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Most of the information contained herein is derived from the Wyoming Department of Transportation 1997 Wyoming Reference Marker System. That guide lists highways by their state inventory control number. Since these inventory numbers are not featured on the highways, this list is designed to provide mileposting information for individual, signed highways.

The following table lists all of the major towns, geographical features, highway junctions, and points of interests along the route. Each of the signed routes (including multiplexes) are shown in the first column for each entry. The second column shows the actual milepost marker as found on the highway; note that the mileposts rarely reset at zero at the start of new highways. In the third column is the description of the town or geographical feature. "CL" refers to "City" or "Corporate" Limits. The fourth column lists the state control inventory route, and the fifth column provides the distance between each geographical feature. If there are multiple features that require several lines to explain, then the distance in this column would be zero. Finally, the last column shows the cumulative mileage of the route. The last, bold-faced number in the column provides the total mileage for the signed route.

Milepost 0 Welcome to Wyoming, "A Great Land Outdoors," "Like No Place on Earth," and "Forver West" (Don't forget to "Cowboy Up!") Speed Limit 75 enters Wyoming from Colorado along with less than ten miles south of Cheyenne. The U.S. highway is well-signed throughout Wyoming.
Parking Area
Exit 2 EAST TO Terry Ranch Road Wyoming 223 is the old alignment of before Interstate 25 was built.
Milepost 6 Port of Entry Check/Weigh Station and Parking Area
Get your free Wyoming State Highway Map at the Rest Area and Welcome Center.
Exit 8A, 8C Laramie Omaha Yellowstone-Grand Teton National Parks via or This is the only Interstate-to-Interstate cloverleaf in the state of Wyoming. The exits are labeled B-D for travelers and A-C for travelers.
Exit 9 Lincolnway Drive The guide signs fail to mention , just like the guide signs on Interstate 25 in Denver that fail to mention either Bus. I-70 or at the Colfax Avenue exit.
Exit 10 FORMER Missile Drive Happy Jack Road F.E. Warren Air Force Base Formerly, this interchange connected to, while had no direct access. The signs at this interchange do not indicate.
Exit 11 Randall Drive F.E. Warren Air Force Base
Exit 12 BUSINESS SOUTH WEST Central Avenue and Cheyenne North This interchange was completely redesigned in 1982.
Exit 13 Vandehei Avenue
Exit 16 Horse Creek Road and Iron Mountain Road
Exit 17 NORTH Torrington Newcastle LEFT EXIT SOUTHBOUND parts ways with and permanently heading northbound. Heading south, and are nearly inseparable all the way to Las Cruces, New Mexico (excluding the sections from Castle Rock to Denver and from Denver to Cheyenne).
Exit 21 Laramie County Route 220 Ridley Road The stretch of between exits 17 and 54 is devoid of services and interest. Don't venture forth with less than a half tank of gas!
Exit 25 Laramie County Route 224 Atlas Road (NO ACCESS)
Exit 29 Laramie County Route 228 Whitaker Road

