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Interstate Highways (49)
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19610251
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19610252
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19610902
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19610254
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19600871
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19610255
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19790251
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19790252
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19700801
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19610253
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19791801
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19791802
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19700301
business loop 25 thumbnail WY19700251
business loop 25 thumbnail WY19700251
Interstate 25 thumbnail WY19881801
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19610252
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19610801
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19720802
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19720801
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19610804
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19610803
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19610254
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19720804
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19610805
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19720803
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19600301
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19632301
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19790801
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19700802
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19700801
Interstate 80 thumbnail WY19800301
business loop 80 thumbnail WY19610252
business loop 80 thumbnail WY19610802
business loop 80 thumbnail WY19700301
business loop 80 thumbnail WY19700802
Interstate 90 thumbnail WY19720902
Interstate 90 thumbnail WY19610901
Interstate 90 thumbnail WY19610902
Interstate 90 thumbnail WY19720901
Interstate 90 thumbnail WY19720903
Interstate 90 thumbnail WY19720904
Interstate 90 thumbnail WY19790901
Interstate 90 thumbnail WY19880901
business loop 90 thumbnail WY19720903
business loop 90 thumbnail WY19720904
Interstate 180 thumbnail WY19791801
Interstate 180 thumbnail WY19791802
Interstate 180 thumbnail WY19881801
U.S. Highways (97)
U.S. Highway 14 thumbnail WY19330142
U.S. Highway 14 thumbnail WY19330141
U.S. Highway 14 thumbnail WY19480141
U.S. Highway 14 thumbnail WY19610901
U.S. Highway 14 thumbnail WY19720903
U.S. Highway 14 thumbnail WY19720904
U.S. Highway 14 thumbnail WY19800161
alternate U. S. highway 14 thumbnail WY19610141
U.S. Highway 16 thumbnail WY19260161
U.S. Highway 16 thumbnail WY19610901
U.S. Highway 16 thumbnail WY19720903
U.S. Highway 16 thumbnail WY19800161
U.S. Highway 16 thumbnail WY19900161
detour U. S. highway 16 thumbnail WY19260161
detour U. S. highway 16 thumbnail WY19260161
detour U. S. highway 16 thumbnail WY19330161
U.S. Highway 18 thumbnail WY19610181
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19260161
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19260202
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19260205
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19260204
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19260203
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19330201
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19340201
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19340202
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19520201
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19610255
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19610181
U.S. Highway 20 thumbnail WY19800161
U.S. Highway 26 thumbnail WY19520261
U.S. Highway 26 thumbnail WY19610255
U.S. Highway 26 thumbnail WY19700261
city route U. S. highway 26 thumbnail NE19530261
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19260301
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19330302
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19340301
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19520301
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19600301
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19610802
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19610805
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19610301
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19700301
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19700802
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19720804
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19720803
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19800301
city route U. S. highway 30 thumbnail NE19260303
U.S. Highway 30 thumbnail WY19330301
U.S. Highway 30N thumbnail WY19610302
U.S. Highway 30S thumbnail WY19260302
U.S. Highway 85 thumbnail WY19610181
U.S. Highway 85 thumbnail WY19700301
U.S. Highway 85 thumbnail WY19791801
U.S. Highway 85 thumbnail WY19791802
U.S. Highway 85 thumbnail WY19881801
U.S. Highway 87 thumbnail WY19340871
U.S. Highway 87 thumbnail WY19600871
U.S. Highway 87 thumbnail WY19610902
U.S. Highway 87 thumbnail WY19610255
U.S. Highway 87 thumbnail WY19700301
U.S. Highway 87 thumbnail WY19700801
U.S. Highway 87 thumbnail WY19720901
U.S. Highway 87 thumbnail WY19790251
U.S. Highway 87 thumbnail WY19791801
U.S. Highway 87 thumbnail WY19791802
U.S. Highway 87 thumbnail WY19881801
U.S. Highway 116 thumbnail WY19261161
U.S. Highway 185 thumbnail WY19261851
U.S. Highway 187 thumbnail WY19261871
U.S. Highway 187 thumbnail WY19331871
U.S. Highway 187 thumbnail WY19701871
U.S. Highway 189 thumbnail WY19341891
U.S. Highway 189 thumbnail WY19610804
U.S. Highway 189 thumbnail WY19720801
U.S. Highway 212 thumbnail WY19332121
U.S. Highway 287 thumbnail WY19262871
U.S. Highway 287 thumbnail WY19342871
U.S. Highway 287 thumbnail WY19520301
U.S. Highway 287 thumbnail WY19700802
U.S. Highway 287 thumbnail WY19702871
U.S. Highway 287 thumbnail WY19720804
U.S. Highway 287 thumbnail WY19720803
U.S. Highway 310 thumbnail WY19263101
U.S. Highway 310 thumbnail WY19260161
U.S. Highway 310 thumbnail WY19263102
U.S. Highway 310 thumbnail WY19333101
U.S. Highway 310 thumbnail WY19800161
U.S. Highway 420 thumbnail WY19260161
U.S. Highway 420 thumbnail WY19260161
U.S. Highway 420 thumbnail WY19264201
U.S. Highway 420 thumbnail WY19264203
U.S. Highway 420 thumbnail WY19264202
U.S. Highway 420 thumbnail WY19264204
U.S. Highway 420 thumbnail WY19344201
detour U. S. highway 420 thumbnail WY19260161
detour U. S. highway 420 thumbnail WY19334201
detour U. S. highway 420 thumbnail WY19334202
State Highways (32)
State Highway 10 thumbnail WY19260101
State Highway 10 thumbnail WY19260101
State Highway 10 thumbnail WY19320101
State Highway 11 thumbnail WY19260111
State Highway 11 thumbnail WY19320111
State Highway 26 thumbnail WY19330261
State Highway 34 thumbnail WY19330341
State Highway 35 thumbnail WY19260351
State Highway 59 thumbnail WY19480591
State Highway 59 thumbnail WY19610901
State Highway 59 thumbnail WY19720903
State Highway 70 thumbnail WY19340701
State Highway 92 thumbnail WY19520921
State Highway 116 thumbnail WY19331161
State Highway 116 thumbnail WY19720904
State Highway 130 thumbnail WY19632301
State Highway 212 thumbnail WY19600871
State Highway 230 thumbnail WY19332301
State Highway 230 thumbnail WY19632301
State Highway 290 thumbnail WY19902901
State Highway 387 thumbnail WY19483871
State Highway 530 thumbnail WY19800301
State Highway 789 thumbnail WY19467891
State Highway 789 thumbnail WY19527891
State Highway 789 thumbnail WY19600301
State Highway 789 thumbnail WY19637891
State Highway 789 thumbnail WY19700802
State Highway 789 thumbnail WY19702871
State Highway 789 thumbnail WY19800161
state secondary highway marker thumbnail WY19610001
state secondary highway 0602 thumbnail WY19526021
state secondary highway 0811 thumbnail WY19520921
Turnpikes, Bridges and other named roads (4)
Lincoln Highway thumbnail WY19190301
Lincoln Highway thumbnail WY19210301
Lincoln Highway thumbnail WY19210301
Lincoln Highway thumbnail UT19170401
County and other numbered roads (7)
Park County route 3FX thumbnail WY19830031
Carbon County route 291 thumbnail WY19622911
Carbon County route 291 thumbnail WY19622911
 347 thumbnail WY19623471
 347 thumbnail WY19623471
Washakie County route L7 thumbnail WY19830121
Washakie County route L10 1/2 thumbnail WY19830122
Other signs (2)
State Highway Department thumbnail WY19350001
bicentennial bike route thumbnail WY19720804