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Interstate Highways (58)
interstate highway trailblazer thumbnail WI19880001
Interstate 39 thumbnail WI19880391
Interstate 39 thumbnail WI19880392
Interstate 39 thumbnail WI19880393
Interstate 41 thumbnail WI19790412
Interstate 41 thumbnail WI20130411
Interstate 41 thumbnail WI19790411
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19610431
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19790431
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19790432
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19790433
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19790942
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19790436
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19790435
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19790434
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19880432
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19880431
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19880433
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19880434
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19880435
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19888941
Interstate 43 thumbnail WI19880436
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19610941
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19720901
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19720902
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19610901
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19660901
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19790902
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19790901
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19790941
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19790903
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19790904
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19790905
Interstate 90 thumbnail WI19880393
interstate highway 90 and 94 thumbnail WI20000901
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19790412
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19610941
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19610942
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19610901
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19610943
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19660901
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19790901
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19790941
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19790942
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19790904
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19790905
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19790943
Interstate 94 thumbnail WI19880432
Interstate 535 thumbnail WI19885351
Interstate 535 thumbnail WI19885352
Interstate 794 thumbnail WI19797941
Interstate 794 thumbnail WI19797942
Interstate 794 thumbnail WI19887941
Interstate 794 thumbnail WI19887942
Interstate 794 thumbnail WI19707941
Interstate 894 thumbnail WI19798941
Interstate 894 thumbnail WI19888941
Interstate 894 thumbnail WI19888942
U.S. Highways (73)
U.S. Highway 2 thumbnail WI19600021
U.S. Highway 2 thumbnail WI19820021
U.S. Highway 8 thumbnail WI19620081
U.S. Highway 8 thumbnail WI19620082
U.S. Highway 8 thumbnail WI19700082
U.S. Highway 8 thumbnail WI19700081
U.S. Highway 8 thumbnail WI19820081
U.S. Highway 8 thumbnail WI19820083
U.S. Highway 8 thumbnail WI19820084
U.S. Highway 10 thumbnail WI19360101
U.S. Highway 10 thumbnail WI19580101
U.S. Highway 10 thumbnail WI19650101
U.S. Highway 10 thumbnail WI19700101
U.S. Highway 10 thumbnail WI19850101
U.S. Highway 10 thumbnail WI19850101
U.S. Highway 12 thumbnail WI19310121
U.S. Highway 12 thumbnail WI19570181
U.S. Highway 12 thumbnail WI19650122
U.S. Highway 12 thumbnail WI19650123
U.S. Highway 12 thumbnail WI19650121
U.S. Highway 12 thumbnail WI19700121
U.S. Highway 12 thumbnail WI19700122
U.S. Highway 12 thumbnail WI19700162
U.S. Highway 12 thumbnail WI19650124
U.S. Highway 12 thumbnail WI19650124
U.S. Highway 12 thumbnail WI19700162
city route U. S. highway 12 thumbnail WI19490121
U.S. Highway 14 thumbnail WI19580141
U.S. Highway 14 thumbnail WI19650141
U.S. Highway 14 thumbnail WI19650121
U.S. Highway 14 thumbnail WI19650142
city route U. S. highway 14 thumbnail WI19580141
U.S. Highway 16 thumbnail WI19260161
U.S. Highway 16 thumbnail WI19260162
U.S. Highway 16 thumbnail WI19490161
U.S. Highway 16 thumbnail WI19610161
U.S. Highway 16 thumbnail WI19650124
U.S. Highway 16 thumbnail WI19700162
city route U. S. highway 16 thumbnail WI19560161
U.S. Highway 18 thumbnail WI19570181
U.S. Highway 18 thumbnail WI19610161
U.S. Highway 18 thumbnail WI19650181
U.S. Highway 18 thumbnail WI19651512
U.S. Highway 41 thumbnail WI19790412
U.S. Highway 41 thumbnail WI19390412
U.S. Highway 41 thumbnail WI19390411
U.S. Highway 41 thumbnail WI19650411