Exit 34 Laramie County Route 120 SOUTH Nimmo Road True Road TO CR-232 True Road is likely to be named for the True Oil Company, which was/is very prominent in Wyoming.
Exit 39 Laramie County Route 123 NORTH Little Bear Community Road TO Hirsig Road and Moffett Road Little Bear Community Road is Historic between Exits 39 and 47.
Exit 47 Laramie County Route 245 Bear Creek Road to Little Bear Road
Milepost 47 Welcome to PLATTE COUNTY!
Exit 54 NORTH to EAST Chugwater; To WEST REST AREA
Exit 57 SOUTH Chugwater and TY Basin Road
Exit 65 EAST Slater Road
Milepost 65 Parking Area
Exit 66 Hunton Road
Exit 68 Platte County Route 264 Antelope Road
Exit 70 Platte County Route 232 Bordeaux Road
Exit 73 WEST Laramie Sybille Canyon Wildlife Area via use Exit 73
Exit 78 Wheatland; To SOUTH
Exit 80 Wheatland; To NORTH
Exit 84 Platte County Route 47 East Laramie River Road and Uva
Exit 84 Johnson Road
Exit 91 REST AREA Dwyer Junction Most Interstate rest areas in Wyoming are designed to handle traffic in both directions. Usually this means a full diamond interchange will provide direct access to a single rest area from both directions.
Exit 92 EAST Guernsey and Torrington TO NORTH (left exit) used to end here until 1950; then it was extended west to Oregon. , , and are now following the historic Oregon Trail from Exit 92 to Exit 188B.
Exit 94 Platte County Routes 114 and 117 El Rancho Road; Fish Creek Road; Pepper Road Pepper Road is the original routing of . forms a "T" (90 degree) intersection with , while Pepper Road forms the hypotenuse of the right triangle.
Exit 100 NORTH Cassa is between Exits 100 and 126.
Exit 104 Middle Bear Creek Road
Exit 111 Platte County Route 59 to Glendo; Horseshoe Creek Road Cassa; REST AREA Glendo State Park
Exit 126 Lusk and Chadron, Nebraska is merged with and until Mule Creek Junction, where it turns east into South Dakota.
Exit 126 REST AREA Orin Junction It almost looks like ends in a rest area! But in reality, the signs indicating the end of occur prior to the interchange. The original route follows Converse County Route 1 (Irvine Road) to provide an alternate route into Douglas along the railroad.
Milepost 129 Parking Area
Exit 135 TO NORTH Douglas By the time you reach Douglas, is already beginning to turn westward to provide access to Casper. The Laramie Mountains prevent a more direct approach from the south. In addition, this routing has been used since the days of the railroad and the Yellowstone Highway in the late 1910s and early 1920s.
Exit 140 TO NORTH to Gillette and and SOUTH Douglas Esterbrook Road Where else can you find four business routes on the same road?
Exit 146 SOUTH La Prele Road TO Cold Springs Road and together make up between Exits 140 and 146.
Exit 150 Inez Road
Exit 151 Converse County Road 13 Natural Bridge Road La Prele Reservoir and Ayres Natural Bridge
Milepost 153 Parking Area
Exit 156 Bixby Road
Exit 160 WEST NORTH Glenrock TO SOUTH / Boxelder Road
Exit 165 NORTH Glenrock, Deer Creek Road
Milepost 171 Parking Area
Milepost 173 Welcome to NATRONA COUNTY!
Exit 182 SOUTH NORTH Brooks; Hat Six Road; Cole Creek Road Edness K. Wilkins State Park
Exit 185 SOUTH Evansville; Wyoming Boulevard; Casper Beltline Casper's Eastgate Mall is immediately accesible by taking south a few blocks from . is the Casper Beltline, which provides good access for through traffic to Casper Mountain, , or Casper College.
Exit 186A-B BUSINESS EAST SOUTH East Yellowstone Highway; Casper; North Beverly Street; Bryan Scott Stock Trail in Casper is rather short, only providing access to the centre city. It returns to at Exit 188A. The business routes are signed west (north) bound and the U.S. routes are signed east (south) bound.
Exit 187 McKinley Street
Exit 188A SOUTH Center Street; Downtown Casper Suffixed exit numbers (such as 188A) are rare in Wyoming since most exits are spaced a mile or more apart.
Exit 188B WEST Walnut Street to CY Avenue provides the best route for southbound travelers to Laramie (via ) and to Rawlins (via ), although the route passes through the western edge of town and several traffic signals along the way. Direct access to Wyoming 220 from Interstate 25 and U.S. 20-26 will be provided in 2012-2013 when the Casper West Beltline (Wyoming 257) is complete. The Oregon Trail splits off from here to follow the North Platte River and .
Exit 189 WEST Shoshoni; Natrona County International Airport; Port of Entry To (Casper West Beltline) and Yellowstone-Grand Teton National Parks, follow wets via Exit 189.
Exit 191 SOUTH Barr Nunn; Wardwell Road; Salt Creek Highway is historic U.S. 87E (1926-1936) and (1936-present).
Exit 197 Natrona County Route 705 Ormsby Road
Exit 210 NORTH Midwest; Edgerton; Horse Ranch Creek Road provides access to the historically notable Teapot Dome. and between Exits 210 and 227 was . U.S. 87 was decommissioned here in the early 1980s, when was completed.
Exit 216 South Castle Creek Road
Exit 223 Ranch Access
Exit 227 EAST Midwest; Edgerton
Milepost 234 Welcome to JOHNSON COUNTY!
Exit 235 Johnson County Route 210 SOUTH Tisdale Mountain Road, Long Canyon Road, Dead Horse Road Tisdale is actually on the exit sign; the other roads feed into the exit.
Exit 246 NORTH Powder River Road
crosses the Powder River here.
Exit 249 Johnson County Route 51 TO TTT Road, Lone Bear Road
Exit 265 Johnson County Route 208 Reno Road
Milepost 274 Parking Area
Exit 280 Middlefork Road
Exit 291 Johnson County Route 13 Trabing Road
Exit 298 Buffalo This business loop is more like a spur, since it leaves and never comes back, just like the Interstate 8 business loop in San Diego (El Cajon Boulevard, Normal Street and Washington Avenue) used to be. Use Exit 298 to .
Exit 299 Buffalo Worland Yellowstone-Grand Teton National Parks and Bighorn National Forestvia use Exit 299.
Exit 300

WEST: Sheridan EAST: Gillette


continues north along to Sheridan and Billings.

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