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interstate highways (80)
interstate 2 thumbnail TX19700021interstate 2 thumbnail TX19700022interstate 10 thumbnail TX19570101interstate 10 thumbnail TX19790101interstate 10 thumbnail TX19790103interstate 10 thumbnail TX19790102interstate 10 thumbnail TX19700101interstate 10 thumbnail TX19610541
interstate 10 thumbnail TX19880101interstate 10 thumbnail TX19880901interstate 10 thumbnail TX19830101interstate 10 thumbnail TX19980101interstate 10 thumbnail TX20070101toll interstate highway 10 thumbnail TX20050101interstate 20 thumbnail TX19610201interstate 20 thumbnail TX19790201
interstate 20 thumbnail TX19790202interstate 27 thumbnail TX19610271interstate 27 thumbnail TX19790272business loop 27 thumbnail TX19790271business loop 27 thumbnail TX19830271interstate 30 thumbnail TX19610301interstate 30 thumbnail TX19720301interstate 30 thumbnail TX19790354
interstate 30 thumbnail TX19790301interstate 30 thumbnail TX19790302interstate 35 thumbnail TX19790355interstate 35 thumbnail TX19790352interstate 35 thumbnail TX19790358interstate 35 thumbnail TX19700352interstate 35 thumbnail TX20094311interstate 35 thumbnail TX19700353
interstate 35 thumbnail TX20070351business loop 35 thumbnail TX19790351business loop 35 thumbnail TX19700351interstate highway 35E thumbnail TX19720351interstate 35E thumbnail TX19520161interstate highway 35E thumbnail TX19790354interstate highway 35E thumbnail TX19790356interstate highway 35E thumbnail TX19790357
interstate highway 35W thumbnail TX19790359interstate highway 35W thumbnail TX19790361interstate 35W thumbnail TX19700354interstate highway 35W thumbnail TX19880351business loop 35W thumbnail TX19790353interstate 37 thumbnail TX19790371interstate 37 thumbnail TX19790372interstate 40 thumbnail TX19790403
business loop 40 thumbnail TX19700401business loop 40 thumbnail TX19790401interstate 44 thumbnail TX19790441interstate 45 thumbnail TX19790354interstate 45 thumbnail TX19790452interstate 45 thumbnail TX19790453interstate 45 thumbnail TX19790301interstate 45 thumbnail TX19830451
interstate 45 thumbnail TX19830452business loop 45 thumbnail TX19790452business loop 45 thumbnail TX19790451interstate 69 thumbnail TX19700692interstate 69 thumbnail TX19790691interstate 69 thumbnail TX19700691interstate 69c thumbnail TX19700021interstate 69e thumbnail TX19700022
interstate 90 thumbnail TX19880901interstate 369 thumbnail TX19703691interstate 410 thumbnail TX19794101interstate 410 thumbnail TX19794102interstate 610 thumbnail TX19586101interstate 610 thumbnail TX19586102interstate 610 thumbnail TX19576101interstate 610 thumbnail TX19616101
interstate 610 thumbnail TX19796101interstate 610 thumbnail TX20070101interstate 635 thumbnail TX19796351interstate 635 thumbnail TX19796352interstate 820 thumbnail TX19520161interstate 820 thumbnail TX19798202interstate 820 thumbnail TX19798201interstate 820 thumbnail TX19838201
U. S. highways (180)
U. S. highway 54 thumbnail TX19480541U. S. highway 54 thumbnail TX19610541U. S. highway 57 thumbnail TX19700572U. S. highway 57 thumbnail TX19700571U. S. highway 59 thumbnail TX19520591U. S. highway 59 thumbnail TX19480591U. S. highway 59 thumbnail TX19480591U. S. highway 59 thumbnail TX19530591
U. S. highway 59 thumbnail TX19520161U. S. highway 59 thumbnail TX19700592U. S. highway 59 thumbnail TX19703691business U. S. highway 59 thumbnail TX19700591U. S. highway 60 thumbnail TX19560601U. S. highway 60 thumbnail TX19800601U. S. highway 60 thumbnail TX19800602U. S. highway 62 thumbnail TX19260621
U. S. highway 62 thumbnail TX19381801U. S. highway 62 thumbnail TX19480541U. S. highway 62 thumbnail TX19560621U. S. highway 62 thumbnail TX19560622U. S. highway 62 thumbnail TX19800621U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19260661U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19260662U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19380661
