Interstate 15 Southbound - Utah to Las Vegas

Interstate 15 South
The first two Nevada interchanges serve both the town of Mesquite and Business Loop Interstate 15. Nevada, like California, signs their Interstate business loops with auxiliary signs such as this one placed one half mile ahead of Exit 122. The loop includes a Nevada Welcome Center for tourist information, weather conditions, and official road maps. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Business Loop Interstate 15 doubles as Nevada 144 along its 2.853-mile long trek along Sandhill and Mesquite Boulevards. The pair travel south and then west through downtown Mesquite before returning to Interstate 15 at Exit 120. Pioneer Boulevard ties into the Exit 122 diamond interchange from growing residential areas to the north. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A look at the first southbound Interstate 15 reassurance shield posted in Nevada. Nevada uses a mixture of neutered and state-named shield throughout its Interstate highway network. Interstate 15 travels 123.77 miles through Nevada according to the October 31, 2002 FHWA Interstate Route Log and Finders List. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Interstate 15 passes north of downtown Mesquite on the two-mile drive between the Business Loop exits. Nevada 144 and Business Loop I-15 meet the freeway via West Mesquite Boulevard at the Exit 120 diamond interchange. Photo taken 10/19/04.
One half mile east of the Exit 120 off-ramp to Nevada 144 & Business Loop Interstate 15 north (Mesquite Boulevard). Dump Road connects the interchange with Pioneer Boulevard to the north. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A rare second Business Loop Interstate 15 auxiliary sign touts the south end of the route at Exit 120. In most cases, only business loop sign is given per direction in Nevada. Mesquite Boulevard travels east and meets the westbound beginning of Nevada 170 (Riverside Road) nearby. Nevada 170 provides the main route between Mesquite and Bunkerville to the southwest along the Virgin River. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Interstate 15 southbound at the Exit 120 off-ramp to Business Loop I-15 & Nevada 144 (West Mesquite Boulevard) north and Dump Road. Photo taken 10/19/04.

Leaving the town of Mesquite along Interstate 15 southbound. The next three points of interest are Glendale (Nevada 168) 31 miles, the merge with U.S. 93 - 58 miles, and Las Vegas - 79 miles. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Interstate 15 crosses the Beaver Dam Wash midway between Mesquite and Exit 120 (Nevada 170). The four-lane freeway continues in a westerly fashion toward Glendale and Moapa. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Nevada 170 loops 11.975 miles from Mesquite to Bunkerville and Interstate 15 Exit 112. The state route follows the Virgin River west to Riverside and then turns three miles northward to the freeway. Use Nevada 170 south for the Virgin River Recreation Area. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Exit 112 leaves Interstate 15 southbound for Nevada 170 (Riverside Road) south. Nevada 170 east returns to Bunkerville in 8.2 miles. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A wide open swath of desert land extends across Interstate 15 between Exits 112 and 100. The Mormon Mountains and Mormon Peak (e. 7,414 ft) lie to the north; the Virgin River and Overton Arm of Lake Mead lie to the south. A truck parking area (Exit 109) resides along the stretch at the crossing of Old Spanish Trail Road. The freeway begins its southwesterly turn ahead of the western Mormon Mountains and Glendale. Photos taken 10/19/04.
Exit 100 serves Carp and Elgin, on the western edge of Mormon Mesa. The settlements reside along Meadow Valley Wash and the Union Pacific Railroad corridor north of Mormon Peak in Lincoln County. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Interstate 15 southbound at the Exit 100 diamond interchange with Carp Elgin Road. Carp Elgin Road meanders southward through ranch lands. Carp Road stems east from Exit 100 alongside the freeway three miles before turning northward to carp and Elgin. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A closer look at an Interstate 15 Nevada reassurance shield posted after the Exit 100 on-ramp from Carp Elgin Road. Many of the shields within the Silver State include Nevada written in Highway Gothic Series "E". Photo taken 10/19/04.
Additional looks at the scenery along Interstate 15 in southern Nevada. Mormon Peak rises to the north. Smaller hills associated with the Mormon Mountains remain to the north of Glendale and Logandale. Photos taken 10/19/04.
