U.S. Highway 320 (Decommissioned)


Commissioned in 1926 as a connector between U.S. 87W in Riverton and U.S. 20 in Shoshoni, U.S. 320 was a short, 26 mile highway. Today it is part of U.S. 26 and Wyoming 789.

U.S. 320 was one of the original U.S. routes in Wyoming. Although it survived the great Wyoming U.S. route recommissioning of 1936, it was converted into a state highway (Wyoming 320) in 1938 because it is so short. U.S. 320, therefore, existed for about ten years, give or take a few.

In 1940, U.S. 287 was redefined to avoid Riverton and follow a more direct route between Lander and Dubois. At that time, Wyoming 320 was extended southwest through Hudson to Lander, and the Wyo. 287 designation was moved to the road between Riverton to Diversion Dam Junction. Wyoming 320 survived for a decade after this reconfigurement.

In 1950, when U.S. 26 was extended west across Wyoming, Wyoming 320 was decommissioned and it became part of U.S. 26. The section between Lander and Riverton remained as Wyoming 320 until 1954, when Wyoming 789 was commissioned in Wyoming. Today, U.S. 26 and Wyoming 789 share the old route of U.S. 320, and Wyoming 789 alone replaces the route of old Wyoming 320.

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