U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19380661U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19520661U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19560601U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19480661U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19560662U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19560666U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19560668U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19562871
U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19690662U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19690661U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19700661U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19700662U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19790401U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19700401U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX19990661U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX20000661
U. S. highway 66 thumbnail TX20020661U. S. highway 67 thumbnail TX19260671U. S. highway 67 thumbnail TX19260672U. S. highway 67 thumbnail TX19560671U. S. highway 67 thumbnail TX19560672U. S. highway 67 thumbnail TX19560673U. S. highway 67 thumbnail TX19530771U. S. highway 67 thumbnail TX19610301
U. S. highway 67 thumbnail TX19790353business U. S. highway 67 thumbnail TX19700671business U. S. highway 67 thumbnail TX19690671U. S. highway 69 thumbnail TX19260691U. S. highway 69 thumbnail TX19380691U. S. highway 69 thumbnail TX19400691U. S. highway 69 thumbnail TX19560692U. S. highway 69 thumbnail TX19690691
U. S. highway 70 thumbnail TX19560621U. S. highway 75 thumbnail TX19380691U. S. highway 75 thumbnail TX19520751U. S. highway 75 thumbnail TX19520751U. S. highway 75 thumbnail TX19560672U. S. highway 75 thumbnail TX19610751U. S. highway 75 thumbnail TX19830452U. S. highway 75 thumbnail TX19480751
U.S. highway 77 thumbnail TX19700022U.S. highway 77 thumbnail TX19700692U. S. highway 77 thumbnail TX19260771U. S. highway 77 thumbnail TX19560771U. S. highway 77 thumbnail TX19530771U. S. highway 77 thumbnail TX19790371business U. S. highway 77 thumbnail TX19700771U. S. highway 77 thumbnail TX19270771
U. S. highway 79 thumbnail TX19530791U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19260801U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19260802U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19260803U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19260804U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19380801U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19380802U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19520801
U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19480541U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19480801U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19480802U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19560671U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19560672U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19530771U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19530771U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19530801
U. S. highway 80 thumbnail TX19530802U. S. highway 80A thumbnail TX19480801U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19260771U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19260811U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19480811U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19480812U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19560811U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19560813
U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19530811U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19530811U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19530791U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19560871U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19690811U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19520161U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19610811U. S. highway 81 thumbnail TX19270771