Another truck parking area exists along Interstate 15 southbound between Exits 100 and 99. There are no facilities on these ramps. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Nevada 169 ties into Interstate 15 at the Exit 93 diamond interchange. The north-south highway begins here and travels south six miles to Logandale and 12 miles to Overton. The Clark County Fairgrounds Sports Complex resides within Logandale. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Use Exit 93 for the Lake Mead National Recreation Area south of Overton. The national park land encompasses all of the surrounding areas of Lake Mead and the Overton Arm between the Nevada and Arizona border. The Lost City Museum lies along Nevada 169 (Moapa Valley Road) in south Overton. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Nevada 169 officially totals 18.643 miles of Moapa Valley Road between Interstate 15 and the northern boundaries of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Northshore Road continues south into the national park to junction with former Nevada 167. Former Nevada 167 straddles Lake Mead 42 miles between there and Nevada 147 north of Henderson. Nevada 169 at one time continued west from Lake Mead and former Nevada 167 to Valley of Fire State Park and Interstate 15 (Exit 75). Photo taken 10/19/04.
Looking southwest along the freeway through Mormon Mesa. Photo taken by Kevin Trinkle (02/26/05).
Drawing to within one mile of Nevada 168 and the community of Glendale on Interstate 15 south. Nevada 168 provides a direct connection between Interstate 15 and U.S. 93 23 miles to the west. The 23.818-mile alignment through Glendale and Moapa represents the original route of U.S. 93 northwest from U.S. 91. Photo taken by Kevin Trinkle (02/26/05).
Interstate 15 passes over Lewis Road ahead of the connector ramp onto the adjacent Glendale Boulevard. Lewis Road stems south from Glendale Road and Exit 93 of Interstate 15 north to a power plant. Glendale Boulevard (old U.S. 91) intersects Nevada 168 0.6 miles to the west near the Exit 90 off-ramp of Interstate 15 north. The Glendale and Moapa area travelers services are the last along Interstate 15 between Exit 91 and North Las Vegas. Photo taken 02/26/05 by Kevin Trinkle.
Los Angeles debuts as the second control city of Interstate 15 southbound near Glendale. Downtown Las Vegas lies another 46 miles to the south. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Hidden Valley Road (Former U.S. 91 & 93) loops southwest from Glendale and Moapa to Hidden Valley and Exit 88 of Interstate 15. Photo taken by Kevin Trinkle (02/26/05).
Southbound at the Exit 88 diamond interchange with Hidden Valley Road (Former U.S. 91 & 93). Hidden Valley Road stems 3.5 miles north to the intersection of Nevada 168 and Meadow Valley Road at Moapa. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Peering northwest at the Meadow Valley Mountains and a nearby power plant from Interstate 15 between Exits 88 and 84. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Traveling southwest along Interstate 15 near the settlement of Byron at Exit 84. Byron is not accessible by any road other than the freeway. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Southbound at the Exit 84 off-ramp. A folded-diamond interchange serves a connector road underneath Interstate 15 at Byron. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Interstate 15 enters the Moapa Indian Reservation between Byron and Ute. The reservation constitutes 71,954.19 acres of Tribal Land south of Nevada 168 and east of U.S. 93. Photos taken 10/19/04.
The Old Spanish Trail crosses paths with Interstate 15 at Ute and Exit 80. A diamond interchange serves the isolated ranch area. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Interstate 15 south at the Exit 80 off-ramp to Ute. A small section of the Old Spanish Trail is paved at the junction with Interstate 15. Photo taken 10/19/04.
The last exit within the Moapa Indian Reservation comprises the junction with Old Nevada 169. Note that all Exit 75 guide signs are devoid of their Nevada 169 shield. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Southbound at the 0.50-mile guide sign for Old Nevada 169 east to Valley of Fire and Lake Mead. Old Nevada 169 heads east 23.7 miles to Northside Road (former Nevada 167) within Lake Mead National Recreational Area. Photo taken by Kevin Trinkle (02/26/05).
Valley of Fire State Park encompasses the lands along Old Nevada 169 ahead of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The 1935-created park represents the largest in the Silver State. The Valley of Fire derives its name from red sandstone formations common in this part of the Mojave Desert. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Interstate 15 south at the Exit 75 diamond interchange with Old Nevada 169. Exit 75 also serves the small Casino on the Moapa Indian Reservation. The Union Pacific Railroad line joins Interstate 15 on its southwestern trek toward Las Vegas at Exit 75. Photo taken by Kevin Trinkle (02/26/05).
Continuing beyond the Exit 75 on-ramp along Interstate 15 south. This mileage sign debuts Barstow, California (junction Interstate 40) as the third control city. Wide open vistas set the tone for the 26-mile drive to North Las Vegas. Old U.S. 91 exists in the form of a dirt road to the north of the freeway here. Photo taken 10/19/04.
