Texas Toll 45 East

Texas Toll 45 east
Texas Toll 45 leaves the stack interchange with Texas Toll 1 and pushes toward junction Interstate 35 north. Movements to Interstate 35 are achieved by taking the eastbound frontage road to Interstate 35's frontage road. That off-ramp departs from within the Texas Toll 1 interchange. Photo taken 09/29/07.
A high-flyover carries drivers onto Interstate 35 northbound through Round Rock and the north suburbs and northward to Temple, Waco, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Direct movements to Interstate 35 south and from Interstate 35 north to Texas 45 are only available via the frontage roads at this time. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Continuing east through the half-built stack interchange with Interstate 35, drivers next approach the off-ramp to Greenlawn Boulevard. Greenlawn Boulevard represents a local arterial serving office parks and the Greenlawn community of Round Rock. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Closer to the confluence of high flyovers between Interstate 35 and Texas Toll 45. A sign bridge above awaits a southbound Interstate 35 panel for when the interchange is completed. Photo taken 09/29/07.
The right-hand lane of Texas Toll 45 becomes exit-only for Greenlawn Boulevard through the Interstate 35 stack. Greenlawn Boulevard ends at the Interstate 35 frontage road to the south and in the Greenslopes neighborhood to the north. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Flyover stubs await connections to Interstate 35 on the southbound side of the Texas Toll 45 freeway. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Two lanes leave Texas Toll 45 eastbound for Greenlawn Boulevard. Greenlawn Boulevard meets Dell Way and Gattis School Road, two local through roads, just north of the freeway. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Next for eastbound Texas Toll 45 motorists is the off-ramp for A.W. Grimes Boulevard, a north-south road linking the freeway with Pflugerville and Round Rock. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Ramps from Interstate 35 form an exit-only auxiliary lane for A.W. Grimes Boulevard along Interstate 35 east. A.W. Grimes Boulevard was formerly Williamson County 120. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Eastbound at the ramp departure to A.W. Grimes Boulevard. Connections with Grand Avenue Parkway serve Pflugerville Northwest. Northward the boulevard becomes part of Texas Farm to Market Road 1460 at U.S. 78 (Palm Valley Boulevard). Photo taken 09/29/07.
Nearing the unopened Heatherwilde Boulevard off-ramp on Texas Toll 45. Heatherwilde Boulevard north becomes Redbud Lane across the Williamson County line. Redbud Lane links with Gattis School Road (Williamson County 168) and Forest Creek Drive in east Round Rock. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Eastbound Texas Toll 45 at the exit for Heatherwilde Boulevard. Heatherwilde Boulevard south serves the Highland Park North community nearby on its southwest drive to Pflugerville Parkway at Highland Park. Photo taken 09/29/07.
The final two miles of Texas 45 Toll join the freeway with Texas Toll 130 and its frontage road system of Texas 130 via the Kelly Lane off-ramp. Texas Toll 45 ends at a stack interchange with Texas Toll 130 directly. Connections to Texas Farm to Market Road 685 are made via the connecting Texas 130 south frontage road. Photo taken 09/29/07.
A main line toll plaza resides along Texas Toll 45 before it enters the Texas 130 interchange. Motorists bound for the Texas 130 frontage roads, Texas Farm to Market Road 685 southwest from Texas 130, and Kelly Lane east from Texas Toll 45 must use the cash lanes as the off-ramp for those highways leaves immediately after the toll barrier. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Passenger car drivers paying tolls in cash are levied a 75 cent toll at the Texas Toll 45 final toll plaza. TxTag account holders pay a reduced fare. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Four high-speed TxTag lanes travel the inside lanes of the toll plaza at regular freeway speeds. All other motorists must slow down and stop at the toll booths on the outside lanes. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Departing the toll plaza, the off-ramp onto the Texas 45 Toll eastbound frontage road leaves. The frontage road becomes Kelly Lane east of the Texas 130 frontage roads. Kelly Lane travels east to weiss Lane in east Pflugerville. Texas 130 south travels a short distance to Texas Farm to Market Road 685 south. Fm 685 ventures southwest into central Pflugerville. There is no access to FM 685 from the Texas Toll 130 southbound mainline after Texas Toll 45. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Approaching the large stack interchange between Texas Toll 45 east and Texas Toll 130. Texas Toll 130 represents the eastern bypass of Austin built by the Central Texas Turnpike System. Heading north, Texas Toll 130 ends at Interstate 35 at Georgetown. Southward the road is open as far as Texas 71 near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Photo taken 09/29/07.
Like signs at the north end of Texas Toll 1, a Texas Toll 45 shield exists on the right-hand panel at the highway terminus. Texas Toll 45 does not continue southward onto Texas Toll 130, unless it does in a hidden fashion for a continuation on the planned Texas 45 Southeast Toll road. Texas Toll 130 otherwise will continue to U.S. 183 at Mustang Ridge by Spring of 2008 and ultimately is slated to end at Interstate 10 east of Seguin. Northward Texas 130 is already complete through Hutto and Georgetown. A wide right of way awaits the accompanying development that will surely follow. Photo taken 09/29/07.

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