Interstate 30 East - Tarrant County to Downtown Dallas

Interstate 30 east
Interstate 30 (Tom Landry Freeway) travels through an industrial area of Grand Prairie en route to Exit 32 with Northwest 19th Street. Photo taken 10/19/03.
A railroad line and Duncan Perry Road passe over Interstate 30 eastbound ahead of the Exit 32 diamond interchange with NW 19th Street. NW 19th Street leads north to Carrier Parkway, which curves west into a warehouse district of north Grand Prairie. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Exit 34 consists of a SPUI with Belt Line Road that replaced an original trumpet interchange connection. Belt Line Road represents a series of surface roads that encircles the city of Dallas. The road travels between Grand Prairie and Irving in west Dallas County. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Drivers bound for Belt Line Road descend from Interstate 30 east at Exit 34. Belt Line Road heads north to Lone Star Park and the Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie convert venue and south to Davis Street (Texas 180) and the beginning of Texas Urban Road 1382. UR 1382 travels 19.0 miles south from Grand Prairie to junction Interstate 35E at DeSoto and Lancaster. Photo taken 10/19/03.
A look at the old trumpet interchange grading east of Belt Line Road. The access road connected from the north. Photos taken 10/19/03.
The final Grand Prairie interchange joins Interstate 30 with Macarthur Boulevard (Exit 36). Beyond the diamond interchange is the city of Dallas. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Eastbound Interstate 30 at the Exit 36 ramp departure to Macarthur Boulevard. Macarthur Boulevard ventures north into Irving at Vilbig Lake and south through a residential area of east Grand Prairie to Texas 180 (Main Street). Photo taken 10/19/03.

