U.S. Highway 285 (Decommissioned)


In 1926, U.S. 285 was commissioned to run from Denver, Colorado, north to Laramie, Wyoming, through Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Tie Siding. This routing lasted for only about ten years. U.S. 285 was decommissioned in favor of U.S. 287. This was part of the major Wyoming U.S. route recommissioning of 1936.

U.S. 285 was later redefined to run from Denver south through New Mexico into Texas after its original incarnation in Northern Colorado and Wyoming was deleted. See Colorado Highways (Matt Salek) for more information.

U.S. 285 is one of several U.S. routes that have been decertified in Wyoming. Along with U.S. 185, 116, 216, and 420, U.S. 285 was decommissioned early, in 1936. U.S. 320 was decommissioned in 1938, and U.S. 187 was decommissioned years later, in 1982.

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