Kolob Canyon Road (Zion National Park)

Kolob Canyons Road extends east from Interstate 15, Exit 40, to the northwest corner of Zion National Park, home to Kolob Canyons.

Perspective from Kolob Canyons Road
Interstate 15 almost enters Zion National Park but not quite, given the proximity of the entrance to the national park in relationship to the freeway. Photo taken 10/24/03.
Almost immediately, this red-asphalt road ascends in elevation to reach the canyons. While the canyons are not visible from the freeway, they become evident as the scenic backway reaches the summit of this climb. Photo taken 10/24/03.
Even this late into fall, several trees still retained their leaves, but this was mostly due to the lower elevation here. By comparison, trees along Utah 14 on top of the Markagunt Plateau had largely lost their leaves. Photo taken 10/24/03.
Views of magnificent Kolob Canyons as seen from Kolob Canyons Road eastbound. Photos taken 10/24/03.

Other Views of Kolob Canyons
More views of Kolob Canyons as seen from various turn-offs and vantage points in the park. Photos taken 10/24/03.

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