Continuing east, Interstate 30 nears the trumpet interchange connector with Texas Loop 12 (Walton Walker Boulevard). Photo taken 10/19/03.
1.50 miles west of the Exit 38 ramps to Texas Loop 12 (Walton Walker Boulevard). Loop 12, like Belt Line Road, also encircles Dallas, but most of this highway remains within the city limits. The western alignment of the highway constitutes a full freeway linking Interstate 35W to the north with Texas Spur 408 (Patriot Parkway) to Interstate 20 to the south. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Texas Loop 12 connects Interstate 30 with Texas 180 (Davis Street) in Arcadia Park of west Dallas and Singleton Boulevard east to the north. Loop 12 meets Interstate 30 a second time along Buckner Boulevard in east Dallas. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Interstate 30 crosses over Texas Loop 12 (Walton Walker Boulevard) and a railroad line ahead of the Exit 38 ramp departure. Texas Loop 12 travels south to Ledbetter Drive and Dallas Executive Airport (RBD) and north to the University of Dallas in Irving. Photo taken 10/19/03.
A diamond interchange joins Interstate 30 with Cockrell Hill Road at Exit 39. Beyond that exit is a half diamond interchange with Westmoreland Road (Exit 40). Exit 42A (signed here as Exit 41) provides a slip ramp onto the adjacent frontage road to Hampton Road south at Stephens Park Village. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Exit 42B (signed here as Exit 42) joins Interstate 30 east with Hampton Road north to Southwestern Medical Center at junction Interstate 35E. Hampton Road south continues to Dallas Executive Airport and De Soto. Photo taken 10/19/03.
An arch bridge carries Hampton Road over Interstate 30 at the directional-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 42B). Hampton Road carries six lanes of traffic north to a folded-diamond interchange with Canada Drive, opposite the Trinity River bridge. Photo taken 10/19/03.
The Dallas skyline comes into view after the Fort Worth Avenue overpass at Kessler Park. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Interstate 30 gains a frontage road system from Sylvania Avenue east to Beckley Avenue. The service roads join the freeway with the two north-south roads at East Kessler Park near the Bishop Arts District. Photo taken 10/19/03.
The Dallas central business district and its associated skyscrapers get closer as Interstate 30 nears the Trinity River crossing south of downtown. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Exit 44B departs Interstate 30 eastbound next for Industrial Boulevard ahead of the stack interchange with Interstate 35E north (Exit 45). Industrial Boulevard (former Texas 342) provides the connection to Interstate 35E south to Lancaster and De Soto. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Interstate 30 spans the wide Trinity River Greenbelt Park, an area of green space surrounding the narrow Trinity River and lying between the levee system that protects area neighborhoods from floodwaters. Interests to Interstate 35E south to Ellis County and Waco should move into the right-hand lane for the Exit 44B half-diamond interchange with Industrial Boulevard. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Looking southward, the Houston Street Viaduct and Jefferson Boulevard Viaduct travel over the Trinity River. The one-way bridges represent historic U.S. 77 & 80 between Zang Boulevard and downtown. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Eastbound Interstate 30 at the Exit 44B ramp departure to Industrial Boulevard. Industrial Boulevard follows the Trinity River south to Interstate 35E and Cadiz Street and north to Irving Boulevard at Oak Lawn Avenue. Exit 45A meanwhile prepares to depart on the left for Interstate 35E (Stemmons Freeway) north to Farmers Branch, Carrollton, and Lewisville. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Reunion Towerrises in the foreground of this view of downtown Dallas. The tower is a part of the Hyatt Regency Hotel complex adjacent to Interstate 30 and 35E's junction. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Exit 45A departs and splits with ramps to Interstate 35E north to Denton and Oklahoma City and Commerce Street east into downtown by way of Dealey Plaza. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Interstate 30 east and Interstate 35E south briefly parallel one another ahead of the Houston Street Viaduct (pictured in the foreground). Photo taken 10/19/03.
Passing over Interstate 35E southbound at the Exit 428A slip ramp onto Interstate 30 east. The Houston Street Viaduct (historic U.S. 80) again crosses in the distance. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Interstate 30 East and parallel Interstate 35E south travel underneath the Houston Street Viaduct (Historic U.S. 77 & 80). U.S. 77 travels with Interstate 35 in a hidden fashion throughout the Dallas area. U.S. 67 also travels in a hidden fashion from the Martin D. Love Freeway north with Interstate 35E onto Interstate 30 east. Photos taken 10/19/03.
Interstate 45 debuts on the pull through panel for its north end junction with Interstate 30 southeast of downtown. Exit 45B leaves shortly as a collector/distributor roadway with loop ramps to Lamar and Griffin Streets leading north into the central business district. Photo taken 10/19/03.
An animated diagrammatic sign guides motorists at the Exit 45B split of the c/d roadway for Lamar and Griffin Streets and Interstate 30 east to Interstate 45. Lamar Street joins the freeway with the Dallas Convention Center and Dart Rail. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Drivers entering Interstate 30 east from Interstate 35E are provided with an Exit 45 slip ramp onto the adjacent c/d roadway for Lamar and Griffin Streets. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Interstate 30 meanwhile continues 1.5 miles to a symmetrical stack interchange with Interstate 45 south & U.S. 75 (Central Expressway) north. A tunnel like overpass carries Hotel Drive and a series of railroad lines leading to the Convention Center. Photo taken 10/19/03.
The Lamar Street off-ramp departs the Exit 45B c/d roadway for the Dallas Convention Center. A second loop ramp follows with connections to Griffin Street north to Pioneer Plaza and Founders Square in downtown and Cadiz Street east into the Farmers Market District. Photo taken 10/19/03.
One half mile out from the Exit 46 ramps to Interstate 45 south and U.S. 75 (Central Expressway) north. The adjacent c/d roadway splits again with return access to Interstate 30 and the continuation of the roadway to Harwood Street and the Central Expressway south. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Exit 46 carries traffic to the northbound beginning of U.S. 75 and southbound beginning of Interstate 45 in unison after the St. Paul Street overpass. Interstate 45 replaced U.S. 75 entirely between Dallas and Galveston. U.S. 75 begins and initially carries unsigned Interstate 345 north to the Woodall Rogers Freeway (Texas Spur 366). Photo taken 10/19/03.
A series of directional ramps connects portions of the Interstate 30 frontage road system and freeway mainline with the original Central Expressway leading south from downtown to the U.S. 175 split with Interstate 45. This portion of the Expressway travels at grade. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Traveling along the Exit 46 ramp, drivers merge from Griffin Street ahead of the ramp split to Interstate 45 south for Ellis County and Houston and U.S. 75 & Interstate 345 north to the Arts District and Uptown. U.S. 75 continues from Texas Spur 366 solo to Richardson, Plano, and McKinney. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Good Latimer Expressway passes above the Exit 46 ramp partition for Interstate 45 south and U.S. 75 north. Signs for U.S. 75 were adjusted to reflect McKinney instead of Sherman in 2007. Photo taken 10/19/03.
Heading north to the beginning of unsigned Interstate 345 & U.S. 75 at the Interstate 30 symmetrical stack interchange. Interstate 345 totals just 1.40 miles north to the Woodall Rogers Freeway. Photo taken 10/19/03.

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