U. S. highway 82 thumbnail TX19560821business U. S. highway 82 thumbnail TX19700821U.S. highway 83 thumbnail TX19700021U.S. highway 83 thumbnail TX19700022U. S. highway 83 thumbnail TX19460831U. S. highway 83 thumbnail TX19520831U. S. highway 83 thumbnail TX19480831U. S. highway 83 thumbnail TX19480831
U. S. highway 83 thumbnail TX19560831U. S. highway 83 thumbnail TX19600831U. S. highway 83 thumbnail TX19520161business U. S. highway 83 thumbnail TX19700831U. S. highway 84 thumbnail TX19260771U. S. highway 84 thumbnail TX19270771U. S. highway 85 thumbnail TX19480541U. S. highway 85 thumbnail TX19830101
U. S. highway 87 thumbnail TX19560871U. S. highway 87 thumbnail TX19700871U. S. highway 87 thumbnail TX19690871U. S. highway 90 thumbnail TX19262771U. S. highway 90 thumbnail TX19260621U. S. highway 90 thumbnail TX19400691U. S. highway 90 thumbnail TX19520901U. S. highway 90 thumbnail TX19520831
U. S. highway 90 thumbnail TX19560901U. S. highway 90 thumbnail TX19790103U. S. highway 90 thumbnail TX19790102alternate U. S. highway 90 thumbnail TX19700901U. S. highway 93 thumbnail TX19700931U. S. highway 96 thumbnail TX19400691U. S. highway 96 thumbnail TX19692551U. S. highway 175 thumbnail TX19560672
U. S. highway 180 thumbnail TX19381801U. S. highway 180 thumbnail TX19520161U. S. highway 180 thumbnail TX19461801U. S. highway 180 thumbnail TX19480541U. S. highway 180 thumbnail TX19561801U. S. highway 180 thumbnail TX19561802U. S. highway 180 thumbnail TX19530801U. S. highway 180 thumbnail TX19610541
U. S. highway 180 thumbnail TX19830101U. S. highway 181 thumbnail TX19530591U. S. highway 181 thumbnail TX19691811U. S. highway 190 thumbnail TX19790453U. S. highway 259 thumbnail TX19790201U. S. highway 277 thumbnail TX19262771U. S. highway 277 thumbnail TX19562771U. S. highway 277 thumbnail TX19520161
U. S. highway 277 thumbnail TX19790441U.S. highway 281 thumbnail TX19700021U. S. highway 281 thumbnail TX19520591U. S. highway 281 thumbnail TX19560871U. S. highway 281 thumbnail TX19612811U. S. highway 281 thumbnail TX19702811U. S. highway 281 thumbnail TX19692811business U. S. highway 281 thumbnail TX19700771
U. S. highway 281 thumbnail TX19790441U. S. highway 285 thumbnail TX19520161U. S. highway 285 thumbnail TX19552851U. S. highway 287 thumbnail TX19400691U. S. highway 287 thumbnail TX19562872U. S. highway 287 thumbnail TX19562871U. S. highway 287 thumbnail TX19702811U. S. highway 287 thumbnail TX19690871
U. S. highway 287 thumbnail TX19790441U. S. highway 287 thumbnail TX19790452U. S. highway 288 thumbnail TX19702881U. S. highway 290 thumbnail TX19562901U. S. highway 290 thumbnail TX19530791U. S. highway 290 thumbnail TX19532902U. S. highway 290 thumbnail TX19562902U. S. highway 290 thumbnail TX19562903
U. S. highway 290 thumbnail TX19612811U. S. highway 385 thumbnail TX19800601U. S. highway 385 thumbnail TX19800602U. S. highway 385 thumbnail TX19803851
state highways (98)
state highway 1 thumbnail TX19260804state highway 1 thumbnail TX19260671state highway 2 thumbnail TX19210291state highway 3 thumbnail TX19262771state highway 5 thumbnail TX19210051state highway 6 thumbnail TX19260771state highway 11 thumbnail TX19520161state highway 15 thumbnail TX19480151
state highway 16 thumbnail TX19520161state highway 20 thumbnail TX19800621state highway 21 thumbnail TX19790453state highway 23 thumbnail TX19210231state highway 24 thumbnail TX19210241state highway 26 thumbnail TX19530802state highway 29 thumbnail TX19210291state highway 30 thumbnail TX19210302
state highway 30 thumbnail TX19210301state highway 30 thumbnail TX19262771state highway 31 thumbnail TX19260771state highway 34 thumbnail TX19790452state highway 36 thumbnail TX19690361texas 44 thumbnail TX19700692state highway 44 thumbnail TX19520591state highway 44 thumbnail TX19690441
state highway 45 thumbnail TX20050451state highway 46 thumbnail TX19790351state highway 48 thumbnail TX19520161state highway 66 thumbnail TX19440661state highway 67 thumbnail TX19210671state highway 67 thumbnail TX19270771state highway 71 thumbnail TX19562903state highway 74 thumbnail TX19210741
