California 25

California 25 connects California 198 with U.S. 101 through Monterey and San Benito Counties. The largest city served by California 25 is Hollister, where it meets California 156.

California 25 north
California 25 roughly parallels U.S. 101 between California 198 and California 156. This is a view of California 25 north near the city of Hollister in San Benito County. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier (Summer 2002).
At the north end of California 25, this end shield is posted at the end of the bridge that crosses over U.S. 101 (El Camino Real) in southern Santa Clara County. Photo taken 11/29/04.
At the end shield, only a left turn onto U.S. 101 south is permitted (since the ramp to U.S. 101 north has already occurred). Photo taken 11/29/04.
California 25 south
The first California 25 south shield is posted on the U.S. 101 overpass. From here, California 25 travels east to Santa Clara County G-7/Bloomfield Road, then turns southeast toward Hollister. Photo taken 11/29/04.

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