U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway) merges with Interstate 15 southbound at Exit 64. The U.S. highway represents the main north-south corridor in eastern Nevada through such towns as Caliente, Pioche (the Lincoln County seat), Ely, and Wells. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A small auxiliary sign touts the Exit 64 connections to Apex and Caliente. U.S. 93 (Great Basin Highway) travels 129 miles northeast to Caliente. Apex lies along Old U.S. 91 4.1 miles to the southwest. Photo taken 10/19/04.
In addition to serving the population centers of eastern Nevada, U.S. 93 also serve Great Basin National Park. The park lies east of U.S. 93 and south of U.S. 6 & 50 along Nevada 487 and 488, 270 miles to the north. Photo taken by Kevin Trinkle (02/26/05).
U.S. 93 splits from Interstate 15 at Exit 64 for it's trek northward through the Great Basin. South of this point, U.S. 93 is co-signed with Interstate 15 until the Spaghetti Bowl interchange (U.S. 95). Pioche lies 153 miles to the north followed by Ely in 261 miles. Photo taken 10/19/04.
The first cosigning of Interstate 15 & U.S. 93. Old U.S. 91 & 93 (Arrowhead Highway) parallels the freeway closely between Exits 65 and 58 near Apex. Photos taken 10/19/04.
An NDOT Check Station resides along Interstate 15 southbound next. The station, called a Port of Entry in Utah, and weigh station in California, requires all commercial vehicles and vehicles carrying livestock to stop for inspection. Photos taken 10/19/04.
Although still 15 miles north of downtown Las Vegas, the city skyline appears along the southwest horizon for the first time. Interstate 15 & U.S. 93 near the northern terminus of Nevada 604 (Las Vegas Boulevard) at Exit 58. Old U.S. 91 & 93 cross the freeway from Apex Summit and transition into Las Vegas Boulevard. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A diamond interchange joins Interstate 15 & U.S. 93 with Nevada 604 (Las Vegas Boulevard) & Old U.S. 91-93 at Exit 58. Old U.S. 91-93 continue along Las Vegas Boulevard into downtown Las Vegas. Nevada 604 also straddles the Las Vegas Dunes Recreation Lands and Nellis A.F.B. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Continuing the descent from Apex Summit toward Las Vegas. The Spring Mountains rise along the western boundary of the metropolitan area. Las Vegas Motor Speedway continues into view east of the freeway near Exit 54. Photos taken 10/19/04.
Entering the city of North Las Vegas along Interstate 15 & U.S. 93 southbound. The first metro area upcoming exits sign lists the distances to Speedway Boulevard (Exit 54), the Las Vegas Beltway (Exit 52), and Lamb Boulevard (Exit 50). Photo taken 10/19/04.
Speedway Boulevard provides a link between Interstate 15 & U.S. 93 and Las Vegas Boulevard (Nevada 604) through the Las Vegas Motor Speedway complex. The racetrack is home to NASCAR Nextel Cup and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series races. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Southbound at the Exit 54 diamond interchange with Speedway Boulevard. Hollywood Boulevard spurs south 1.6 miles from Speedway Boulevard to Nevada 604 (Las Vegas Boulevard) near Nellis A.F.B. Speedway Boulevard travels east 1.7 miles to Las Vegas Boulevard otherwise. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Traveling southbound on the one mile approach to the Las Vegas Beltway north end. Signed as Clark County 215, the beltway is partially complete on its trek through North Las Vegas, Summerlin, unincorporated south Las Vegas, and Henderson. For the time being the non-Interstate portions of the beltway carry the designation Clark County 215. Interstate 215 shields will be posted upon completion of the full freeway by 2013. For more on the beltway construction and timetable, see Bruce Woodbury Beltway @ Dept of Public Works, Clark County, Nevada. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Interstate 15 & U.S. 93 southbound one half mile out from the Exit 52 off-ramp onto Clark County 215 westbound. Clark County 215 meanders 12.8 miles west to U.S. 95 northwest of Las Vegas. The east-west portion of the Beltway consists of a two-lane surface road between Interstate 15 and Lone Mountain Road at present. Upgrading of the beltway will be completed between 2008 and 2013. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A modified-diamond interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 15 & U.S. 93 and Clark County 215 at present. By 2013 a high-speed directional interchange will provide the movements between the two freeways. Pictured here is an upcoming exits sign listing Clark County 215 (Exit 52), Lamb Boulevard (Exit 50), and Craig Drive (Nevada 573). Photo taken 10/19/04.
Southbound at the Exit 52 ramp departure to Clark County 215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway) west. Clark County 215 meets future extensions of Lamb Boulevard, Pecos Road, and newly built Losee Road within its first five miles. These streets are laid out to accommodate future development of North Las Vegas. Photo taken 10/19/04.

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