U.S. Highway 70 West - Las Cruces

U.S. Highway 70 west
U.S. 70 sinks toward the city of Las Cruces from San Augustin Peak and the village of Organ. Photo taken 01/14/06.
U.S. 70 upgrades to a four-lane freeway at the Nasa Road / Baylor Canyon Road diamond interchange. A frontage road system joins the highway westward to Interstate 25 to provide business access and connections with cross roads. Photo taken 01/14/06.
A southward look at the mountain range that rises west of Las Cruces. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Westbound at the frontage road beginning/off-ramp to NASA Road north and Baylor Canyon Road south. NASA Road leads to the White Sands Space Center. Baylor Canyon Road stems southward to Aguirre Springs National Recreation Area. Photo taken 01/14/06.
A NASA billboard touts the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center - White Sands Test Facility via NASA Road north. The first in a series of upcoming exits signs highlights the distances to interchanges at Butterfield Park and Hacienda Acres. Photo taken 01/14/06.
A sweeping view of the flatlands between the Organ and Goodsight Mountains. U.S. 70 follows a freeway through the eastern suburbs to Interstate 25 and Main Street. Photos taken 01/14/06.
Another view of the Organ Mountains looking south from U.S. 70. U.S. 70 crosses St. Augustin Pass across the range from White Sands Missile Range. Photo taken 01/14/06.

Next in line for eastbound drivers is the Brahman Road diamond interchange. Like other diamond interchanges on U.S. 70, ramps to Brahman Road utilize the adjacent frontage roads. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Brahman Road ventures north from U.S. 70 (Bataan Memorial Highway) to Luna Vista and El Centro Roads, serving a scattered or residences. Photo taken 01/14/06.
U.S. 70 enters the Butterfield Park community on the 1.25 mile drive to Weisner Road. Photo taken 01/14/06.
One half mile east of the Weisner Road diamond interchange. Weisner Road connects with Balsam Road and Butterfield Park on the south side of the freeway. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Westbound U.S. 70 at the Weisner Road off-ramp. Weisner Road continues north from Bataan Memorial Highway to Arroyo Road. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Jersey barriers are painted red throughout the U.S. 70 freeway. Pictured here is an upcoming exits sign 1.75 miles east of Holman Road and Hacienda Acres. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Holman Road south and Dunn Drive north come together as the same road at the U.S. 70 freeway. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Dunn Drive leads south to Cortez Drive and Hacienda Acres; Holman Road continues north from the U.S. 70 diamond interchange to Peachtree Hills Road and far reaching subdivisions at El Centro Road. Photo taken 01/14/06.
U.S. 70 continues by Hacienda Acres to a diamond interchange with Porter Drive. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Porter Drive leads south to Hacienda Acres at Reynolds and Cortez Drives. The road turns onto Alrich Road east for Dunn Drive. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Drivers bound for Porter Drive depart U.S. 70 west. Porter Drive heads north a short distance to Peachtree Hills Road, serving fairly new subdivisions along the way. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Continuing west toward Las Cruces, U.S. 70 next meets Mesa Grande Drive near Onate High School. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Mesa Grande Drive ends south of Mesa Central Drive adjacent to a new suburban growth. Northward, the road continues from U.S. 70 through additional growth areas and Peachtree Hills Road. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Sonoma Ranch Boulevard meets U.S. 70 next as the freeway continues through rapidly growing suburbs. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Westbound at the Mesa Grande Drive on-ramp from the parallel frontage road. A reassurance shield resides nearby. Photos taken 01/14/06.
Sonoma Ranch Boulevard meanders northward from east Las Cruces in segments between Lohman Avenue and U.S. 70. The divided arterial highway ends nearby, but extensions are underway to take the road into open Dona Ana County. Photo taken 01/14/06.
U.S. 70 west at the Sonoma Ranch Boulevard off-ramp. Sonoma Ranch Boulevard south connects with Northrise Drive, a fairly new through road leading southwest to Del Rey Boulevard in the shadow of the freeway. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Interstate 25 debuts on the upcoming exits sign posted near Rinconada Boulevard. Photo taken 01/14/06.
A third westbound lane joins U.S. 70 between the Sonoma Ranch Boulevard on-ramp and Rinconada Boulevard. Rinconada Boulevard connects with Northrise Drive nearby at new residential developments. Photo taken 01/14/06.
U.S. 70 reduces to 55 mph speed limits on the approach to urban Las Cruces and Interstate 25. Photo taken 01/14/06.
The Rinconada Boulevard off-ramp departs U.S. 70 west for the adjacent frontage road. Rinconada Boulevard north continues to Settlers Pass and a premature end that awaits further expansion with the growing suburbs. Photo taken 01/14/06.
One half mile northeast of the Roadrunner Parkway off-ramp on U.S. 70 west. Interests to Del Rey Boulevard must utilize this ramp as it represents the last connection onto the parallel frontage road. Del Rey Boulevard and Roadrunner Parkway serve a swath of suburban sprawl leading north along the Interstate 25 corridor. Photo taken 01/14/06.
U.S. 70 reassurance shield posted after the Rinconada Boulevard underpass. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Westbound at the ramp to Roadrunner Parkway and Del Rey Boulevard. Roadrunner Parkway meanders south as a four-lane arterial to Lohman Avenue near Mountain View Regional Medical Center. Del Rey Boulevard stems north from Northrise Drive at Telshor Boulevard through north reaches of the Las Cruces city limits. Photo taken 01/14/06.
U.S. 70 west expands to three lanes in anticipation of the directional-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 25. The freeway ends abruptly beyond the Interstate 25 on-ramps due to a traffic light from the I-25 northbound ramp to U.S. 70 west. All drivers bound for I-25 depart in unison otherwise. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Hot air balloons are a common sight in the skies of New Mexico. These early morning balloonists dotted the skies over western Las Cruces. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Interstate 25 travels south six miles to Interstate 10 near New Mexico State University. The freeway in conjunction with Interstate 10 east leads travelers to El Paso, Texas. Photo taken 01/14/06.
U.S. 70 downgrades from a four-lane freeway into a divided surface arterial (Main Street) toward downtown Las Cruces. This stretch of highway used to also carry U.S. 82 and 85 until 1990. Photo taken 01/14/06.
The ramp to Interstate 25 partitions into directional movements; Interstate 25 north continues along the former path of U.S. 85 to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Denver. Photo taken 01/14/06.

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