Texas Loop 338

Texas Loop 338 outer (north)
This view looks north along Loop 338 on the east side of Odessa, Tx. Photo taken 07/05/08.
Loop 338's first grade separation north of IH 20 comes here at Business Loop 20. This road used to be US 80 but was relegated to a business loop in 1993 when US 80 was truncated to end in the DFW area. Photo taken 07/05/08.
Loop 338 has a folded diamond interchange with BL 20. This section of the loop opened in 1967. It was extended in the late 80s and early 90s to loop south of IH 20 to become a full circle of Odessa. Photo taken 07/05/08.
Loop 338 northbound at BL 20. The Midland/Odessa Airport is to the east, and sits between the two cities. The hotel in the distance serves the adjacent University of Texas Permian Basin. The University opened in 1973 to give Midland/Odessa a center for higher education. Photo taken 07/05/08.
Loop 338 northbound past BL 20. The area around here is one of leafy suburban streets. Photo taken 07/05/08.
The first light encountered north of IH 20 is here at University/Circle. University runs west along the south side of UTPB and all the way through Odessa to Loop 338 again on the west side of town. However that intersection is grade separated, while this one is not. Photo taken 07/05/08.
A Loop 338 northbound reassurance marker past University. Photo taken 07/05/08.

SH 191 appears in the distance as the next major intersection for the loop. Photo taken 07/05/08.
SH 191 forms an important link between Midland and Odessa, and is a freeway between the two cities. It is more used than IH 20 as a connection because the majority of the urban population lives far to the north of the interstate. Photo taken 07/05/08.
Loop 338 northbound at SH 191. The loop continues all the way around Odessa and features grade separations at major junctions. Photos taken 07/05/08.

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