY19270113state highway 7 thumbnail NY19310071state highway 7 thumbnail NY19350071
state highway 7 thumbnail NY19520112state highway 7 thumbnail NY19727871state highway 7 thumbnail NY19880881state highway 8 thumbnail NY19310491state highway 8 thumbnail NY19350081state highway 9 thumbnail NY20010091state highway 9A thumbnail NY19580091state highway 9A thumbnail NY19600091
state highway 9J thumbnail NY19700097state highway 9N thumbnail NY19520093state highway 9N thumbnail NY19700094state highway 9P thumbnail NY19550091state highway 11A thumbnail NY19520111state highway 12 thumbnail NY19270113state highway 12 thumbnail NY19310491state highway 12 thumbnail NY19587901
state highway 12E thumbnail NY19520121state highway 15 thumbnail NY19723901state highway 15 thumbnail NY19723902state highway 15 thumbnail NY19883902state highway 15 thumbnail NY19880861state highway 16 thumbnail NY19600161state highway 17 thumbnail NY19310172state highway 17 thumbnail NY19310172
state highway 17 thumbnail NY19310171state highway 17 thumbnail NY19520112state highway 17 thumbnail NY19580871state highway 17 thumbnail NY19600061state highway 17 thumbnail NY19700171state highway 17 thumbnail NY19800171state highway 17 thumbnail NY19880862state highway 17 thumbnail NY19880863
state highway 17 thumbnail NY19880864state highway 17 thumbnail NY19880864state highway 17 thumbnail NY19880861state highway 17A thumbnail NY19700172state highway 17M thumbnail NY19310172state highway 17M thumbnail NY19600061state highway 17M thumbnail NY19700061state highway 18 thumbnail NY19350621
state highway 18 thumbnail NY19391041state highway 18B thumbnail NY19570201state route 20A thumbnail NY19700201state highway 21 thumbnail NY19700151state highway 22 thumbnail NY19310012state highway 22 thumbnail NY19350221state highway 22 thumbnail NY19460111state highway 22 thumbnail NY19550221
state highway 22 thumbnail NY19580841state highway 22 thumbnail NY19616841state highway 22 thumbnail NY19720871state highway 22 thumbnail NY19726843state highway 22 thumbnail NY19722871state highway 23 thumbnail NY19310071state highway 23 thumbnail NY19350231state highway 23 thumbnail NY19520094
state highway 23 thumbnail NY19600231state highway 23 thumbnail NY19610881state highway 24 thumbnail NY19550241state highway 25 thumbnail NY19722953state highway 25A thumbnail NY19884951state highway 27 thumbnail NY19520271state highway 28 thumbnail NY19350281state highway 28 thumbnail NY19520281
state highway 28 thumbnail NY19610881state highway 28 thumbnail NY19620491state highway 28 thumbnail NY19700281state highway 28 thumbnail NY19790882state highway 28 thumbnail NY19885871state highway 28 thumbnail NY19885872state highway 30 thumbnail NY19520301state highway 30 thumbnail NY19800111
state highway 31 thumbnail NY19350311state highway 31 thumbnail NY19700311state highway 32 thumbnail NY19350321state highway 32 thumbnail NY19580871state highway 32 thumbnail NY19610842state highway 33 thumbnail NY19614902state highway 38 thumbnail NY19350381state highway 40 thumbnail NY19350071
state highway 42 thumbnail NY19310421state highway 42 thumbnail NY19350421state highway 48 thumbnail NY19701041state highway 49 thumbnail NY19310491state highway 49 thumbnail NY19587901state highway 51 thumbnail NY19240511state highway 52 thumbnail NY19610842state highway 52 thumbnail NY19880864
