Interstate 15 Southbound - Las Vegas to California

Interstate 15 south
An older style guide sign remains in use at the Warm Springs Road overcrossing for Exit 33 (Nevada 160). Nevada 160 (Blue Diamond Road) spurs west from Nevada 604 (Las Vegas Boulevard) through the southwest suburbs of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Photo taken 02/16/04.
Nevada 160 (Blue Diamond Road) continues west from Las Vegas to Mountain Springs and Pahrump in southern Nye County. The state route provides connections to Death Valley National Park in California. Suburban development lines Interstate 15 southward from Interstate 215 toward Exit 27. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A two-lane off-ramp carries Interstate 15 southbound motorists onto Nevada 160 (Blue Diamond Road) at Exit 33. Nevada 160 travels 10.5 miles west to the split with Nevada 159. Nevada 159 continues Blue Diamond Road 2.5 miles west into Blue Diamond itself. Nevada 159 turns north from Blue Diamond toward Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and east into Las Vegas via Charleston Road. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Southbound Interstate 15 reaches Exit 33, Nevada 160/Blue Diamond Road. Nevada 160 ends one-half mile to the east at the Nevada 604 (Las Vegas Boulevard) intersection. Pahrump lies 47 miles to the west. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Three lanes of Interstate 15 southbound continue through the southern Las Vegas metropolitan area. This mileage sign used to list the distance to the final two Nevada points of interest: Jean and Primm as well as the control city of Los Angeles. This sign was removed once Exit 31 was constructed. Photo taken 10/19/04.
The next exit along Interstate 15 south is Exit 31, Silverado Ranch Boulevard. This interchange, which opened in Fall 2007, connects to recently completed housing developments and the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa (which can be seen on the east side of the freeway). Photo taken 03/31/08.
Southbound Interstate 15 reaches Exit 31, Silverado Ranch Boulevard. The South Point resort is located on the east side of this interchange. Photo taken 03/31/08.
Silverado Ranch Boulevard is written into the overpass of Exit 31. This design feature is increasingly common as more interchanges are constructed along the various freeways in the Las Vegas valley. Photo taken 03/31/08.
An Interstate 15 reassurance shield and a new mileage sign (for Jean, Primm, and Los Angeles) are posted after the onramp from Exit 31. Photos taken 03/31/08.
The next exit along Interstate 15 south is Exit 27, Nevada 146/St. Rose Parkway (one mile). Exit 27 serves as the southern (western) terminus of Nevada 146. Nevada 146, formerly known as Lake Mead Drive, travels northeast 6.673 miles to Interstate 215 (Exit 4) in Henderson. Nevada 146 used to continue east to Lake Mead National Recreation Area, but that route is now designated as part of Interstate 215/Las Vegas Beltway and Nevada 564/Lake Mead Parkway. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Use Nevada 146/St. Rose Parkway west to Boulder City and Hoover Dam. This route would involve Interstate 215 east, Interstate 515 south, and U.S. 93 south. Photo taken 04/02/06.
Exit 27 departs Interstate 15 southbound for Nevada 146 (St. Rose Parkway) east and Southern Highlands Parkway north. This interchange was under construction in 2008 to a new configuration. The former configuration was a partial-cloverleaf interchange; the interchange ties into the ends of both St. Rose Parkway and Southern Highlands Parkway. Southern Highlands Parkway meanders northwest to Industrial Road and Cactus Avenue from Exit 27. Photo taken 10/19/04.