state highway 77 thumbnail TX19690771state highway 78 thumbnail TX19690781state highway 92 thumbnail TX19480831state highway 92 thumbnail TX19480831state highway 99 thumbnail TX19210991state highway 121 thumbnail TX19381211state highway 123 thumbnail TX19560811state highway 124 thumbnail TX19400691
state highway 144 thumbnail TX19381441state highway 149 thumbnail TX19530802state highway 171 thumbnail TX19530801state highway 188 thumbnail TX19691881state highway 207 thumbnail TX19560622state highway 288 thumbnail TX19702881state highway 354 thumbnail TX19690871state highway 359 thumbnail TX19530591
state highway 359 thumbnail TX19693591Old Spanish Road thumbnail TX19830451ranch to market road 1 thumbnail TX19560011ranch to market road 1 thumbnail TX19560012ranch to market road 1 thumbnail TX19532902ranch to market road 12 thumbnail TX19560811farm to market road 51 thumbnail TX19530801farm to market road 69 thumbnail TX19560691
farm to market road 123 thumbnail TX20051231farm to market road 255 thumbnail TX20052551farm to market road 563 thumbnail TX19535631farm to market road 689 thumbnail TX19520161farm to market road 725 thumbnail TX19790351farm to market road 920 thumbnail TX19530801business farm to market road 1015 thumbnail TX19691011farm to market road 1054 thumbnail TX19551051
farm to market road 1220 thumbnail TX19798202farm to market road 1397 thumbnail TX19700931ranch to market road 1431 thumbnail TX20094311ranch to market road 1431 thumbnail TX20051831farm to market road 1472 thumbnail TX20052551farm to market road 1475 thumbnail TX19564751farm to market road 1565 thumbnail TX19610301farm to market road 1565 thumbnail TX19705651
ranch to market road 1826 thumbnail TX19568261farm to market road 1960 thumbnail TX19691961business farm to market road 1960 thumbnail TX19691961farm to market road 2292 thumbnail TX19790372farm to market road 2318 thumbnail TX19693181farm to market road 2522 thumbnail TX19520161urban route 2857 thumbnail TX19702857state loop road 12 thumbnail TX19520751
state loop road 20 thumbnail TX19690201state loop road 82 thumbnail TX19560811state spur road 6 thumbnail TX19830101state spur road 186 thumbnail TX19562902state beltway 8 thumbnail TX19700081park road thumbnail TX19380001park road 23 thumbnail TX19690231park road 27 thumbnail TX19700271
park road 68 thumbnail TX19700681NASA road 1 thumbnail TX19700011recreation road 255 thumbnail TX19692551toll road 1 thumbnail TX20050011toll road 1 thumbnail TX20050451toll road 45 thumbnail TX20050451toll road 183A thumbnail TX20051831toll road 255 thumbnail TX20052552
toll road 255 thumbnail TX20052551toll road 255 thumbnail TX20052553
turnpikes, bridges and other named roads (19)
National Old Trails Road Ocean to Ocean  thumbnail TX19150001Addison Airport Toll Tunnel thumbnail TX19980011Dallas North Tollway thumbnail TX19980021President Bush Turnpike thumbnail TX19930031President George Bush Turnpike thumbnail TX19980031Hardy Toll Road thumbnail TX19800041Sam Houston Tollway thumbnail TX19820081Beltway 8 Toll Bridge thumbnail TX19820081
Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike thumbnail TX19530772Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike thumbnail TX19530773Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike thumbnail TX19530774Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike thumbnail TX19530771Texas Tropical Trail thumbnail TX20020771Texas Plains Trail thumbnail TX19971001Fort Bend Toll Road thumbnail TX20041221Fort Bend Parkway thumbnail TX20041221
Hardy Toll Road thumbnail TX19845481Hardy Toll Road thumbnail TX19691961Fort Bend Westpark Tollway thumbnail TX20041093
county and other numbered roads (2)
Brazoria County route 192 thumbnail TX19601921Jim Wells County route 412 thumbnail TX19704121
other signs (2)
hurricane evacuation route thumbnail TX19691881state route right turn marker thumbnail TX19210291
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