Interstate 10

Interstate 10 runs from Santa Monica, CA to Jacksonville, FL, as the southernmost transcontinental route. Interstate 10 crosses the Arizona state line in far southwestern New Mexico, rejoining old US 80 at Road Forks. Continuing east across Animas valley, the first town is the small town of Lordsburg, where US 70 joins the route. The road then crosses the Continental Divide at Separ, then proceeds across high desert to Deming. The road continues it's trek over high desert plains until it drops into the Rio Grande Valley at Las Cruces, before turning south to parallel the Rio Grande into El Paso. Interstate 10 replaced US 80 through New Mexico.

Interstate 10 is co-signed with US 70 from Lordsburg to Las Cruces, and US 180 from Deming to El Paso, however there are no shields for these multiplexed routes along I-10.

Interstate 10 Highway Guides

Interstate 10 west
Westbound Interstate 10 approaches Exit 144, Interstate 25. This marks the southern terminus of Interstate 25, which follows the Rio Grande north to Albuquerque, then turns northeast to Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, and then into Colorado and Wyoming. Although not signed here, U.S. 85 follows Interstate 25 northbound. In fact, U.S. 85 is generally not signed anywhere in New Mexico, which appears to be standard practice for all U.S. routes that are located along an Interstate freeway. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Although the exit is not numbered, this is Exit 144 (Junction Northbound Interstate 25) along westbound Interstate 10 in Las Cruces. Note the use of Interstate shields with the state name for both Interstates on these overhead signs. Photo taken 12/31/02.
This nighttime picture of westbound Interstate 10 at Exit 24/Junction Business Loop I-10 and U.S. 70 in Lordsburg turned out well with the use of a flash. This is the first time U.S. 70 is mentioned since Las Cruces. U.S. 70 remains silently merged with Interstate 10 between Las Cruces and Lordsburg. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Interstate 10 scenes
New Mexico 404 shield posted along O'Hara Road westbound between Interstate 10 & U.S. 180 and New Mexico 460 (Anthony Drive). New Mexico 404 travels 9.7 miles between New Mexico 213 and Anthony Drive (former U.S. 80 & 85). Photo taken 01/14/06.
Eastbound New Mexico 404 (O'Hara Road) at Frontage Road 1035, the eastbound service road of Interstate 10. FR 1035 heads north to New Mexico 460 (Anthony Drive) at the former Exit 160 and Berino. Southward, FR 1035 continues to Anthony and the Texas state line. Photo taken 01/14/06.
The Exit 162 diamond interchange replaced Exit 160 as the main access point from Interstate 10 into Anthony. Interstate 10 travels in a north-south fashion between El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces. New Mexico 404 (O'Hara Road) continues east from the freeway to New Mexico 213 near Chaparral. Photo taken 01/14/06.

Business Loop Interstate 10 / Old U.S. 80

There are two business loops for Interstate 10, located in Lordsburg and Deming (both former U.S. 80). See New Mexico @ AARoads - Former Business Loop I-10 - Las Cruces for coverage of that route.

Business Loop I-10
Sign showing Business Loop I-10 and Eastbound I-10. This is located at the exit from the rest area/welcome center in Lordsburg (exit 20A eastbound). Business Loop Interstate 10 follows old U.S. 80 (Motel Drive) from Exits 20 to 24. Photo taken 02/27/05 by Kevin Trinkle.
Reassurance shield for Business Loop I-10 westbound leading to I-10 in Deming. Business Loop Interstate 10 follows old U.S. 80 via Pine Street and Motel Drive between trumpet interchanges at Exits 81 and 85. Photo taken 02/27/05 by Kevin Trinkle.

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