March 2009

Coming to fruition within the last few years are two new state highway alignments in Harrison County, Mississippi. The first is Mississippi 605, a highway designated along the previously unnumbered Lorraine and Cowan Roads between U.S. 90 and Interstate 10 and northward onto a new four-lane facility to Mississippi 67 at Traditions Parkway. Second is the new four-lane alignment of Mississippi 67, a 19-mile route with expresswaylike characteristics between U.S. 49 north of Saucier and the Interstate 10/110 interchange at D’Iberville. Relocated Mississippi 67 joins Mississippi 15 at a new trumpet interchange north of the Biloxi city limits with the two sharing pavement south to a joint end at Interstate 110. Mississippi 15 south of Interstate 10 is decommissioned, though most signs along the freeway still include the co-sign.

Mississippi 15 southbound at the new trumpet interchange with Mississippi 67.

Mississippi 67 was fully opened to traffic after a ribbon cutting ceremony on January 16, 2009. Work on the nine-miles leading northwest to U.S. 49 from Traditions Parkway opened to traffic by May 14, 2008. The final section entailed ten miles between Mississippi 605 and Mississippi 15 north of Woolmarket. The highway cost $72 million and took six years to complete.

Heading northbound at the off-ramp to Mississippi 605 south and Tradition Parkway north.

New Mississippi 605 opened on December 20, 2006 as an extension of Cowan-Lorraine Road 8.2 miles north to Mississippi 67 at the planned Traditions community. The new road cost $16 million and presently is mostly undeveloped.

One mile south of the interchange with Mississippi 67 on Mississippi 605 northbound.


Took a ride to south Baldwin yesterday and checked out the status of road work at the current north end of the Foley Beach Express. According to a WKRG report from August of last year, work on the $26 million project to extend the four-lane roadway will take 5 to 7 years and initial construction involves two miles. Well after a field check, only 1.5 miles of new road is presently under construction, and this involves building a new carriageway along side Baldwin County 28 S north for one half mile to the east-west Baldwin County 28 and a new roadway northward along Eagle Road to Baldwin County 32.

The new carriageway will carry northbound Foley Beach Express, though we would not be surprised if the facility opens with a two-lane configuration temporarily. A 45-mph speed limit is already posted along the unopened stretch north of the present Foley Beach Expressway east-west alignment. Drivers will be required to make a 90 degree turn between the extension and original roadway once the 1.5-mile extension opens.

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