Wyoming 92

Wyoming 92 - Eastbound
This is the first reassurance shield for Wyoming 92, a multi-state route that extends from Torrington, Wyoming, east to La Moille, Illinois, through Nebraska and Iowa on an alignment roughly parallel to U.S. 30. Photo taken 09/04/04.

This mileage sign provides the distance to Huntley and Lyman, Nebraska, as Wyoming 92 winds its way through farmlands toward the Cornhusker State. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Most of the land along Wyoming 92 is arable and irrigated. The state route meanders around lot lines and parcels as it passes through the farmland. The North Platte River valley is suitable for farming unlike most other land in the Equality State of Wyoming. The settlement of Huntley is just ahead; this is the only community along the extant section of Wyoming 92. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Eastbound Wyoming 92 approaches Wyoming 161, which travels west back toward U.S. 85 and Yoder. Photo taken 09/04/04.
After Wyoming 161, eastbound Wyoming 92 continues south, then turns east again toward Nebraska. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Traffic counts along Wyoming 92 are fairly low. Corn fields and grain elevators dot the landscape. Photo taken 09/04/04.
The next major intersection along Wyoming 92 east is with Wyoming 158 south toward Table Mountain. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Eastbound Wyoming 92 approaches Wyoming 158. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Follow Wyoming 158 toward the Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Area. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Wyoming 92 continues east toward Nebraska. This is the final approach toward the Cornhusker State, and this is the final reassurance shield. Photo taken 09/04/04.
A large power line transmission corridor passes overhead as Wyoming 92 continues east. Photo taken 09/04/04.
A state outline of Nebraska is painted on this old billboard for some reason. The state line is still ahead (see next photobox). Photo taken 09/04/04.
Eastbound Wyoming 92 exits the Equality State of Wyoming and enters the Cornhusker State of Nebraska. Nebraska 92 continues east toward Scotts Bluff National Monument and the Heartland Expressway (Nebraska 71). Photo taken 09/04/04.

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