U.S. Highway 41 thumbnail WI19880432
U.S. Highway 45 thumbnail WI19610161
U.S. Highway 45 thumbnail WI19650451
U.S. Highway 45 thumbnail WI19888942
U.S. Highway 51 thumbnail WI19490511
U.S. Highway 51 thumbnail WI19820511
U.S. Highway 51 thumbnail WI19880391
U.S. Highway 53 thumbnail WI19650531
U.S. Highway 53 thumbnail WI19650532
U.S. Highway 59 thumbnail WI19820591
U.S. Highway 63 thumbnail WI19820081
U.S. Highway 67 thumbnail WI19820591
U.S. Highway 141 thumbnail WI19360101
U.S. Highway 141 thumbnail WI19481411
U.S. Highway 141 thumbnail WI19561411
U.S. Highway 141 thumbnail WI19651411
U.S. Highway 141 thumbnail WI19790436
U.S. Highway 141 thumbnail WI19821411
U.S. Highway 141 thumbnail WI19961411
U.S. Highway 151 thumbnail WI19451511
U.S. Highway 151 thumbnail WI19651511
U.S. Highway 151 thumbnail WI19651512
U.S. Highway 151 thumbnail WI19681511
U.S. Highway 151 thumbnail WI19681512
U.S. Highway 151 thumbnail WI19701511
U.S. Highway 151 thumbnail WI19790433
State Highways (62)
State Highway 8 thumbnail WI19700083
State Highway 8 thumbnail WI19820082
State Highway 10 thumbnail WI19820101
State Highway 11 thumbnail WI19190111
State Highway 12 thumbnail WI19180121
State Highway 12 thumbnail WI19190121
State Highway 13 thumbnail WI19310121
State Highway 13 thumbnail WI19490161
State Highway 13 thumbnail WI19490131
State Highway 14 thumbnail WI19580141
State Highway 16 thumbnail WI19700161
State Highway 16 thumbnail WI19650124
State Highway 17 thumbnail WI19800171
State Highway 18 thumbnail WI19190181
State Highway 18 thumbnail WI19190461
State Highway 22 thumbnail WI19820221
State Highway 23 thumbnail WI19310121
State Highway 23 thumbnail WI19490231
State Highway 23 thumbnail WI19700122
State Highway 23 thumbnail WI19650124
State Highway 23 thumbnail WI19650124
State Highway 23 thumbnail WI19880391
State Highway 25 thumbnail WI19580101
State Highway 27 thumbnail WI19480271
State Highway 32 thumbnail WI19880434
State Highway 32 thumbnail WI19880435
State Highway 33 thumbnail WI19180121
State Highway 35 thumbnail WI19190351
State Highway 35 thumbnail WI19490821
State Highway 36 thumbnail WI19580361
State Highway 36 thumbnail WI19650451
State Highway 42 thumbnail WI19190421
State Highway 42 thumbnail WI19360101
State Highway 42 thumbnail WI19580421
State Highway 42 thumbnail WI19790433
state highway 42 and 57 thumbnail WI19700421
State Highway 45 thumbnail WI19820451
State Highway 46 thumbnail WI19190461
State Highway 54 thumbnail WI19190541
State Highway 54 thumbnail WI19480541
State Highway 54 thumbnail WI19820511
State Highway 57 thumbnail WI19190461
State Highway 57 thumbnail WI19580572
State Highway 57 thumbnail WI19580571
State Highway 57 thumbnail WI19880435
State Highway 59 thumbnail WI19580591
State Highway 60 thumbnail WI19610901
State Highway 77 thumbnail WI19190771
State Highway 77 thumbnail WI19190772
State Highway 80 thumbnail WI19480801
State Highway 82 thumbnail WI19490821
State Highway 96 thumbnail WI19490961
State Highway 96 thumbnail WI19880436
State Highway 100 thumbnail WI19491001
State Highway 116 thumbnail WI19581161
State Highway 136 thumbnail WI19701361
State Highway 141 thumbnail WI19701411
State Highway 153 thumbnail WI19491531
State Highway 164 thumbnail WI19880433
State Highway 172 thumbnail WI19490121
State Highway 175 thumbnail WI19701751
State Highway 213 thumbnail WI19702131
Turnpikes, Bridges and other named roads (4)
Hiawatha Pioneer Trail thumbnail WI19650301
Lake Michigan Circle Tour thumbnail WI19880435
Lake Michigan Circle Tour thumbnail WI19790433
Kettle Moraine Scenic Drive thumbnail WI19560671
County and other numbered roads (28)
county route A thumbnail WI19350011
county route A thumbnail WI19580011
county route A thumbnail WI19700162
county route B thumbnail WI19360101
Vilas County route B thumbnail WI19550021
county route B thumbnail WI19480541
county route E thumbnail WI19650411
county route F thumbnail WI19820082
Bayfield County route G thumbnail WI19840071
county route H thumbnail WI19320081
county route H thumbnail WI19800171
county route I thumbnail WI19701361
county route N thumbnail WI19200141
county route N thumbnail WI19790905
county route O thumbnail WI19480541
county route O thumbnail WI19820083
 15 thumbnail WI19820084
county route R thumbnail WI19701411
county route U thumbnail WI19580211
county route W thumbnail WI19700081
county route Z thumbnail WI19961411
county route JJ thumbnail WI19580363
county route JJ thumbnail WI19580362
county route PP thumbnail WI19790905
county route CR thumbnail WI19651511
national forest route 2378 thumbnail WI19762371
snowmobile route 2W thumbnail WI19950041
snowmobile route 2W thumbnail WI19950041
Other signs (5)
U. S. wildlife refuge thumbnail WI19300001
rustic road marker thumbnail WI19700001
rustic road marker thumbnail WI19820001
state route left turn marker thumbnail WI19190121
state route left turn marker thumbnail WI19190111