This mileage sign provides the distance to Jean (15 ... formerly 14 ... miles), Primm (27 miles), and Los Angeles (272 miles). Photos taken 03/31/08 and 04/02/06.
Interstate 15 continues with six lanes to the south edge of the Las Vegas metropolitan area at Sloan. Meeting the freeway here is Sloan Road at the Exit 25 partial-cloverleaf interchange. The local road spurs west from Las Vegas Boulevard (Nevada 604 / old U.S. 91 & 466) to a quarry operation along the Union Pacific Railroad. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Interstate 15 continues as a six-lane freeway southward from Las Vegas all the way to the California state line. A 13-mile exit less stretch carries the freeway from Sloan to Jean. Mountains to the west are a part of the Spring Mountains and those to the east apart of the McCullough Range. Photos taken 04/02/06 and 10/19/04.
Next on Interstate 15 southbound is Jean, a casino oasis midway between Sloan and the California state line. Large sign marquees for Nevada Landing, a riverboat-themed casino, and the Gold Strike Hotel lie along the frontage of the freeway ahead of Exit 12 (Nevada 161). Photo taken 10/19/04.
A second one-mile guide sign posted for Exit 12 features Nevada 161 (Goodsprings Road) and Goodsprings. The state route travels 7.081 miles northwest to Goodsprings. Goodsprings began as a mining outpost in 1868 and is named after prospector Joseph Good. The discovery of gold in the 1890s saw Goodsprings grow into a town, and zinc mining caused the town to prosper during World War I. Today Goodsprings exists mainly as a bedroom community for the city of Las Vegas. Photo taken 04/02/06.
Jean itself consists of little more than the two casino resort complexes on either side of Interstate 15. The small Jean Airport lies to the south along adjacent Las Vegas Boulevard (old U.S. 91 & 466). Nevada 604 concludes at the Exit 12 diamond interchange from its path along Las Vegas Boulevard. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Exit 12 departs Interstate 15 southbound for Nevada 161 (Goodsprings Road) north and Nevada 604 north. Nevada 604 turns left onto Las Vegas Boulevard east of the freeway. Las Vegas Boulevard continues 5.1 miles south of Jean before petering out in a ranch area. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Interstate 15 represents the only route between Jean and Primm. Old U.S. 91 & 466 are discontinuous as mentioned above. The freeway however maintains six-lanes on the drive to the California state line. The mileage sign provides the distance to Primm (11 miles), Baker (60 miles), and Los Angeles (256 miles). Photos taken 10/19/04 and 04/02/06.
Interstate 15 nears the town of Primm and the California state line. An outpost of casinos representing the first opportunity for Californians to legally gamble is the game that Primm plays. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A Nevada Welcome Center is located within the glamour and glitz that is the Primm desert oasis. The power lines near Primm transmit electricity from Hoover Dam to the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Photo taken 04/02/06.
The right-hand lane of Interstate 15 southbound defaults onto the Exit 1 off-ramp to Primm Boulevard. Exit 1 is exit only, so the freeway reduces to four lanes prior to crossing into California. However an eventual six-laning of Interstate 15 between San Bernardino and the Nevada state line is planned. Primm Boulevard travels east-west locally through the community of Primm. An isolated stretch of Old U.S. 91 & 466 (Las Vegas Boulevard) also exists east of the freeway. Photo taken 10/19/04.
The power lines near Primm transmit electricity from Hoover Dam to the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. The first line to pass over Interstate 15 south is Path 27, the 500kV Intermountain High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line (hence two bundles of wires rather than three bundles, which is typical of alternating current power lines). Path 27 travels from Delta, Utah southwest to Adelanto, California. The second two lines are the two 345kV Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's McCullough - Victorville transmission line (part of Path 46/West of Colorado River, Arizona-California West-of-the-River Path [WOR]). The last power line is the 287kV Hoover - Victorville line. Photos taken 04/02/06.
South of Primm, Interstate 15 will enter San Bernardino County, California. The stretch between Primm and Baker passes through Mojave National Preserve and is thus fairly desolate and devoid of many traveler services. A rest area however lies 24 miles south of Primm for weary travelers. Photo taken 10/19/04.
A train system links the three hotel-casinos in Primm and crosses Interstate 15 ahead of the Exit 1 off-ramp on southbound. The three casinos are all owned by the Primm family, owners of the original 400-acre land parcel at Exit 1 dating back to the 1950s. The first casino of Primm opened in 1970 at what was previously known as State Line. The name State Line drew confusion with a similar community of State Line along U.S. 50 at Lake Tahoe. So in 1996 the settlement officially changed names from State Line to Primm, after the Primm family name. Photo taken 10/19/04.
Traffic tends to build up as the third lane departs into Primm. With only two lanes traveling south, this area can be a bottleneck on Sunday afternoon after a long weekend. Photo taken 04/02/06.
Quite a bit of traffic joins Interstate 15 from the Primm Boulevard onramp. At the end of the onramp, Interstate 15 will leave Nevada and enter California. Photo taken 04/02/06.
A Welcome to California sign is posted after the Primm Boulevard onramp. Photo taken 04/02/06.

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