state highway 55 thumbnail NY19350552state highway 55 thumbnail NY19350551state highway 55 thumbnail NY19530902state highway 55 thumbnail NY19600552state highway 55 thumbnail NY19600553state highway 55 thumbnail NY19700093state highway 55 thumbnail NY19700442state highway 55A thumbnail NY19600551
state highway 57 thumbnail NY19580571state highway 66 thumbnail NY19700661state highway 70 thumbnail NY19520701state highway 80 thumbnail NY19390801state highway 80 thumbnail NY19700281state highway 82 thumbnail NY19700821state highway 84 thumbnail NY19310172state highway 84 thumbnail NY19310172
state highway 84 thumbnail NY19310172state highway 87 thumbnail NY19390871state highway 87 thumbnail NY19480871state highway 87 thumbnail NY19310871state highway 104 thumbnail NY19800621state highway 121 thumbnail NY19471241state highway 124 thumbnail NY19471241state highway 141 thumbnail NY19639082
state highway 149 thumbnail NY19701491state highway 162 thumbnail NY19311621state highway 167 thumbnail NY19351671state highway 172 thumbnail NY19616841state highway 179 thumbnail NY19650901state highway 207 thumbnail NY19600061state highway 211 thumbnail NY19522111state highway 218 thumbnail NY19312181
state highway 246 thumbnail NY19700201state highway 295 thumbnail NY19639874state highway 298 thumbnail NY19582981state highway 324 thumbnail NY19882901state highway 356 thumbnail NY19703561state highway 365 thumbnail NY19353651state highway 378 thumbnail NY19727873state highway 415 thumbnail NY19880862
state highway 416 thumbnail NY19804161state highway 495 thumbnail NY19704951state highway 690 thumbnail NY19886901
turnpikes, bridges and other named roads (98)
New York-Pennsylvania bridge 4 thumbnail NY19660041Bear Mountain Bridge thumbnail NY19630061Long Mountain Parkway thumbnail NY19650061Henry Hudson Bridge thumbnail NY19652783Henry Hudson Bridge thumbnail NY19650091Henry Hudson Parkway thumbnail NY19630091Southern Tier Expressway thumbnail NY19880861Rip Van Winkle Bridge thumbnail NY19520094
Rip van Winkle Bridge thumbnail NY19520231Mid-Hudson Bridge thumbnail NY19520441Newburgh-Beacon Ferry thumbnail NY19220521Newburgh-Beacon Bridge thumbnail NY19600521Thousand Islands Bridge thumbnail NY19520811New York Thruway thumbnail NY19520094New York Thruway thumbnail NY19530901New York Thruway thumbnail NY19530902
New York Thruway thumbnail NY19580903New York Thruway thumbnail NY19580901New York Thruway thumbnail NY19610902New York Thruway thumbnail NY19650901New York Thruway thumbnail NY19700093New York Thruway thumbnail NY19700442New York Thruway thumbnail NY19700111New York Thruway thumbnail NY19722873
New York Thruway thumbnail NY19797871New York Thruway thumbnail NY19885871New York Thruway thumbnail NY19886901New York Thruway thumbnail NY19887871New England Thruway thumbnail NY19650951New England Thruway thumbnail NY19650952Rainbow Bridge thumbnail NY19800621Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge thumbnail NY19521991
Niagara Historic Trail thumbnail NY19892651Verrazano-Narrows Bridge thumbnail NY19652783Verrazano-Narrows Bridge thumbnail NY19652782Verrazano-Narrows Bridge thumbnail NY19652781Triborough Bridge thumbnail NY19382781Triborough Bridge thumbnail NY19652783Triborough Bridge thumbnail NY19652784Throgs Neck Bridge thumbnail NY19652783
Throgs Neck Bridge thumbnail NY19652952Throgs Neck Bridge thumbnail NY19652951Brooklyn Battery Tunnel thumbnail NY19384781Brooklyn Battery Tunnel thumbnail NY19652783Brooklyn Battery Tunnel thumbnail NY19704781Queens Midtown Tunnel thumbnail NY19384951Queens Midtown Tunnel thumbnail NY19652783Bronx Whitestone Bridge thumbnail NY19652783
Bronx Whitestone Bridge thumbnail NY19656781Atlantic Beach Bridge thumbnail NY19658781Atlantic Beach Bridge thumbnail NY19658782Cross Bay Bridge thumbnail NY19659001Cross Bay Bridge thumbnail NY19652783Cross Bay Bridge thumbnail NY19659002Cross Island Parkway thumbnail NY19709072Belt Parkway thumbnail NY19709072
Bethpage Parkway thumbnail NY19709073Grand Central Parkway thumbnail NY19659071Grand Central Parkway thumbnail NY19709071Union Turnpike thumbnail NY19389071FDR Drive thumbnail NY19639072Cross County Parkway thumbnail NY19639071Hutchinson River Parkway thumbnail NY19639081Marine Parkway Bridge thumbnail NY19652783
Marine Parkway Bridge thumbnail NY19659081Loop Parkway thumbnail NY19709084Meadowbrook Parkway thumbnail NY19709081Moshulu Parkway thumbnail NY19639083Northern Parkway thumbnail NY19709082Bronx River Parkway thumbnail NY19639082Ocean Parkway thumbnail NY19709085Sunken Meadow Parkway thumbnail NY19709083
Robert Moses Causeway thumbnail NY19709086Sagtikos Parkway thumbnail NY19709091Southern Parkway thumbnail NY19709092Wantagh Parkway thumbnail NY19709093Rochester Inner Loop thumbnail NY19589401Rochester Inner Loop thumbnail NY19709401Rochester Inner Loop thumbnail NY19724904Lake Ontario State Parkway thumbnail NY19639471
Lake Ontario State Parkway thumbnail NY19709471Lasalle Expressway thumbnail NY19659511USA-Canada Peace Bridge thumbnail NY19650901Robert Moses State Parkway thumbnail NY19639571Robert Moses State Parkway thumbnail NY19639572Seven Lakes Drive thumbnail NY19709811Palisades Interstate Parkway thumbnail NY19630061Palisades Interstate Parkway thumbnail NY19659872
Palisades Interstate Parkway thumbnail NY19659871Palisades Interstate Parkway thumbnail NY19709871Saw Mill Parkway thumbnail NY19639872Saw Mill Parkway thumbnail NY19630091Saw Mill Parkway thumbnail NY19659873Sprain Brook Parkway thumbnail NY19639876Taconic State Parkway thumbnail NY19639871Bear Mountain Parkway thumbnail NY19639873
Bear Mountain Parkway thumbnail NY19639875Bear Mountain Parkway thumbnail NY19639874
county and other numbered roads (26)
Suffolk County route marker thumbnail NY19490001bicycle route 5 thumbnail NY19800621Schoharie County route 7A thumbnail NY19510071Dutchess County route 9 thumbnail NY19510091Nassau County route 9 thumbnail NY19620091bicycle route 9 thumbnail NY19700097Cattaraugus County route 11 thumbnail NY19400111Orange County route 11 thumbnail NY19620111
Sullivan County route 16 thumbnail NY19600553Greene County route 16 thumbnail NY19690161Jasper town route 20 thumbnail NY19490201Otsego County route 23 thumbnail NY19510231Greene County route 35 thumbnail NY19490351Orange County route 35 thumbnail NY19620351Greene County route 41 thumbnail NY19490411Suffolk County route 46 thumbnail NY19884951
Delaware County route 47 thumbnail NY19510471Ulster County route 49 thumbnail NY19620491Putnam County route 50 thumbnail NY19510501Erie County route 51 thumbnail NY19620511Nassau County route 60 thumbnail NY19620601Saratoga County route 69 thumbnail NY19480691Suffolk County route 80 thumbnail NY19510801 101 thumbnail NY19691011
Fulton County route 154 thumbnail NY19511541Delaware County route 224 thumbnail NY19482241
other signs (5)
New York State Bridge Authority thumbnail NY19660001New York State Canal thumbnail NY19890011Niagara Falls thumbnail NY19800621Niagara Falls Aquarium thumbnail NY19700621rail station thumbnail NY19630901
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